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Carter, Claire Makhlouf and Fusco, Maria and García, Dora and Gronlund, Melissa and Hasler, Sam and Home, Stewart and Hunt, Ian and Macbeth, Rory and Monk, Jonathan and Patel, Apexa and Pawson, Mark and Penney, Bridget and Pierce, Sarah and Prouvost, Laure and Russell, John and Sykes, Barry and Vischmidt, Marina and Wark, McKenzie and Weinmayr, Eva and A Estante and AND and Banner Repeater and Eastside Projects and Pil & Galia Kollectiv and Plastique Fantastique and Slavs and Tatars and Spike Island and The Serving Library and The Showroom and Torpedo and Ubuweb and X-Marks the Bökship. Again, A Time Machine : From Distribution To Archive. London, England: Book Works, 2012.
Bailey, Stuart and Russell, John and Relyea, Lane and Hoolboom, Mike and Vey Duke, Emily and Battersby, Cooper and O'Donnell, Darren and Mott, Jessie and Henricks, Nelson and Negus, Christine and Fusco, Maria and Blatnik, Andrej and Burgher, Elijah and Davies, Jon and Trecartin, Ryan and Harvey, Matthea and Shecter, Adam and Leland, Erin and Knezevic, Irena and Becker, Joerg and Crawford, Cameron and Trainor, Jim. Blast Counterblast. Toronto, Ont.: Mercer Union; Chicago, Ill.: WhiteWalls, 2011.
Fox, Dan and Osborne, Peter and Alliez, Eric and Hunt, Andrew and Ganahl, Rainer and Russell, John and Power, Nina and Garnett, Robert and [et alii]. Gest : Laboratory of Synthesis no 1. London, U.K.: Bookworks; Kingston upon Thames, U.K.: Kingston University London, 2008.
Raspail, Thierry and Bertrand, Anne and Chapoulie, Jean-Marc and Millet, Catherine and Henric, Jacques and Dreyfus, Laurence and Codognet, Philippe and De Barros, Manuela and Robert, Richard and Walter, Guy and Sauvage, Jean-Baptiste and Marnas, Laure and Dieutre, Vincent and Labarthe, André S. and Albert, Pierre and Bernstrup, Tobias and Berrettini, Marco and Bulloch, Angela and Cadet, Valérie and Ouazan, Paul and Juy, Sébastien and Burdeau, Emmanuel and Cunningham, Merce and Quintin, François and Hersche, Klaus and Cuenat, Philippe and Stroun, Fabrice and Boutruche, Samuel and Moreau, Benjamin and Partrige, Colin and Le Roy, Xavier and Manetas, Miltos and Fisher, Jennifer and Drobnik, Jim and Jeudy, Patrick and Self, Will and Pooley, Simon and Suermondt, Robert and Tordjman, Gilles and Vasseur, Catherine and Pain, François and Russell, John and Yanagi, Miwa and Atari-Noise. Biennale de Lyon art contemporain : Connivence 2001, prélude à 2003. Lyon, France: Biennale de Lyon; Paris, France: s.n., 2001.
De Kooning, Willem and Boudrez, Martha and De Hirsch, Storm and Rodman, Selden and Hess, Thomas B. and Willard, Charlotte and Dickerson, George and O'Doherty, Brian and Shirey, David L. and Rosemarch, Stella and Hellman, Paul and Staats, Margaret and Matthiesen, Lucas and Russell, John and Wolfe, Judith and Berman, Avis and Wilkie, Ken and Pepper, Curtis Bill and McEwen, John and Bibeb. Willem de Kooning : Écrits et propos. Paris, France: École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts, 1993.
Bolton, Richard and Brookman, Philip and Wildmon, Donald and D'Amato, Alfonse and Helms, Jesse and Buchanan, Patrick and Gorton, Slade and Smith, Joshua P. and Lipman, Samuel and Brustein, Robert and Grenier, Richard and Jewett, Freeborn G. Jr. and Kreeger, David Lloyd and Fox, Nicols and Kramer, Hilton and Reisman, Judith and Glueck, Grace and Frankenthaler, Helen and Goldstein, Richard and Brenson, Michael and Will, George and Hughes, Robert and Ginsberg, Allen and Samuelson, Robert and Danto, Arthur C. and Hart, Frederick and Rohrabacher, Dana and Danforth, John and Vance, Carole S. and Stopford, John and Durland, Steven and Sekula, Allan and Robertson, Pat and Frohnmayer, John and Wyatt, Susan and Wojnarowicz, David and Healy, Timothy and Russell, John and Gibson, Eric and Orr-Cahall, Christina and Heartney, Eleanor and McMahon, Jeff and Williams, Pat and Havel, Vaclav and Vester, John W. and Gerhardt, William J. and Snyder, Mark and Keillor, Garrison and Lobb, Monty Jr. and Martenson, Edward and Weiss, Ted and Hancock, Mel and Gray, Don and Papp, Joseph and Voorhees, Robert V. and Abrams, Floyd and Lipman, Samuel and Krauthammer, Charles and Buchanan, John and Fein, Bruce and Hyde, Henry and Rhode, Stephen and Lippard, Lucy and Evans, Rowland and Novak, Robert and Finley, Karen and Sullivan, Kathleen and Dannemeyer, William and Carr, C. and Towns, Edolphus and Owens, Major and Miller, Tim and Reeve, Christopher and Robertson, Pat and Kinsley, Mike and Little, Leila H. and Hughes, Holly and Elovich, Richard and Gergen, David and Schulman, Sarah and Kramer, Hilton and Williams, Pat and Carr, Bob and Kostmayer, Peter and Dornan, Robert and Hess, Elizabeth and Grundberg, Andy and Barrie, Dennis and Singer, Debra and Brookman, Philip. Culture Wars : Documents from the Recent Controversies in the Arts. New York, NY: New Press, 1992.
Gablik, Suzi and Russell, John and Alloway, Lawrence and McHale, John and Rosenblum, Robert and Smith, Richard and Koch, Kenneth and Rauschenberg, Robert and Rivers, Larry and Hamilton, Richard and Bell, Larry. Pop Art Redefined. New York, NY: Frederick A. Praeger, 1969.