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André, Nathalie and April, Raymonde and Blades, Joe and Bronson, A A and Brown, Lorna and Carrière, Bertrand and Choinière, France and Dion, François and Forster, Andrew and Gilbert, André and Gilbert, Bastien and Hebert, Gilles and Johnson, Carl and Johnstone, Lesley and Keller, Christoph and Lessard, Denis and Martel, Richard and Maskegon-Iskwew, Ahasiw and McAffee, Dionne and Morin, Émile and Murchie, John and Nadeau, Lisanne and Ninacs, Anne-Marie and Papararo, Jenifer and Paradis, Vivian and Parent, Nathalie and Platzker, David and Pourtavaf, Leila and Rey, Dominique and Robert, Pierre and St-Amand, Isabelle and Thériault, Michèle and Tougas, Colette and Turner, Michael and Vincent, Esther and Wallace, Keith. Tiré à part : situer les pratiques d'édition des centres d'artistes, actes de la rencontre = Off Printing : Situating Publishing Practices in Artist-Run Centres, Conference Proceedings. Montréal, Qc: Regroupement des centres d'artistes autogérés du Québec, 2005.
Duff, Tagny and Tuer, Dot and Chitty , Elizabeth and Wark, Jayne and Robertson, Clive and Alteen, Glenn and Bradley, Jessica and Patterson, Pam and Conley, Christine and Couillard, Paul and Jackson, Marni and Henry, Karen and Sternberg, Barbara and Fisher, Jennifer and Redfern, Christine and Forkert, Kirsten and Holt, Rochelle and Graff, Tom and Tuer, Dot and Henricks, Nelson and Carr-Harris, Ian and Lypchuk, Donna and Spencer, Karen and Dragu, Margaret and Van Hoof, Marine and Maskegon-Iskwew, Ahasiw and Lang, Avis and Sawchuk, Kim and Papararo, Jenifer and Cleniuk, Brenda and Watson, Scott and Stanworth, Karen and Fischer, Barbara. Caught In The Act : An Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books, 2004.
Becker, Barbara and LeValley, Janet and Maskegon-Iskwew, Ahasiw and Poster, Mark and Stone, Allucquére Rosanne and Tuer, Dot and Wilding, Faith. The Multiple and Mutable Subject. St. Norbert, Man.: St. Norbert Arts Centre, 2001.
Ascott, Roy and Back, Doug and Bailey, Cameron and Bec, Louis and Bermudez, Dr. Julio and Gondeck-Becker, Debra and Bizzocchi, Justine and Bosch, Peter and Simons, Simone and Bourguoin, Véronique and Roelens, Marc and Cheng, Anita and Csikszentmihalyi, Christopher and Davies, Char and de Bardonnèche-Berglund, Dominique and de Kerckhove, Derrick and Delmotte, Isabelle and Dove, Toni and Draznin, Wayne and Dubois, Kitsou and Elliot, Tessa and Fernandez, Agustin and Gebhardt, Nicholas and Gena, Peter and Strom, Charles and Goldring, Elizabeth and Greenfield, Gary and Grundmann, Heidi and Stocker, Gerfried and Haig, Ian and Harley, Ross and Harwood, Graham and Helmuth, Mara and Ibrahim, Aladin and Helyer, Nigel and Hill, Michael and Kennedy, Kathy and Kerman, Judith B. and King, Mike and Krueger, Ted and Hogan, Kharim and Lavigne, Christian and Leggett, Mike and Legrady, George and Lévy, Pierre and Little, David Clark and Longavesne, Jean Paul and Lovink, Geert and Madsen, Virginia and Maskegon-Iskwew, Ahasiw and Massumi, Brian and McCartney, Andra and Mitchell, John D. and Lovell, Robb E. and Morbey, Mary Leigh and Morse, Margaret and Mulder, Axel and Norman, Sally Jane and Novak, Marcos and Paterson, Nancy and Pesce, Mark and Piper, Keith and Ramstein, Christophe and Richards, Catherine and Sawchuk, Kim and Rieser, Martin and Schiphorst, Thecla and Schulz, Jeffrey and Search, Patricia and Sherman, Tom, and Slayton, Joel and Sperka, Martin and Sterling, Bruce and Thwaites, Hal and Tikka, Heidi and Todoroff, Todor and Trippi, Laura and Ventrella, Jeffrey and Wark, McKenzie and Webb, Lanny and Weintraub, Annette and Wollensak, Andrea and Kempenaars, Klaus and Bloem, Ingeborg and Gotz, Gabrielle and Tung, Ming and Zapp, Andrea and Jake. ISEA 95 Montréal : Actes, 6e Symposium des arts électroniques = ISEA 95 Montréal : Proceedings, 6th International Symposium on Electronic Arts. Montréal, Qc: [ISEA], 1995.