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Fillmore, Sarah and Adams, Randy and Cameron, Eric and Miller, Marcus and Dymond, Anne and Stankievech, Charles and Birchall, Michael and Beaulieu, Carole and Henderson, Patrick Lee and Pearson, Gary and Anon.. Stride Gallery : Catalogue 2009 - 2010. Calgary, Alta: Stride Gallery, 2010.
Major, Susie and Anderson, Randall and Miller, Marcus. Immersion : Eplorer l'immersion dans les pratiques contemporaines = Immersive : Exploring the Immersive in Contemporary Art Practice : Carolee Schneemann, Caroline Lathan-Stiefel, Michelle Gay, Demian Petryshyn, Luis Jacob. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 2006.
DOSSIER: 330 - ARTICULE (Montréal)
Livesey, Graham and Major, Susie and Anderson, Randall and Miller, Marcus and Wood, Kelly Lynne and Hall, Graham and Frost, Sarah and Balcaen, Jo-Anne and Martin, Alain. Articule : 2003-2004. Montréal, QC: Articule, 2004.
DOSSIER: 330 - ARTICULE (Montréal)
Miller, Marcus. David Askevold : What is Chuch? / Two Hanks. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 2003.
Miller, Marcus. David Askevold : What is Church? Montréal, QC: Articule, 2003.
Miller, Marcus. Jo-Anne Balcaen, Stephan Kurr : El dorado. Ottawa, Ont.: SAW Gallery, 2003.
Dion, François and Miller, Marcus and Miller, Mindy Yan. Mindy Yan Miller : Crown and Drop Out. Lethbridge, Alta: Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 2003.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Balcaen, Jo-Anne and Brewer, Allan and Brewer, William and Chester, Annie-Lou and Crombie, Kevin and Currie, Derrick and Hobbs, Peter and Leimanis, Ilgas and Major, Susie and Miller, Marcus and Poehler, Cathleen and Simon, Sherry and Tinguely, Vincent and Willet, Jennifer. Articule : 2001-2002. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 2002.
DOSSIER: 330 - ARTICULE (Montréal)
Miller, Marcus and Bachmann, Ingrid and Balcaen, Jo-Anne and Beauséjour, Mathieu and Beaudoin, Pierre and Bodmer, Catherine and Currie, Derrick and Darcel, Loly and Forster, Andrew and Gould, Trevor and Hobbs, Peter and Inksetter, Jonathan and Jolicoeur, Nicole and Low, Shelly and Major, Susie and Martin, Alain and Miller, Mindy Yan and Moumblow, Monique and Napier, Monika and Oades, Lorraine and Sewraj, Yudi. Hôpital : Un projet in sitù = Hôpital : A Site Specific Project. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 2002.
DOSSIER: 330 - ARTICULE (Montréal)
Hon, Gordon and Miller, Marcus. Andrew Sneddon : Familiar Places // Leesa Streifler : Freakshow Revisited. Toronto, Ont.: Open Studio, 2001.
DOSSIER: 351 - OPEN STUDIO (Toronto)
Ardenne, Paul and Ninacs, Anne-Marie and Loubier, Patrice and Roy, Daniel and Le Squer, Serge and Koh, Germaine and Léonard, Emmanuelle and Jacob, Louis and Fraser, Marie and Dufrasne, Martin and Chabot, Joceline and Joos, Jean-Ernest and Richard, Alain-Martin and Leblanc, Odette and Davila, Thierry and Babin, Sylvette and Guerrera, Massimo and Schütze, Bernard and de Groot, Raphaëlle and Tourangeau, Sylvie and Cotton, Sylvie and Demers, Jean-Pierre and Doyon, Hélène and Abou-Rihan, Fadi and Heather, Rosemary and Neumark, Devora and Miller, Marcus. Les commensaux : Quand l'art se fait circonstances = Les commensaux : When Art Becomes Circumstance. Montréal, Qc: Centre des arts actuels Skol, 2001.
DOSSIER: 330 - GALERIE SKOL (Montréal)
Poulin, Annie and Forrest, Nikki and Feeser, Andrea and Zeppetelli, John and Chester, Annie-Lou and Miller, Marcus and Poehler, Cathleen and Terry, Esmé. Articule : 1998-1999. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - ARTICULE (Montréal)
Miller, Marcus and Cahill, Catherine and Gravel, Claire and Leyland, Diane and Raymond, Anita. Articule 1997-1998. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 1998.
DOSSIER: 330 - ARTICULE (Montréal)
Miller, Marcus. David Miller : Installation (sans titre) à la galerie Articule. Montréal, Qc: Articule, 1997.
Levin, Simon and Miller, Marcus and Shaw, Nancy and Shields, Rob and Gianni, Benjamin and Léger, Marc James and Griffiths, Nan and Carr-Harris, Ian. Driving the Ceremonial Landscape. Ottawa, Ont.: Galerie 101 Gallery, 1996.
DOSSIER: 351 - GALERIE 101 (Ottawa)
Johnson, Bruce and Cherwonka, Judy and MacGillivray, Judy and Barnett, Robert and Miller, Marcus and Weir, Michael and Joyce, Christopher. Recycling Identity. Halifax, NS: The Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University, 1990.