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Totino, Mina. Back From Vineland. Vancouver BC: Artspeak, 2007.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Haraldsson, Arni and Graham, James and Ramsey, Ellen and McCrum, Phillip and Bowley, Janis and Corlett, Christine and Weib, Jen and Wallace, Keith and Alteen, Glenn. Food for Thought : Or Gallery 1983 to 2003. Vancouver, BC: Or Gallery, 2004.
DOSSIER: 353 - OR GALLERY (Vancouver)
Robert, Jocelyn and Gregson, Grant and Traer, Patrick and McFarlane, David and Fournel, Marc and Totino, Mina and Boudreau, Marik and Gagnon, Monika Kin. Oboro 2002-2003. Montréal, Qc: Oboro, 2002.
DOSSIER: 330 - OBORO (Montréal)
Wood, William and Burnham, Clint and Shier, Reid and Creede, Gerald and Ferguson, Deanna and Mollineaux, Melinda and Culley, Peter and Arnold, Grant and Totino, Mina and Watson, Scott and Douglas, Stan. Phillip McCrum : Tear. Vancouver, BC: Or Gallery, 2000.
Anon. The Instability of the Feminist Subject : A Series of 20 Postcards by Artists. Banff, Alta: [The Banff Centre for the Arts], 1992.
Wood, Katherine and Scott, Kitty and Tenhaaf, Nell and Totino, Mina. Other Frontiers : Gisele Amantea, Lee Dickson, Nell Tenhaaf, Mina Totino. Glasgow, Scotland: Third Eye Centre, 1991.
Harris, Steve and MacWilliam, David and Keziere, Russell and Lang, Avis and Daniel, Barbara and Augaitis, Daina and Davis, Todd and Gingerich, Mary and Kane, Josie and Linsley, Robert and Pakasaar, Helga and Anderson, John and Arden, Roy and Balkind, Alvin and Banana, Anna and Birstein, Suzy and Bissett, Bill and Brett, Leonard and Bull, Hank and Buriak, Myros and Butler, Margot and Carrico, Jim and Chapnick, Karen and Duschenes, Julie and Cole, Barbara and Cook, Jo and Corsaut, Share and Deros, Eric and Dobereiner, Wendy and Douglas, Fred and Chappell, Georgianna and Ekman, Phyllis and Erisalu, Enn and Cohen, Larry and Feldmar, Meredith and Gammon, Lynda and Gilbert, Gerry and Gow, Sandy and Grady, Mark and Guderna, Martin and Haag, Joseph and Hamlin, Wendy and Haraldsson, Arni Runar and Haskell, Kitty and James, Saralee and Jones, Barrie and Jones, Catherine and Kamins, Jeannie and Kane, Josie and Lemieux, Lyse and Levine, Paula and Lewis, Glenn and Knight, Catherine and Laskarin, Daniel and Longman-Corry, Leslie and MacLean, Catherine and Malbert, Roger and Marshall, Vicky and Michener, Sally and Murdock, Greg and Murray, Don and Normoyle, Michelle and Payne, Gordon and Petterson, André and Phantom, Art and Pratt, Elspeth and Raphanel, Phillipe and Rea, Charles and Rennie, Bill and Rice, Chick and Robideau, Henri and Sherrin, Bob and Sawchuk, George and Sourkes, Cheryl and Storey, Alan and Thompson, John and Tickner, Nona and Totino, Mina and Wasney, Steven and Wedman, Neil and Woodward, Jim and Young, Robert and Van Der Mey, Bob and Insell, Maria and Newland, Marv and Rotheisler, Randy and Razutis, Al and Oraf. October Show. Vancouver, BC: Contemporary Art Gallery, 1983.