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McKillop, A.b. and Hjartarson, Paul and Schorcht, Blanca and Litt, Paul and Vincent, Josée and Gallichan, Gilles and Delisle, Jean and Robert, Lucie and Verduyn, Christl and Friskney, Janet B. and Michon, Jacques and Connor, Jennifer J. and Beglo, Jo Nordley and Gerson, Carole and Lamonde, Yvan and Johnston, Russell and Nowakowski-Dailey, Lyndsey and Preston, Michelle and Sweeting, Jaime and Landry, François and Cavell, Richard and Luneau, Marie-Pier and Owen, Catherine and Davey, Frank and Steele, Apolonia and Earle, Nancy and Panofsky, Ruth and Kelly, Peggy Lynn and Buitenhuis, Peter and Karr, Clarence and Peterman, Michael A. and Lepage, Françoise and Saltman, Judith and Edwards, Gail and Latham, Sheila and Dickinson, Peter and Parker, George L. and Ferré-Rode, Sandrine and Black, Fiona A. and Rampure, Archana and Mitham, Peter J. and Yergeau, Robert and Marquis, Dominique and Pouliot, Suzanne and Clark, Penney and Brockie, Ian and Aubin, Paul and Vipond, Mary and Des Rivières, Marie-José and Saint-Jacques, Denis and Brisson, Frédéric and Strange, Carolyn and Loo, Tina and Macdonald, Bertrum H. and Arnup, Katherine and Vannucci, Simone and Hogan, Brian and O'Leary, Daniel and Suzack, Cheryl and Margolis, Rebecca and Williams, Dorothy W. and McKnight, David and Mcleod, Donald W. and Halpenny, Francess G. and Alston, Sandra and Clarkson, Stuart and Normand, Sylvio and Leroux, Éric and Bedwell, Linda and Burr, Christina and De Grobois, Guy and Hould, Claudette and Landon, Richard and Rainer, Jim and Speller, Randall and McDonald, Rod and Davies, Gwendolyn and Brouillette, Sarah and Ryan, Pascale and Gordon, Ross and McCormick, Paul and Lajeunesse, Marcel and Bruce, Lorne and Hanson, Elizabeth and McNally, Peter F. and Boon, Elaine and Dowding, Martin and Verrette, Michel and Murray, Heather and Rotundo, Andrea and Dyer, Klay and Martin, Claude and Carefoote, Pearce and Hébert, Pierre and New, W.h. and Knight, Lorna and Bungay, Eric and Cogswell, Jean and Moore, Elise and Edwards, Brendan Frederick R. and Sedo, Denel Rehberg and St-Laurent, Fanie. History of the Book in Canada. Volume III : 1918-1980. Toronto, Ont.: University of Toronto Press, 2007.
Speller, Randall. The Alcuin Society 2001 Competition for Excellence in Book Design in Canada. Vancouver BC: Alcuin Society, 2002.