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Dyck, Sandra; Hyland, Matthew; O'Brien, Melanie; Ritter, Kathleen; Blackwell, Adrian. Samuel Roy-Bois : Not a New World, Just An Old Trick. Vancouver BC: Simon Fraser University Gallery; Oakville, Ont.: Oakville Galleries; Ottawa, Ont.: Carleton University Art Gallery, 2015.
O'Brian, Melanie; Frampton, Hollis; Kahanoff, Sharon; Moppett, Damian. The Bells : Damian Moppett. Burnaby BC: Simon Fraser University Gallery, 2014.
Dionne, Caroline; Roy-Bois, Samuel; Hermant, Sydney; Gaitán, J.a.; Ward, Holly; Todd, Jeremy; Hirsch, Antonia; Robertson, Lisa; Campos, Adalgisa; O'Brien, Melanie; Low, Anne Elizabeth. D'Or: Explorations in Psychic Geography. Vancouver, BC: Or Gallery, 2004.
DOSSIER: 353 - OR GALLERY (Vancouver)
Bruchet, Liz; Gaitán, J.a.; Hamilton, Ted; Hermant, Sydney; Laba, Robyn; O'Brien, Melanie; Oleksijczuk, Denise; Pullen, Lucy; Rounthwaite, Adair; Selcer, Anne Lesley; Smarch Jr, Doug ; Soo, Mark; Sworn, Corin; Starling, Dan; Warren, Daina. d'Or : Goin' Solo. Vancouver, BC: Or Gallery, 2004.
DOSSIER: 353 - OR GALLERY (Vancouver)