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Grande, John K.. Jouer avec le feu : Armand Vaillancourt : Sculpteur engagé. Outremont, Qc: Lanctôt, 2001.
Grande, John K. and Vaillancourt, Armand. Playing with Fire : Armand Vaillancourt : Social Sculptor. Montréal, Qc: Zeit & Geist, 1999.
Tessier, Sophie and Gibouleau, André and Villeneuve, Claude and Buissières, Caroline and Vaillancourt, Armand and Lévesque, Mireille and Bouchard, André and Matte, Sébastien and Bouchard, Laurent and Venne, Linda and Mainville, Lucie-Charlotte and Morin, Manon and Baron, Nathalie and Proulx, Johanne and Isabelle, Louise and Jurkovich, Sébastien and Mousteli, Jean-Claude and Simard-D'Arc, Martine and Larue, Stéphane and Venne, Henri and Dunberry, Christian and Dagenais, Lorraine and Damie, Eve and Beaudet, Pascale and Trinque, France and Goggin, Kathleen and Paradis, Alain and Le Grand, Jean-Pierre and Zannélop. 55 peintres au 55 Prince : Les muses mutines. Montréal, Qc: Les Productions 5 sur 5, 1994.
DOSSIER: 330 - 55 PRINCE (Montréal)
Marion, André and Vaillancourt, Armand. La Galerie d'Art Lionel-Groulx présente Armand Vaillancourt : Hommage aux Amérindiens. Sainte-Thérèse (Qc): La Galerie d'art Lionel Groulx, 1993.
Richard, Alain-Martin and Richard, Alain-Martin and Robertson, Clive and Robertson, Clive and Vaillancourt, Armand and Falk, Gathie and Chaîné, Francine and Barber, Bruce and Gervais, Raymond and Banana, Anna and Bull, Hank and Tourangeau, Sylvie and Cantsin, Monty and Martel, Richard and Householder, Johanna and Arcand, Pierre-André and Mars, Tanya and Chouinard, Marie and McCaffery, Steve and Fréchette, Jean-Yves and Tourbin, Dennis and Allen, Lillian and Sioui Durand, Yves. Performance au Canada, 1970-1990 = Performance in Canada, 1970-1990. Québec, Qc: Les Éditions Intervention; Toronto, Ont.: The Coach House Press, 1991.
Dumouchel, Jacques. Armand Vaillancourt. Saint-Jérôme, Qc: Centre d'exposition du Vieux-Palais, 1987.
Durand, Guy and Fortin, Andrée and Lesage, Pierre and Perron, Michel and D'Amboise, Marcel and Lagacé, Michel and Ouellet, Alayn and Chagnon, Johanne and Cloutier, Jacques and Roy, Jean-Rock and Vaillancourt, Armand and Lalonde, Serge and Boucher, Bernard and Maffolini, Gabriel and Belzile, Rock and Carrier, Jacques and Duchesne, Monique and Michaud, Yvan and Ryan, Sylvie and Laprise, Guy and Dutil, Raymond and Savard, Andrée and Bouchard, Denis and Soucy, Jean-Jules and Duchesneau, Mario and Martel, Richard and St-Hilaire, Jean-Claude and Stüttgen, Johannes and Fischer, Hervé and Fekner, John. Art et écologie : Un temps - six lieux. [Québec, Qc]: Les Editions Intervention/Résistances, 1983.
Côté, André and Paulin, Gabrielle and Vaillancourt, Armand. André Côté, peintre et sculpteur. s.l.: s.n., 1982.
