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Malet, Rosa Maria and Winterhalder, Albert and Lozano, Begoña and Zelich, Cristina and Ribas i Prous, Josep Maria and Naranjo, Joan and Calvo, Lluis and Mañà, Josep and Eskildsen, Ute and Schlieker, Andrea and Gili, Marta and Alberge, Bertrand and Rathke, Ewald and Hernández d'Jesus, Enrique and Robot, Domènec and Ribalta, Jorge and Viallon, R. and Cerdà, Jordi and Sala, Martí and Sánchez Villaverde, José Ignacio and Garcia Espuche, Albert and Peress, Gilles and Borhan, Pierre and Carbó, Enrique L. and Andión, Margarita Ledo and Monlau i Romeu, Felip and Blaufuks, Daniel and Lazano, Amparo and Claramunt, Xavi and Valls, Pep and Casanova Carangi, Graciela and Ruiz Millet, Joaquim and Madueño, Eugeni and Boswell, Paul and Marzo, Jorge Luis and Crous, Lluis. 7ena Primavera fotogràfica 1994. Barcelona, Spain: Generalitat de Catalunya, Departament de Cultura, 1994.
Bonitzer, Pascal and Chevrier, Jean-François and David, Catherine and Bellour, Raymond and Daney, Serge and Aumont, Jacques and Van Assche, Christine and Wollen, Peter and Schefer, Jean-Louis and Pontbriand, Chantal and Roumette, Sylvain and Buci-Glucksmann, Christine and Bergala, Alain and Derrida, Jacques and Guibert, Hervé and Sébastiani, Florence and Virilio, Paul and De Duve, Thierry and Duguet, Anne-Marie and Marin, Louis and Furlong, Lucinda. Passages de l'image. Paris, France: Éditions du Centre Pompidou, 1990.