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Nuridsany, Michel and Minazzoli, Agnès and Filali, Antonia-Yasmina and Borges, Jorge Luis and Andersen, Hans Christian and Hoffmann, Ernst Theodor Amadeus and Scève, Maurice and Alemao, Jean-Pierre and Appelt, Dieter and Bart, Cécile and Bossut, Étienne and Bouillon, François and Bourget, Marie and Brandely, Daniel and Buren, Daniel and Colpaert, Erik and Fleischer, Alain and Floret, Jacques and Galeta, Ladislav and Gibrat, Danièle and Gerz, Jochen and Graham, Dan and Grandadam, Irène and Guelton, Bernard and Hauch, Thierry and Hess, Esther and Jaar, Alfredo and Kuppel, Edmund and Leclerc, Pierre and Ufan, Lee and Morellet, François and Neddam, Martine and Perpère, Antoine and Pistoletto, Michelangelo and Pontoreau, Daniel and Barra, Florence Régnier and Reynier, Yves and Righi, François and Rihs, Christoph and Robbe, Wolfgang and Tahara, Keiichi and Yordamian, François and Sarkis. Effets de miroir. Ivry-sur-Seine, France: Information Arts Plastiques Ile-de-France (IAPIF), 1989.
Celant, Germano and Pistoletto, Michelangelo. Pistoletto. New York, NY: Rizzoli, 1989.
Salvioni, Daniela and Magnani, Gregorio (prefacer and author Verzotti, Giorgio) and Adams, Dennis and Baldessari, John and Belcher, Alan and Bolande, Jennifer and Burgin, Victor and Forg, Gunther and Jaar, Alfredo and Knoebel, Imi and Knorr, Karen and Kosuth, Joseph and Kruger, Barbara and Lafontaine, Marie-Jo and Lavier, Bertrand and Lawler, Louise and Levine, Sherrie and Lum, Ken and Moura, Leonel and Nagy, Peter and Paolini, Giulio and Pistoletto, Michelangelo and Prince, Richard and Richon, Olivier and Richter, Christiane and Richter, Gerhard and Robbins, David and Ruff, Thomas and Sherman, Cindy and Wall, Jeff and Warhol, Andy and Bernd and Hilla Becher and Clegg and Guttmann and Gilbert and George and IFP. Special Affects : The Photographic Experience in Contemporary Art. Milan, Italy: Giancarlo Politi Editore, 1989.
Barzel, Amnon and Maragliano, Giorgio and Oliva, Achille Bonito and Corà, Bruno and Draxler, Helmut and Von Graevenitz, Antje and Kosuth, Joseph and Kuspit, Donald and Martin, Jean-Hubert and Merz, Beatrice and Bertelli, Carlo and Dorfles, Gillo and Jensen, Knud and Ludwig, Peter and Messer, Thomas M. and Panza di Biumo, Giuseppe and Rousse, Georges and Staccioli, Mauro and Vischer, Theodora and Maragliano, Giorgio and Dalstra, Koos and Hentschel, Martin and Malle, Loïc and Newman, Michael and Kuspit, Donald and Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Martijn and Van Adrichem, Jan and Guidieri, Remo and Tacke, Christine and Berio, Luciano and Otto, Peter and Kirkeby, Per and Kopf, Willi and Lavier, Bertrand and Messina, Vittorio and Pistoletto, Michelangelo and Plessi, Fabrizio and Poirier, Anne and Poirier, Patrick and Zorio, Gilberto. Europe Now : Contemporary Art in Western Europe = Europa Oggi : Arte Contemporanea nell'Europa Occidentale. Florence, Italy: Centro Di; Milan, Italy: s.n., 1988.
Bazzoli, François and Pistoletto, Michelangelo. Michelangelo Pistoletto : Jalons anciens, oeuvres récentes. Marseille, France: Musée Cantini, 1986.
Aharonian, Coriun and Barta, Lajos and Blum, Eberhard and Boone, Charles and Broniatowski, Karol and Chatterjee, Sankha and Cook, Peter and Creeley, Robert and Dupuy, Jean and Engel, Lilly and Fontana, Bill and Gosewitz, Ludwig and Hansen, Al and Hawley, Christine and Hendricks, Geoffrey and Van Hove, Fred and Iannone, Dorothy and Ingrassia, Anthony and Jones, Joe and Jost, Jon and Kang, Sukhi and Kosugi, Takehisa and Kotik, Jan and Lassnig, Maria and Leitner, Bernhard and Lentz, Daniel and McCallion, Barry and Oehring, Frank and Paik, Nam June and Paolozzi, Eduardo and Paraskevaidis, Graciela and Peeck, Joachim and Pistoletto, Michelangelo and Van Rafelghem, Paul and Rheinsberg, Raffael and Riches, Martin and Rickey, George and Schuetz, John and Spoerri, Daniel and Stuppner, Hubert and Wada, Yoshimasa and Williams, Emmet. Wirken und Wirkung : Ein Salut von 80 Kunstlern = Wirken und Wirkung : A Salute to Helga Retzer. Berlin, Germany: Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD, 1985.
Szeemann, Harald and Andre, Carl and Bark, Jared and Anselmo, Giovanni and Artschwager, Richard and Bang, Thomas and Beuys, Joseph and Boetti, Alighiero and Bochner, Mel and Boezem, Marinus and Bollinger, Bill and Buthe, Michael and Calzolari, Pier Paolo and Cotton, Paul and Darboven, Hanne and Dibbets, Jan and Van Elk, Ger and Flanagan, Barry and Haacke, Hans and Hesse, Eva and Huebler, Douglas and Icaro, Paolo and Jacquet, Alain and Jenney, Neil and Kaltenbach, Stephen and Kaplan, Jo Ann and Kienholz, Edward and Klein, Yves and Kosuth, Joseph and Kounellis, Jannis and Kuehn, Gary, B. and LeWitt, Sol and Lohaus, Bernd and Long, Richard and Louw, Roelof and McLean, Bruce and De Maria, Walter and Medalla, David and Merz, Mario and Morris, Robert and Nauman, Bruce and Oldenburf, Claes and Oppenheim, Dennis and Pascali, Pino and Pechter, Paul and Pistoletto, Michelangelo and Prini, Emilio and Raetz, Markus and Ruppersberg, Allen and Ruthenbeck, Reiner and Ryman, Robert and Lane Sandback, Frederick and Saret, Alan and Schnyder, Jean-Frédéric and Serra, Richard and Smithson, Robert and Sonnier, Keith and Tuttle, Richard and Lincoln Viner, Frank and Walther, Frank Erhard and Wegman, William G. and Weiner, Lawrence and Wiley, William T. and Zorio, Gilberto and Burton, Scott and Muller, Grégoire and Trini, Tommaso and Panamarenko and Sarkis. Live in Your Head : When Attitudes Become Form : Works-Concepts-Processes-Situations-Information = Live in Your Head : Wenn Attitüden Form werden : Werke-Konzepte-Prozesse-Situationen-Information = Live in Your Head : Quand les attitudes deviennent forme : Oeuvres-concepts-processus-situations-information = Live in Your Head : Quando attitudini diventano forma : Opere-concetti-processi-situazioni-informazione. Berne, Suisse: Kunsthalle Bern, 1969.