Livres d'artistes-femmes : Une exposition de livres contemporains réalisés par des artistes canadiennes comprenant des "livres-objets" uniques ou des livres faisant partie d'éditions à petits tirages = Women's Bookworks : A Survey of Contemporary 4 by Canadian Women Including Unique Book-Objects and Printed Editions

McCutcheon, Sarah and Lindsay, Doreen and Ariss, Margot and Cleaver, Elizabeth and Cohen, Sorel and Dowler-Gow, Isobel and Frenkel, Vera and Lipke, Kathryn and Stewart, Marina and Wieland, Joyce and Anaouil, Louise and Artand, Azélie-Zee and Askren, Patricia and Baumholz, Lonny and Brink, Anat and Clark, Moira and Carnaghan, Rosemary Clarke and Doyle, Judith and Duff, Madeleine and Duvall, Linda and Fauteux, Charlotte and Rousseau, Jacqueline and Fisher, Jennifer and Flammarion, Césarine and Forrest, Elizabeth and Giguère, Denise and Guay, Louise and Hammond, Marie-Lynn and Hawthorne, Barbara and Hugues, Lynn and Hunter-Elsenbach, Annegret and Ireland, Denise and Irland, Basia and Jackson, Sarah and Johnson, Trish and Lavaillante, Renée and Macaulay, Rosemary and Machida, Debra and Meigs, Sandra and Melhorn, Lise and Nash, Joanna and Noonan, Gail and Ouellet, Marie and Palko, Madeleine and Ricard, Danielle and Saunders, Joyan and Schlick, Karen Lia and Schwarz, Judith and Sterbak, Jana and Strakowski, Pat and Thomas, Margaret and Traill, Mary and Van Der Heide, Bé and Vezina, Véronique and Vormittag, Irena and Waterman, Michèle M. and Young, Shelagh. Livres d'artistes-femmes : Une exposition de livres contemporains réalisés par des artistes canadiennes comprenant des "livres-objets" uniques ou des livres faisant partie d'éditions à petits tirages = Women's Bookworks : A Survey of Contemporary 4 by Canadian Women Including Unique Book-Objects and Printed Editions. Montréal, Qc: Galerie Powerhouse, 1979.

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Abstract (English)

This boxed catalogue assembles separate leaflets (with photographs and artist's statements) documenting 59 books created by 48 Canadian women artists, in addition to works by 9 invited artists. Following a brief history of the genre, McCutcheon traces the project's development, surveys the state of the book-object in Canada, and goes on defining relevant categories. Some artist's statements in French only.


Ce boîtier-catalogue présente par fiches techniques (intégrant photo et propos d'artiste) sur 59 livres réalisés par 48 femmes artistes canadiennes auxquels s'ajoutent les oeuvres de 9 artistes invitées. Après un bref historique du genre, McCutcheon retrace les étapes du projet, brosse un tableau de la situation du livre-objet au Canada, puis définit quelques catégories pour celui-ci. La plupart des textes d'artistes sont présentés en anglais seulement.

