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Townsend, Melanie and Bradley, Jessica and Cook, Sarah and Diamond, Sara and Fraser, Andrea and Grenville, Bruce and Katyal, Anjum and Martin, Susan and Medina, Cuauhtémoc and Mesquita, Ivo and Rollig, Stella and Sholette, Gregory and White, Peter. Beyond the Box : Diverging Curatorial Practices. Banff, Alta: Banff Centre Press; s.l.: Banff International Curatorial Institute; s.l.: Walter Phillips Gallery, 2003.
Adams, Eileen and Anastas, Ayreen and Andrews, James and Asdam, Knut and Best, Anna and Beveridge, Karl and Bik, Liesbeth and Butler, David and Cain, Ben and Child, Lottie and Conde, Carole and Decroix, Adam and Dick, Terence and Dominguez, Jorgelina and Domínguez, Ricardo and Dorney, Camille and Esanu, Octavian and Fend, Peter and Fontin, Emilio and Forkert, Kirsten and Frenkel, Vera and Gabara, Esther and Gabri, Rene and Garrison, Geoff and Gerbracht, Grady and Graham, Janna and Haacke, Hans and Haley, David and Hasan-Khan, Alia and High, Kathy and Hirakawa, Noritsohi and Holmes, Brian and Iguchi, Tomomi and Jacir, Emily and Jedermann, Katja and Kelly, Susan and Lasch, Peter and Leeson, Loraine and Lowe, Nichoals and Maly, Herbert and Marenbach, Barbara Meyer and Maset, Pierangelo and Menick, John and Moersch, Carmen and Morton, Steve and Naylor, Christopher and Nevarez, Angel and Noble, Kevin and Norese, Giancarlo and Olcott, Jocelyn and Pacific, Robin and Park, Linda J. and Pietriusti, Cesare and Pogacar, Tadej and Polack, Jenny and Pringle, Emily and Putz-Plecko, Barbara and Rakowitz, Michael and Reisman, Sara and Reiss, Viv and Rhine, Dont and Ride, Peter and Ridge, Sue and Rollig, Stella and S, Esther and Sanguinetti, Ines and Sarlin, Paige and Schachter, Marc and Shellach, Oz and Sholette, Greg and Sicot, Catherine and Silver, Shelly and Simon, Kim and Staehle, Wolfgang and Stracke, Caspar and Strbac, Masa and Sturm, Eva and Tever, Valerie and van der Pol, Jos and Walsh, Peter and B + B and Fuse Board and List and Laiwan and Mercer Union Board List. An Open Interview and Lunch : Fuse Magazine - 16 Beaver Group. Toronto, Ont.: Fuse Magazine, 2003.
DOSSIER: 390 - 16 BEAVER GROUP (New York, NY)
Rollig, Stella and Noack, Ruth and Volkart, Yvonne and Harding, Anna and Aigner, Uli and Germaine, Diane and Hankin, Kelly and Dragoeva, Boryana and Koralova, Ilina and Gröting, Asta and Albertini, Bodo and Nelson, Amy and Bussel, David and Jelinek, Sabine and Krimbacher, Elisabeth and Huston, Johnny Ray and Kool, Renée and Lucas, Kristin and Cartwright, Diane and Hannula, Mika and Alexander, Karen and Tervaniemi, Sari and Schimert, Katy and Tan, Fiona and Wagnest, Matta and Dany, Hans-Christian and Zoitl, Moira. Hers : Video as a Female Terrain. Vienna, Austria: Springer-Verlag, 2000.
Hegyi, Lorand and Fuchs, Rainer and Zagrodzki, Janusz and Jedlinski, Jaromir and Gawlik, Goschka and Rottenberg, Anda and Sevcik, Jiri and Rollig, Stella and Sinkovits, Péter. Reduktivismus : Abstraktion in Polen, Tschechoslowakei, Ungarn, 1950-1980. Vienne, Autriche: Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig, 1992.