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Ace, Barry and Papatsie, July and Alikashuak, Alex and Arlook, George and Poitras, Jane Ash and Belanger, Lance and Cardinal-Schubert, Joane and Hannan, David and Houle, Robert and Iyaituk, Mattiusi and Logan, Jim and Massie, Michael and Nicolson, Marianne and Niro, Shelley and Noganosh, Ron and Nuna, Taqialuk and Piqtoukun, David Ruben and Pootoogook, Johnny and Sharky, Toonoo and Siméon, Thomas and Tunnillie, Oviloo and Ungalaq, James. Transitions : L'art contemporain des Indiens et des Inuits du Canada = Transitions : Contemporary Canadian Indian and Inuit Art. Ottawa, Ont.: Ministre de Travaux publics et Services gouvernementaux Canada, 1997.