Martel, Richard and Tremblay, Denys and Robillard, Yves and Durocher, Hubert and Dyens, Georges and Beaumont, Serge and Bourgault, Pierre and Geoffroy, André and Goulet, Michel and Granche, Pierre and Maler, Miroslav and Radecki, Brigitte and Thibert, Ronald and Vaillancourt, Armand and Vazan, Bill and Bechon, Jacques and Landry, Pierre-Claude and Rousseau, Bernard and Deschênes, Jean-Léon and Gougeon, Diane and Jolly, François and Langevin, Richard and Leblanc, Pierre and MacDonald, Murray and Morin, Jean-Pierre and Poulin, Yves and Rolland, Dominique and Saucier, Robert and Asselin, Francine and Goulet, Rose-Marie and Becot, André and Belzile, Rock and Bertrand, François-Marie and Bourbonnais, Suzanne and Bourjoi, Léopold and David, Jacques and Foy, Jérôme and Dutil, Daniel and Grégoire, Paul and Lamarche, Claude and Lauzier, Bernard and Lemieux, Lisette and Mondou, Pierrette and Nadeau, Guy and Nepveu, Robert and Page, Louise and Pelletier, Régis and Roberge, Antoine and Russo, Silvio and Sévigny, Michel and Simard-Laflamme, Carole and Tremblay, Alain-Marie and Waquant, Michèle and Amirbekova, Naila and Bartolini, Mario and Bayeur, Pierre and Beaudet, Mario and Beauregard, Guy and Bégin, Richard and Bernard, Claude and Bilodeau, Alain and Bissonnette, Jean and Boily, Noël and Bouchard, Harold and Bouchard, Pierre and Bureau, Jocelyne and Chouinard, Pierre and Cloutier Clout, Pierre and Darby, Donald and Desbiens, Germain and Dion, Christian and Fisette, Serge and Fortier, Ivanhoë and Franta, Petr and Gagnon, Normand and Girard, Sylvain and Hamel, Denis and Henry, Eric and Janczak, Wojtek and Laberge, Jean-Marie and Larivière, Gilles and Le Houx Côté, Richard and Lussier, Michel and Martel, Marc and Millette, Claude and Morin, Réjean and Ozan-Groulx, Etienne and Paradis, Conrad and Payette, Gilles and Pilote, Claude and Poirier, Denis and Potvin, ALain and Pouliot, Lorraine and Rochette, Claude and Rodrigue, Michel and Ruba, Guerino and Tanguay, Michel and Tremblay, Alain and Tremblay, Mario and Gervais, Raymond and Guimond, Daniel and King, Holly and Brie, Jean-Yves and Carpentier, Jacques and Clément, Serge and Cregheur, Jacqueline and Dallegret, François and Desgagné, Marie-Paule and Duquet, Marc and Forget, Luc and Franklin, Hannah and Gagnon, Mario and Gauthier, Claude-Paul and Gobeil, Lucien and Hamelin, Daniel and Huot, Léo and Jean, Marcel and Laforest, Alain and Lavoie, Raymond and Létourneau, Diane and Maltais, Jocelyn and Mathieu, André and Miville Deschênes, Karl and Morrissette, Gilles and Page, Lewis and Parise, Marc-André and Phénix, Serge and Plourde, Léon-Guy and Poisson, Gaston and Potvin, Sylvain and Robichaud, Gilles and Rodrigue, Maurice and Roy, Marc-André and Sirois, Guy and Thibault, Noël and Tremblay, Marcel and Viau, Richard and Chouinard, Marie and Gosselin, Pierre and Kantor, Istvan and Proulx, Carol and Racine, Rober and Reade, Cyril and Tourangeau, Jean and Carnivore. Symposium International de Sculpture Environnementale de Chicoutimi. Chicoutimi, Qc: Corporation pour le Symposium International de Sculpture Environnementale de Chicoutimi, 1980.
Robillard, Yves and Robillard, Yves and Vaillancourt, Armand and Gauvreau, Claude and de Guise, Claude and Maheu, Pierre and Klein, Robert and Molinari, Guido and Hamelin, Lucien and Gélinas, Alain and Roy, Jean-Pierre and Duguay, Raoul and Noël, Jean and Germain, Jean-Claude and Turcotte, Claude. Québec Underground, 1962-1972, tome I. Montréal, Qc: Médiart, 1973.
DOSSIER: 390 - MÉDIART (Montréal, Qc)