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Dompierre, Louise and Balkind, Alvin and Carr-Harris, Ian and Johnson, Nancy and Magor, Liz and Massey, John and Snow, Michael and Ferguson, Bruce and Campbell, Colin and Frenkel, Vera and Greyson, John and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim and Werden, Rodney and Allan, Blaine and Doyle, Judith and Elder, Bruce and Hoffman, Philip and Hoolboom, Mike and Jenkins, Patrick and McLaren, Ross and Mettler, Peter and Porter, John and General Idea. Toronto : A Play of History (Jeu d'histoire). Toronto, Ont.: The Power Plant, 1987.
DOSSIER: 351 - POWER PLANT, The (Toronto)
Sherman, Tom and Serro, Nancy and Pariseau, Edith and Kwan, Cheuk and Fleming, Martha and Guest, Tim and Greyson, John and Mole, David and Handforth, Robert and Kwinter, Kerri and Robertson, Clive and Marshall, Stuart and Whitfield, Tony and Steele, Lisa and Cochrane, Ian and Ostrowski, Andrzej and Beveridge, Karl and Tenhaaf, Nell and Omatsu, Marvka and Monk, Philip and Nicholson, Graham and Holzberg, Ben Mark. Fuse 4: 3. March. (1980).
Steele, Lisa and Fung, Richard and Taylor, Catherine and Guest, Tim and Harris, Alan and Maclean, Jay and Rosenberg, Avis Lang and Greyson, John and Mole, David and Chodos, Howard and Robertson, Clive and Barber, Bruce and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Beveridge, Karl and Whitfield, Tony and Paterson, Andrew James and Bull, Hank and Zuchman, Julie and Ruebsaat, Norbert and Curnoe, Greg and Steir, Merle and Youngblood, Gene and McLaren, Ross and Gronau, Anna and Frank, Peter. Fuse 4: 4. May. (1980).