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Hill, Gabrielle L'Hirondelle and McCall, Sophie and Abel, Jordan and Decter, Leah and Dewar, Jonathan and Garneau, David and Goto, Ayumi and Hargreaves, Allison and Jefferess, David and Isaac, Jaimie and Soldier, Layli Long and Morin, Peter and Reece, Skeena and Robinson, Dylan and Semchuk, Sandra and Stimson, Adrian and Yeh, Clement and Zaiontz, Keren and The New BC Indian Art and Welfare Society Collective. The Land We Are : Artists and Writers Unsettle the Politics of Reconciliation. Winnipeg, Man.: Arp Books, 2015.
Bear, Shirley and Tsang, Henry and Lowry, Glen and L'Hirondelle, Cheryl and Nayhowtow, Joseph and Jimmy, Elwood and Semchuk, Sandra and [et alii]. Cultivating Canada : Reconciliation through the Lens of Cultural Diversity. Ottawa, Ont.: Aboriginal Healing Foundation, 2011.
Sewid-Smith, Daisy and Epp, Ellie and Slemmons, Rod and Nicholas, James and Burnett, Ron and Semchuk, Sandra. Land, Relationship and Community : A Symposium. North Vancouver, BC: Presentation House Gallery, 2001.
Williams, Carol and Gustafson, Paula and Clark, Tamsin Flegg and Donnelly, Maureen and Veith, Ulrike and Glawson, Larry and Hume, Brent and Kroeger, Ernie and Mischkolz, Nichole and Pelkey, Brenda and Pepper, Thelma and Semchuk, Sandra and Spence, Sheila and Sinclair, Jamie and Thorneycroft, Diana. Search, Image and Identity : Voicing our West. Saskatoon, Sask.: The Photographers Gallery, 1994.
Read, Shirley and Brittain, David and Cubitt, Sean and Lundstrom, Jean-Erik and Foster, Alasdair and Semchuk, Sandra and Pieratzki, Susanne and Broekaert, Elisabeth and Malley, Tricia and Marquardt, Ulla and Holzhuber, Sebastien and Tan, Moses and Finkelstein, Nat and Delappe, Joseph and Mackay, Calum Angus and Reeves, Daniel and Van Gent, Gijs and Guzman, Africa and Douglas, Stan and Manual. Fotofeis : Scottish International Festival of Photography. Edinburgh, Scotland: Fotofeis, 1993.
DOSSIER: 500 - FOTOFEIS (Édimbourg, Grande-Bretagne)
Garvey, Susan Gibson and Creates, Marlene and Deadman, Patricia and Gilbert, Lorraine and Kroeger, Ernie and Semchuk, Sandra and Readman, Sylvie. Rephotographing the Land : Marlene Creates, Patricia Deadman, Lorraine Gilbert, Ernie Kroeger, Sylvie Readman, Sandra Semchuk. Halifax, NS: Dalhousie Art Gallery, 1992.
Borsa, Joan and Semchuk, Sandra. Sandra Semchuk : Coming to Death's Door : A Daughter/Father Collaboration. North Vancouver, BC: Presentation House Gallery, 1992.
Varney, Ed and Rosenberg, Ann and Anonuevo, Librado M. and Alice, Mary and Aspell, Peter and Atkins, Terryl and Atkinson, Clint and Babcock, Jennifer and Balomenos, Mary and Banwell, Mike and Birkin, Jeffrey and Blackbridge, Persimmon and Blackstone, Luke and Blain, Kim and Boschman, Lorna and Bowley, Janis and Boyle, Gwen and Boyle, Melanie Fei-Lin and Bull, Hank and Burns, Neil and Burrows, Tom and Caetani, Sveva and Caruso, Gordon and Chaplin, Carl and Chappell, Georgiana and Cobbold, Anna-Maria and de Courcy, Michael and Cramer, Barb and Crane, T. and Cummins, Jim and Diamond, Sara and Dobereiner, Wendy and Doray, Audrey and Doucette, Lionel and Downe, Mary and Dyson, Robert and English, Victoria and Evans, Diane and Ewasiuk, Terry and Ewert, Paul and Falk, Gathie and Featherston, Bill and Forsythe, Ian and Fouquet, Monique and Frioud, Jackie and Gammon, Lynda and Gaskin, Mark and Gaudet, Frank and Gerberick, Ken and Gill, Don and Gillmore, Graham and Green, Roy and Greenberg, Lorne and Greer, Lenna and Grossmann, Angela and Guderna, Ladislav and Haag, Joseph and Hamlin, Wendy and Hatoum, Mona and Hogan Camp, Mary and Hogg, Lucy and Hornsby, Michael and Hueniken, Heidi and Hughes, Patrick and Huynh, Kim and Itter, Carole and Kellhammer, Oliver and Kempinsky, Jean and Kingan, Ted and Kipling, Ann and Kiyooka, Roy and Knott, Tom and Latremouille, Lori-Ann and Lawrence, Donald and Lay-Taq, Laura Wee and Levan, Kaaaly and Longboy, Zachary and Longman, Mary and Lowe, Vanessa and Lucas, Launi and Lukacs, Attila Richard and MacDonald, Mike and MacInnis, Neil and Mahon, Patrick and Manahan, Jill and Marshall, Vicky and Martin, Anthony and Massé, Gloria and Maxwell-Montgomery, Claire and Mcp, Art and Mees, Monique and McMurchy, Patsi and Menabney, Joe and Michener, Sally and Moiseiwitsch, Carel and Morgan, Judith and Mowat, Fiona and Muir, Jim and Musgrove, Kurt and Neil, Al and Neville, Vaughn and Nguyen, Nhan and Normoyle, Michelle and O'Brien, Erin and O'Hara, Pat and Okano, Haruko and Ostrem, David and Pan, Davide and Pantages, Carrol and Papou, Laurie and Payne, Gordon and Petterson, Andre and Pickard, James and Ramsden, Anne and Raphanel, Philippe and Rea, Charles and Rennie, Bill and Rice, Chick and Roberts, David and Root, Derek and Rosenfeld, Rhoda and Rubenfeld, Trudi and Schorer, Roman Pijanka and Scott, D. Blaire and Scrivener, Jack and Searle, Michele and Semchuk, Sandra and Shadbolt, Jack and Shaw, Nancy and Shearer, Steven and Sherrin, Bob and Simpson, Gregg and Slater, Anne-Marie and Smith, Cynthia and Smith, Gordon and Spicer, Todd and Steel, Teresa and Steele, David and Storey, Sandra and Switzer, Allan and Szekely, Barrie and Tait, Sylvia and Tate, Kent and Tate, Scott and Taylor, Doug and Thompson, John and Thorsen, Katarina and Todd, Loretta and Turner, Richard and Van Der May, Robert and Vander Zaag, Elizabeth and Vanier, Barbara and Varney, Ed and Wade, Jan and Walker, David and Watts, John Clair and Wedman, Neil and Westendorp, Jan Koot and Westlaken, Shawn and Whistler, John and Williams, Carol and Wilson, Art and Wise, Robert Alan and Wood, Alan and Wood, Kelly and Woods, Chris and Woycik, Bruce and Wyngaarden, Cornelia and Slater, Anne Marie and Bonifacho and ManWoman and 12 Midnite. Artropolis 90 : Lineages & Linkages. Vancouver, BC: A.T. Eight Artropolis Society, 1990.
DOSSIER: 500 - ARTROPOLIS (Vancouver, BC)
Semchuk, Sandra. Moving Parallel : Reconstructed Performances from Daily Life. Oakville, Ont.: Oakville Galleries, 1989.