Types: Catalogues > Exhibition catalogues
All Contributors: McCutcheon, Sarah (Curator); McCutcheon, Sarah (Author); Lindsay, Doreen (Curator); Lindsay, Doreen (Author); Ariss, Margot (Artist); Ariss, Margot (Author); Cleaver, Elizabeth (Artist); Cleaver, Elizabeth (Author); Cohen, Sorel (Artist); Cohen, Sorel (Author); Dowler-Gow, Isobel (Artist); Dowler-Gow, Isobel (Author); Frenkel, Vera (Artist); Frenkel, Vera (Author); Lipke, Kathryn (Artist); Lipke, Kathryn (Author); Stewart, Marina (Artist); Stewart, Marina (Author); Wieland, Joyce (Artist); Wieland, Joyce (Author); Anaouil, Louise (Artist); Anaouil, Louise (Author); Artand, Azélie-Zee (Artist); Artand, Azélie-Zee (Author); Askren, Patricia (Artist); Askren, Patricia (Author); Baumholz, Lonny (Artist); Baumholz, Lonny (Author); Brink, Anat (Artist); Brink, Anat (Author); Clark, Moira (Artist); Clark, Moira (Author); Carnaghan, Rosemary Clarke (Artist); Carnaghan, Rosemary Clarke (Author); Doyle, Judith (Artist); Doyle, Judith (Author); Duff, Madeleine (Artist); Duff, Madeleine (Author); Duvall, Linda (Artist); Duvall, Linda (Author); Fauteux, Charlotte (Artist); Fauteux, Charlotte (Author); Rousseau, Jacqueline (Artist); Rousseau, Jacqueline (Author); Fisher, Jennifer (Artist); Fisher, Jennifer (Author); Flammarion, Césarine (Artist); Flammarion, Césarine (Author); Forrest, Elizabeth (Artist); Forrest, Elizabeth (Author); Giguère, Denise (Artist); Giguère, Denise (Author); Guay, Louise (Artist); Guay, Louise (Author); Hammond, Marie-Lynn (Artist); Hammond, Marie-Lynn (Author); Hawthorne, Barbara (Artist); Hawthorne, Barbara (Author); Hugues, Lynn (Artist); Hugues, Lynn (Author); Hunter-Elsenbach, Annegret (Artist); Hunter-Elsenbach, Annegret (Author); Ireland, Denise (Artist); Ireland, Denise (Author); Irland, Basia (Artist); Irland, Basia (Author); Jackson, Sarah (Artist); Jackson, Sarah (Author); Johnson, Trish (Artist); Johnson, Trish (Author); Lavaillante, Renée (Artist); Lavaillante, Renée (Author); Macaulay, Rosemary (Artist); Macaulay, Rosemary (Author); Machida, Debra (Artist); Machida, Debra (Author); Meigs, Sandra (Artist); Meigs, Sandra (Author); Melhorn, Lise (Artist); Melhorn, Lise (Author); Nash, Joanna (Artist); Nash, Joanna (Author); Noonan, Gail (Artist); Noonan, Gail (Author); Ouellet, Marie (Artist); Ouellet, Marie (Author); Palko, Madeleine (Artist); Palko, Madeleine (Author); Ricard, Danielle (Artist); Ricard, Danielle (Author); Saunders, Joyan (Artist); Saunders, Joyan (Author); Schlick, Karen Lia (Artist); Schlick, Karen Lia (Author); Schwarz, Judith (Artist); Schwarz, Judith (Author); Sterbak, Jana (Artist); Sterbak, Jana (Author); Strakowski, Pat (Artist); Strakowski, Pat (Author); Thomas, Margaret (Artist); Thomas, Margaret (Author); Traill, Mary (Artist); Traill, Mary (Author); Van Der Heide, Bé (Artist); Van Der Heide, Bé (Author); Vezina, Véronique (Artist); Vezina, Véronique (Author); Vormittag, Irena (Artist); Vormittag, Irena (Author); Waterman, Michèle M. (Artist); Waterman, Michèle M. (Author); Young, Shelagh (Artist); Young, Shelagh (Author)
Dossier: 330 - CENTRALE, La (Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal)
Location: Double mis dans la réserve (Boîte 13)
Collation: 2 feuillets (11 p.) ; 17 x 17 cm + [59] fiches (57 ill. ; 17 x 17 cm) + 1 boîtier (18 x 18 x 2 cm)
Language of Publication: French; English
Publishers: Montréal, Qc: Galerie Powerhouse
Artists: Ariss, Margot; Cleaver, Elizabeth; Cohen, Sorel; Dowler-Gow, Isobel; Frenkel, Vera; Lipke, Kathryn; Stewart, Marina; Wieland, Joyce; Toogood, Wendy; Anaouil, Louise; Artand, Azélie-Zee; Askren, Patricia; Baumholz, Lonny; Brink, Anat; Clark, Moira; Carnaghan, Rosemary Clarke; Doyle, Judith; Duff, Madeleine; Duvall, Linda; Fauteux, Charlotte; Rousseau, Jacqueline; Fisher, Jennifer; Flammarion, Césarine; Forrest, Elizabeth; Giguere, Denise; Guay, Louise; Hammond, Marie-Lynn; Hanet, M.a.; Hawthorne, Barbara; Hugues, Lynn; Hunter-Elsenbach, Annegret; Ireland, Denise; Irland, Basia; Jackson, Sarah; Johnson, Trish; Lavaillante, Renée; Macaulay, Rosemary; Machida, Debra; Markus, Pamela; Meigs, Sandra; Melhorn, Lise; Nash, Joanna; Noonan, Gail; Ouellet, Marie; Palko, Madeleine; Ricard, Danielle; Saunders, Joyan; Schlick, Karen Lia; Schwarz, Judith; Sterbak, Jana; Strakowski, Pat; Thomas, Margaret; Traill, Mary; Van Der Heide, Bé; Vezina, Véronique; Vormittag, Irena; Waterman, Michele M.; Young, Shelagh
Critics / Curators / Historians: Lindsay, Doreen; Mccutcheon, Sarah
Art Organizations: Centrale, La (Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal)
Event Statement: Exposition itinérante organisée par la Galerie Powerhouse.
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Date Deposited: 19 Jun 1997
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