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Black, Anthea and Whitbread, Jessica and Lemoins, Nancer and Stoicescu, Dee and Rodríguez-Rosa, Félix and Bondarenko, Sveta and Athey, Ron and Nascimento, Lili and Lidani, Loyiso and Mamidza, Martha Nasie and Brown, Saidy and Ibáñez-Carrasco, Francisco and Rendón, Gabriel and Crozier, Dean. The HIV Howler : Transmitting Art + Activism : Time + Money: 5. (2020).
Black, Anthea and Whitbread, Jessica and Adamczak, Szymon and Fonseca, Franco and Kemigisa, Barbara and L'Orangelis, Thomas and Freedman, Lisa and Quiroz, Angelo and Tuyishime, Claire and Mello, Ramon Nunes and Stoicescu, Dee. The HIV Howler : Transmitting Art + Activism : Movement Migration: 4. (July 2019).
Black, Anthea and Cyrino, Micaela and Dodd, Zoe and DuWhite, Timothy and Jordan, Chris and Kerr, Theodore and Long, Charles and McLelland, Alex and McPhail, Andrew and Walton, Clair and Whitbread, Jessica and Zeally, Andrew. The HIV Howler : Transmitting Art + Activism : Criminalization-Medicalization: 1. (2018).
Borton, Marcus and Black, Anthea and Edwards, Olive and Kelley, Shan and Lemoins, Nancer and Moreno, Ed and Nunes, Isabel and Positivo, Diversamente and Weston, Frederick and Whitbread, Jessica and Winkworth, Chlor Fleur and 4MNET. The HIV Howler : Transmitting Art + Activism : Mentor-Mother: 2. (2018).
Black, Anthea and Cordner, Daniel and Kelly, Bryn and Kelley, Shan and LaBeija, Kia and Payne, Micheal and Rattue, Mel and Santaniello, Carmine and Schuring, Ad and Solano, Manuel and Spiegel, Philipp and Tatarnikov, Mikhail and Thomas, L'Orangelis and Whitbread, Jessica and Mikiki. The HIV Howler : Transmitting Art + Activism : Sex-Pleasure: 3. (2018).
Hogan, Mél and MacPhee, Marie-Claire and Mitchell, Allyson and Whitbread, Jessica and McClelland, Alex and Black, Anthea and Burns, A.k. and Steiner, A.l. and Kouri-Towe, Natalie and Lim, Elisha and Spoon, Rae and Chen, Ching-In and Tobin, Nancy and Chapman, Owen and Aquino, Eloisa and Chandler, Eliza and Crapo, Adleen and @WhiteLezProblems. nomorepotlucks: 19. jan. - fev. (2012).