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Marlatt, Daphne and Ondaatje, Michael and Miki, Roy and Tsang, Henry and Conkelton, Sheryl and McFarlane, Scott Toguri. All Amazed for Roy Kiyooka. Vancouver, BC: Arsenal Pulp Press; Vancouver, BC: Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, University of British Columbia; Vancouver, BC: Collapse , 2002.
Love, Karen and Sherrin, Bob and Blaser, Robin and Browne, Colin and Compton, Wayde and Cone, Tom and Gingras, Nicole and Grenville, Bruce and Henry, Kate and Hunter, Robert and Jungen, Brian and Keziere, Russell and Magor, Liz and Miki, Roy and Milroy, Sarah and O'Brian, John and Pakasaar, Helga and Pethick, Jerry and Rhodes, Richard and Roy, Marina and Sawyer, Carol and Tsang, Henry and Turner, Michael and Warland, Betsy and Wong, Paul and Wong, Rita and Laiwan. Facing History : Portraits from Vancouver. North Vancouver, BC: Presentation House Gallery; Vancouver, BC: s.n., 2002.
Denton, Don and Oliva, Peter and Atwood, Margaret and Babiak, Todd and Bidini, Dave and Bossley, Michele Martin and Bowering, George and Bush, Catherine and Choy, Wayson and Connelly, Karen and Cran, Brad and de Vasconcelos, Erika and Findley, Timothy and Ferguson, Will and Foggo, Cheryl and Fraser, Brad and Goto, Hiromi and Grady, Wayne and Halfe, Louise and Harrison, Richard and Hay, Elizabeth and Hilles, Robert and Hollingshead, Greg and Lee, Dennis and Markotic, Nicole and Martini, Clem and McGoogan, Ken and Melnyk, George and Miki, Roy and Murphy, Sarah and Musgrave, Susan and Osborne, Stephen and Pal, Rajinderpal S. and Quaife, Darlene Barry and Quarrington, Paul and Rees, Roberta and Ricci, Nino and Richards, David Adams and Robinson, J. Jill and Rooke, Leon and Scrimger, Richard and Shields, Sandra and Smith, Russell and Stallworthy, Bob and Stenson, Fred and Taylor, Drew Hayden and Turner, Michael and van Herk, Aritha and Wah, Fred and Wharton, Thomas and Wiseman, Christopher. Don Denton : First Chapter : The Canadian Writers Photography Project. Banff, Alta: Banff Centre Press, 2001.
Collapse : The View from Here.: 2. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Art Forum Society
Kiyooka, Roy and Townsend-Gault, Charlotte and O'Brian, John and Miki, Roy. Roy Kiyooka. Vancouver, BC: Artspeak Gallery; s.l.: Or Gallery, 1991.
Kuehn, Sadie and Egan, Suzanna and Klineberg, Otto and Katz-Lahaigue, Vanina and Rode, Ajmer and Hughes, Langston and Zonailo, Carolyn and McMurphy, Patsi and Miki, Roy and Redbird, Duke and Gilbert, Gerry and Pan, Davide and Jankola, Beth and Klein, Abraham Moses and Eluard, Paul and Kaplinski, Jaan and George, Chief Dan and Roumain, Jacques and Niemoller, Rev. Martin and Garcia and Chrystos and Laiwan. Fear of Others : Art Against Racism = La peur de l'autre : L'art contre le racisme. Vancouver, BC: Vancouver Artists' League, 1988.