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Carter, Claire Makhlouf and Fusco, Maria and García, Dora and Gronlund, Melissa and Hasler, Sam and Home, Stewart and Hunt, Ian and Macbeth, Rory and Monk, Jonathan and Patel, Apexa and Pawson, Mark and Penney, Bridget and Pierce, Sarah and Prouvost, Laure and Russell, John and Sykes, Barry and Vischmidt, Marina and Wark, McKenzie and Weinmayr, Eva and A Estante and AND and Banner Repeater and Eastside Projects and Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Plastique Fantastique and Slavs and Tatars and Spike Island and The Serving Library and The Showroom and Torpedo and Ubuweb and X-Marks the Bökship. Again, A Time Machine : From Distribution To Archive. London, England: Book Works, 2012.
Monk, Jonathan. Lynn Valley 4 : Jonathan Monk : The Reason Why I am Here is The Reason Why I am Here. North Vancouver, BC: Presentation House Gallery, 2007.
Birnbaum, Dara and Buren, Daniel and Fisher, Morgan and Abramovic, Marina and Althamer, Pawel and Baldessari, John and Basbaum, Ricardo and Belém, Laura and Bronson, A A and Elmgreen, Michael and Dragset, Ingar and Gillick, Liam and Grigely, Joseph and Haghighian, Natascha Sadr and von Hausswolff, Carl Michael and Heimerdinger, Isabell and Monk, Jonathan and Herrero, Federico and Jaar, Alfredo and Lee, Tim and Lum, Ken and Margreiter, Dorit and Pumhösl, Florian and Miller, John and Ondreicka, Boris and Özkaya, Serkan and Rosler, Martha and Scher, Julia and Schinwald, Markus and Sehgal, Tino and Weiner, Lawrence and Pommier, Claudine and Albano, Karine and Abdullah, Lida and Peterson, Mark and Schwarz, Sue and Auer, Douglas and Huber, Stephan and Oguibe, Olu and Osorio, Luiz Camillo and Damasceno, Rosa and Raelion, Markus and Schiavi, Cristina and Robertson, Clive and Holmes, Steven and Gomide, Adriano C. and Russell, Anne-Marie and Fear of Retribution and Boris. The Next Documenta Should Be Curated by an Artist. Frankfurt am Main, Germany: Revolver Archiv für aktuelle Kunst; Istanbul, Turkey: s.n.; New York, NY: s.n., 2004.
Bradley, Jessica and Monk, Jonathan. Jonathan Monk. [Toronto, Ont.]: Art Gallery of Ontario/Musée des beaux-arts de l'Ontario, 2002.
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Monk, Jonathan. P. Frankfurt am Main, Allemagne: Revolver, 2002.
Monk, Jonathan. Jonathan Monk : 2. Stuttgart, Allemagne: Revolver, 1999.
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