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Bronson, A A and Partz, Felix and Zontal, Jorge. The Public and Private Domains of the Miss General Idea Pavillion. San Francisco, CA: Artspace, 1988.
DOSSIER: 410 - GENERAL IDEA (AA Bronson + Felix Partz + Jorge Zontal)
Sherman, Tom and Serro, Nancy and Pariseau, Edith and Kwan, Cheuk and Fleming, Martha and Guest, Tim and Greyson, John and Mole, David and Handforth, Robert and Kwinter, Kerri and Robertson, Clive and Marshall, Stuart and Whitfield, Tony and Steele, Lisa and Cochrane, Ian and Ostrowski, Andrzej and Beveridge, Karl and Tenhaaf, Nell and Omatsu, Marvka and Monk, Philip and Nicholson, Graham and Holzberg, Ben Mark. Fuse 4: 3. March. (1980).
Askevold, David and Baldessari, John and Barber, Bruce and Blair, Eric and Bronson, A A and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Cypis, Dorit and Didlake, Scott and Dolan, Fredrick and Dyson, Brian and Gordon, Dave and Hewton, Alexandra (Sandy) and Kaprow, Allan and Kauffman, Kathy and Lindsay, Jim and Osborne, Stephen and Pinkel, Sheila and Robertson, Clive and Snake, Sheena and Sondheim, Alan and Steele, Lisa and Tzanetopoulos, Paul. Centerfold 2: 6. Fall. (1978).
Applebaum, Isaac and Bienvenue, Marcella and Blouin, René and Campbell, Colin and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Davey, Steven and Didlake, Scott and Keziere, Russell and Nicol, Nancy and Racine, Rober and Robertson, Clive and Sharp, Willoughby and Sherman, Tom and Wong, Paul and Beveridge, Karl and Bronson, A A and Shumway, Loren and General Idea. Centerfold 3: 1. December. (1978).
Bienvenue, Marcella and Robertson, Clive. Centerfold: 7 - 8. (1977).