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Brand, Dionne and Mason, Joyce and Wilson, Pat and Steele, Lisa and Fowler, Pauline and Millar, Brenda and Diamond, Sara and Tomaselli, Keyan and Lushington, Kate and Fleming, Martha and Chase, Gillian and Hancock, Geoff and Thompson, Peggy and Weiss, Peter E. and Reynaud, Berenice and Yamada, Kathleen and Summerbell, Richard and Chitty, Elizabeth and Bannerji, Himani. Fuse 7: 5. February. (1984).
Anon. Sax Island : Crime Time Comix. Vancouver, BC: Western Front Publication, 1983.
DOSSIER: 390 - WESTERN FRONT (Vancouver, BC)
Buchan, David and Campbell, Colin and Condé, Carole and Beveridge, Karl and De Filipi, Fernando and Gravier, Nicole and Levine, Sherrie and Metcalfe, Eric and Trasov, Vincent and Staeck, Klaus and Art & Language and General Idea. Mannersm : A Theory of Culture. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Gallery, 1982.
Morris, Michael and Trasov, Vincent and Lewis, Glenn and Metcalfe, Eric and Craig, Kate. Art & Correspondence from the Western Front. Vancouver, BC: Western Front Publication, 1979.
DOSSIER: 390 - WESTERN FRONT (Vancouver, BC)