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Wallis, Brian and Alloway, Lawrence and Andre, Carl and Atkinson, Terry and Aycock, Alice and Baker, George and Baldessari, John and Baldwin, Michael and Ballard, J.g. and Bann, Stephen and Barrell, John and Baudrillard, Jean and Beardsley, John and Beaumont, Betty and Benjamin, Walter and Bloom, Doris and Brett, Guy and Brown, Julia and Burke, Edmund and Burnham, Jack and Carson, Rachel and Chin, Mel and Coplans, John and Debord, Guy and Demarco, Richard and De Maria, Walter and Denes, Agnes and Dibbets, Jan and Dion, Mark and Endo, Toshikatsu and Feigenbaum, Harriet and Fehr, Michael and Fend, Peter and Finlay, Ian Hamilton and Foucault, Michel and Freud, Sigmund and Fried, Michael and Friedman, Kenneth and Fulton, Hamish and Furlong, William and Geva, Avital and Golan, Smadar and Goldsworthy, Andy and Gould, Stephen Jay and Harkavy, Donna and Harrison, Helen Mayer and Harrison, Newton and Heiss, Alanna and Hickey, Dave and Holt, Nancy and Huebler, Douglas and Hutchinson, Peter and Jackson, John Brinckerhoff and Johanson, Patricia and Kentridge, William and Kerouac, Jack and Krauss, Rosalind and Kurtz, Bruce and Linker, Kate and Lippard, Lucy R. and Long, Richard and Lord, Chip and McEvilley, Thomas and Masheck, Joseph and Morris, Robert and Müller, Christian Philipp and Nanjo, Fumio and Ngo, Viet and Noguchi, Isamu and Oldenburg, Claes and Owens, Craig and Price, Uvedale and Rosenberg, Harold and Sauzeau-Boetti, Anne-Marie and Schama, Simon and Schum, Gerry and Serra, Richard and Sharp, Willoughby and Sherk, Bonnie and Shiraga, Fujiko and Simpson, Buster and Smithson, Robert and Sonfist, Alan and Soper, Kate and Spero, Nancy and Thoreau, Henry David and Tillim, Sidney and Tomkins, Jane and Tortosa, Guy and Turrell, James and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Waldman, Diane and Zaya, Octavio and Christo and Jeanne-Claude and Platform. Land And Environmental Art. London, England: Phaidon Press, 1998.
Argan, Giulio Carl and Bonami, Francesco and Giaccari, Luciano and Rondi, Gian Luigi and Levi, Corrado and Oliva, Achille Bonito and Parmesani, Loredana and Poli, Francesco and Sauzeau-Boetti, Anne-Marie and Weil, Benjamin and et alii. XLV Espozione Internazionale d'Arte : La Biennale di Venezia : Punti cardinali dell'arte : Vol. 1. Venise, Italie: Marsilio, 1993.
Parker, Rozsika and Pollock, Griselda and Mulvey, Laura and Brooks, Rosetta and Coward, Rosalind and Callen, A. and Crockett, M. and Newington, L. and Holmes, W. and Priest, Margaret and Bennett, Elona and Dalton, Pen and Braden, Su and Sjoo, Monica and Smythe, Roslyn and Delmar, Rosalind and Tisdall, Caroline and Waddell, Margot and Wandor, Michelene and Adams, Parveen and Lipchitz, Sue and Goodall, Phil and Klaces, Joana and Cullis, Ann and McGrath, Roberta and Jeffries, Janis and Charles, Moremi and Sulter, Maud and Morgan, Natasha and Potter, Sally and Sotheran, Cheryll and Burman, Chila Kumari and Hunjan, Bhajan and Ross, Monica and Kent, Sarah and Elwes, Cate and Garrard, Rose and Kelley, Mary and Tickner, Lisa and Sauzeau-Boetti, Anne-Marie and Davis, Tricia and Barry, Judith and Flitterman, Sandy and Fisher, Jean and Davis, Suzanne. Framing Feminism : Art and the Women's Movement, 1970-1985. London, England: Pandora Press, 1987.