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Titterington, Chris and Barilleaux, René Paul and Pepper, Andrew and Lucie-Smith, Edward and Reichardt, Jasia and Popper, Frank and Benyon, Margaret and Connors, Bettsy and Gorglione, Nancy and Harman, Mary and Lin, Shu-Min and MacArthur, Ana and Mathieu, Marie-Christiane and McCormack, Sharon and Mitamura, Shunsuke and Nemtzow, Scott E. and Nicholson, Ana Maria and Orr, Edwina and Palmer, Caroline and Perry, John and Pizzanelli, David and Randazzo, Dean and Robb, Jeffrey and Ruiz, Julio and Weinstock, Steve and Alexander. The Creative Holography Index : The International Catalogue for Holography. Bergisch Gladbach, Germany: Monand Press; s.l.: The Creative Holography Index, 1995.
Chandler, David and Titterington, Chris and Gamble, Susan and Wenyon, Michael. Volumes : Wenyon & Gamble. London, England: The Photographers Gallery, 1993.
DOSSIER: 440 - WENYON & GAMBLE (Susan Gamble + Michael Wenyon)
Richards, Catherine and Tenhaaf, Nell and Davies, Char and Robinett, Warren and Rokeby, David and Rothenberg, David and Titterington, Chris and Bond, Eleanor and Joyce, Michael and Loeffler, Carl Eugene and Lyotard, Jean-François and Mosher, Mike and Tomas, David and Westbury, Chris and McFadden, Robert and Butler, Jack and Cypis, Dorit and Lantz, Frank and Lapointe, Lyne and Fleming, Martha and Dagenais, Francine and Hattinger, Gottfried and Sawchuk, Kim and Van der Spek, Inez and Bachmann, Ingrid and Jardine, Alice and Perron, Mireille and Randolph, Jeanne and Claus, Jürgen and Truck, Fred and White, Norman and Boome, Adam and Falk, Lorne and Hohn, Hubert and Lozano, Rafael and Rogers, Kathleen and Gong, He and Hall, Doug and Sakane, Itsuo and Schalet, Ben and Mercer, Noah and Whalen, T.e. and Easton, William and Legrady, George and Minard, Robin and Moren, Lisa and Pethick, Jerry and Century, Michael and Cornwell, Regina and De Kerckhove, Derrick and Leler, Wm and Rötzer, Florian and Scheidt, Daniel and Sharp, Maurice and Beirne, Garry and marshalore. Virtual Seminar on the Bioapparatus. Banff, Alta: The Banff Centre for the Arts, 1991.