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Jones, Amelia and Artaud, Antonin and Bataille, Georges and Benthall, Jonathan and Beuys, Joseph and Bonami, Francesco and Brus, Günter and Butler, Judith and Chadwick, Helen and Chandler, John and Cheng, Meiling and Clark, Lygia and Deleuze, Gilles and Francblin, Catherine and Fried, Michael and Freud, Sigmund and Fusco, Coco and Goldberg, RoseLee and Haraway, Donna and Higgins, Dick and Horn, Rebecca and Jedlinski, Jaromir and Jones, Leslie C. and Junker, Howard and Kaprow, Allan and Kelly, Mary and Klein, Yves and Knízák, Milan and Kozloff, Max and Krauss, Rosalind and Kristeva, Julia and Kusama, Yayoi and Kuspit, Donald and Kwon, Miwon and Lacan, Jacques and La Frenas, Rob and Lebeer, Irmeline and Licht, Ira and Lippard, Lucy R. and Maciunas, George and Manzoni, Piero and Marcuse, Herbert and McEvilley, Thomas and Merleau-Ponty, Maurice and Molesworth, Helen and Morgan, Stuart and Morris, Robert and Mühl, Otto and Nemser, Cindy and Nitsch, Hermann and O'Dell, Kathy and Orenstein, Gloria Feman and Phelan, Peggy and Pincus-Witten, Robert and Pluchart, François and Richard, Nelly and Rosenberg, Harold and Roth, Moira and Sarduy, Severo and Scarry, Elaine and Schneemann, Carolee and Schneider, Rebecca and Schwarzkogler, Rudof and Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky and Sharp, Willoughby and Sontag, Susan and Stiles, Kristine and Sundell, Margaret and Tucker, Marcia and Ukeles, Mierle Laderman and Vergine, Lea and Virilio, Paul and Vostell, Wolf and Weibel, Peter and Wilke, Hannah and Yoshihara, Jiro and Art & Language and Gilbert & George and Stelarc. The Artist's Body. London, England: Phaidon Press, 2000.
Vergine, Lea. Body Art and Performance : The Body as Language. Milan Italie: Skira, 2000.
De Zegher, M. Catherine and Fisher, Jean and De Vylder, Paul and Pollock, Griselda and Ettinger, Bracha Lichtenberg and Lavin, Maud and Monahan, Laurie J. and Huhn, Rosi and Vergine, Lea and Rodenbeck, J.f. and Cottingham, Laura and Kwon, Miwon and Hooks, Bell and De Backer, Leen and De Cauter, Lieven and Philippi, Desa and Carels, Edwin and Van Alphen, Ernst and Salzstein, Sônia and Buchloh, Benjamin H.D. and Graw, Isabelle and Brouwer, Marianne and Newman, Michael and Buci-Glucksmann, Christine and Mastai, Judith and Guilbaut, Serge and Krauss, Rosalind E. and Carvajal, Rina and Rinder, Lawrence and Wilson, Judith and Domino, Christophe and Bois, Yve-Alain and Brett, Guy and Wilson, William S. and Sundell, Margaret and Filho, Paulo Venancio and Brayer, Marie-Ange and Veire, Frank Vande. Inside the Visible : An Elliptical Traverse of 20th Century Art in, of, and from the Feminine. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; Boston, MA: s.n.; Kortrijk, Belgium: s.n., 1996.
Orensanz, Marie and Vergine, Lea and Dorfles, Gillo. Una conversazione. Milan, Italie: Gallerie Vinciana, 1975.