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Bowen, Deanna and Pechawis, Archer and Lewis, Jason Edward and Mochizuki, Cindy and Wallen, Geneviève and Kwan, Vanessa and Park, Liz and feldman-kiss, nichola and Wilkinson, Jayne and Rajah, Niranjan and Arnold, Grant and Dacey, Shaun and Collins, Allison and Berry, Scott Miller and Zittlau, Andrea and Myers, Lisa and Loft, Steven and Varghese, Ricky and Granados, Francisco-Fernando and Arsenault, Jordan and Wilson-Sanchez, Maya and Battle, Christina and Nazzal, Rehab and Coates, Maria Alejandrina and Alteen, Glenn and Hamilton, Sylvia D. and Campbell, Mark V. and Verjee, Zainub and Coloma, Roland Sintos and Takahashi, Tess. Other Places : Reflections on Media Arts in Canada. Toronto, Ontario: Media Arts Network of Ontario; Toronto, Ontario: Public Books, 2019.
Anon. The Instability of the Feminist Subject : A Series of 20 Postcards by Artists. Banff, Alta: [The Banff Centre for the Arts], 1992.
Burstyn, Varda and Kinsman, Gary and Campbell, Colin and Richmond, Norman Otis and Verjee, Zainub and Walker, Klive and Tuer, Dot and Tomczak, Kim and Gillis, John and Barber, Bruce and Schroeder, Elizabeth and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Kibbins, Gary and Wynne, Michael and Alexander, Don and Hannon, Gerald and Raxlen, Rick. Fuse 10: 6. Spring. (1987).
Kibbins, Gary and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Campbell, Colin and Barber, Bruce and Christakos, Margaret and Paterson, Andrew James and McLeod, Kathy and Shaw, Nancy and Jeffries, Pat and McCormack, Thelma and Robertson, Clive and Diamond, Sara and Harry, Isobel and Adams, Don and Bean, Robert and Norman, Abigail and Sullivan, Joan and Waterson, Georgia and Yael, B. H. and Amis, Ric and The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. Fuse 11: 3. Fall. (1987).