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Sanfaçon, Louise. Paysage de l'âme = Soulscape. Québec, Qc: Engramme, 2008.
DOSSIER: 330 - ENGRAMME (Québec)
Sanfaçon, Louise and Michaud, Claude and Laforce, Monique and Lasnier, Louise and Privé, Sophie and Hébert, Pauline and Robert, Anne-Marie and Samson, Madeleine and Girard-Savoie, Tania and Trung, Truong Chanh and Blackburn, Denise and Bourdon, Manon and Pinaud, Sonia and Langlois, Paul. Cyclone. Québec, Qc: Engramme, 2001.
DOSSIER: 330 - ENGRAMME (Québec)
Malenfant, Nicole and Côté, Jeanne de Chantal and Sanfaçon, Louise and Franco, Joaquim and Blackburn, Denise and Hébert, Pauline and Pelletier, Denise and Pourtalès, Monique and Robert, Anne-Marie and Samson, Madeleine and Séguin, Chantal and Thuot, Diane and Turgeon, Alain Antoine and Cloutier, Paul and Desjardins, Isabelle and Farish, Catherine and Hacikyan, Talleen and Côté, Lucie Jolicoeur and Jutras, Diane and Munro, Todd and Tétrault, Jacinthe and Trepanier, Josette. Actual : Gravura do Quebec = Actual : Print of Quebec. Québec, Qc: Engramme; Montréal, Qc: s.n.; Macau: s.n., 2000.
DOSSIER: 600 - QUÉBEC (Province de) / QUEBEC (Province of)
Sanfaçon, Louise and Dionne, Noëlla and Dubois, Line and Privé, Sophie and Marier, Marc and Thuot, Diane and Catellier, Françoise and Pourtalès, Monique and Johnson, Michael and Parrein, Pascale and Robert, Anne-Marie and Phaneuf, Michel and Trung, Truong Chanh and Lachaussée, Gérard and Pinaud, Sonia and Séguin, Chantal and Samson, Madeleine. Collectif Engramme 2000 : Le fil rouge. Québec, Qc: Engramme, 2000.
DOSSIER: 330 - ENGRAMME (Québec)
Malenfant, Nicole and Sanfaçon, Louise and Blackburn, Denise and Pelletier, Denise. Atelier de réalisations graphiques Engramme : 25 ans d'estampe à Québec. Trois-Rivières, Qc: Éditions d'art Le Sabord, 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - ENGRAMME (Québec)
Sanfaçon, Louise and Dubois, Line and Pourtalès, Monique and Samson, Madeleine and Pelletier, Denise and Thuot, Diane and Hébert, Pauline and Marineau, Diane and Tran, Gilline and Johnson, Michael and Lachaussée, Gérard and Vincent, Bill. La parure : Collectif Engramme 1999. Québec, Qc: Engramme, 1999.
DOSSIER: 330 - ENGRAMME (Québec)
Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Bertrand, Diane and Beaulieu, Kurt and Breuer, Theo and Olbrich, Jurgen o. and Schnyder, Achim and Perneczky, Geza and Seifert, Jorg and Dellafiora, David and Bleus, Guy and Cares, Antonio and Bourget, Édith and Nickersondo, Kevondo and Sutherland, Mark and Gomez, Antonio and Ruiz, Manuel Ruiz and Bennet, J.m. and Perkins, Stephen and Pittore, Carlo and Selby, Spencer and Sonnenfeld, Mark and Wood, Reid et Yong, Karl and Canat, Philippe and Courtois, Vincent and Julliard, Vincent and Lenoir, Pascal and Sourdin, Bruno and Suel, Lucien and Carretta, Luisella and Totino, Arrigo Lora and Morandi, Emilio and Parentela, Claudio and Salerno, Lucresia and Strada, Giovanni and Bouchard, Jacqueline and Boulet, francine and Collerette, Isabelle and Sioui Durand, Guy and Dutin, Marc and Éliceiry, André and Fortier-Auclair, Audette and Fortin, Ginette and Gagnon, Jean-Claude and Gonther, Gin and Gonthier, Yves and Guy, Thérèse and Lamarre, Claire and Lamontagne, François and Latulippe, Françoise and La Toan, Vinh and Lebel, Céline and Miniachi, Francesca and Marceau, André and Matte, Hélène and Pelletier, Denise and Paullette, Hélène and Picard, Julie and Pourtalès, Monique and Rathier, Julie Dominique and Reid, Malcolm and Robitaille, Guy and Sanfaçon, Louise and Therrien, Thérèse and Tran, Gilline and Thuôt, Diane and Nakamura, Keiichi and Collins, Patricia. Réparation de poésie no 10. Québec, Qc: Réparation de poésie, 1999.
Abouzia, Roya and Beaudoin, Stéphanie and Boulanger, Chantal and Cloutier, Mario and Ducic, Sandra and Gabriel, Clara and Labrecque, Claire and Lamarche, Bernard and Morin, Manon and Sanfaçon, Louise. Actes du 10e colloque interuniversitaire d'histoire de l'art. Québec, Qc: Université Laval, 1995.