Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties

Montano, Linda M. and Festa, Angelika and Stiles, Kristine and Roth, Moira and Cottingham, Laura and Tamblyn, Christine and Lippard, Lucy R.. Performance Artists Talking in the Eighties. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2000.

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Abstract (English)

With a particular interest in the connection of childhood experiences to an artist’s production, Linda Montano interviewed over 100 performance artists from 1979 to 1989 on the themes of sex, food, money, fame, ritual and death. Grouped according to these thematic categories, each section of interviews is accompanied by a short essay. A general introduction by A. Festa discusses art and everyday life, the autobiographical voice and talking performances, vis-à-vis Montano’s work and the history and nature of performance art. K. Stiles’s afterword considers this era of performance art in relation to certain social conditions of the times, with examples of performance art’s influence on other art forms and on society. Includes subject index and brief biographical notes on artists and authors. 71 bibl. ref.

Types: Monographs ; boxed set, collection
All Contributors: Montano, Linda M. (Editor); Montano, Linda M. (Author); Montano, Linda M. (Interviewer); Festa, Angelika (Author); Stiles, Kristine (Author); Roth, Moira (Author); Cottingham, Laura (Author); Tamblyn, Christine (Author); Lippard, Lucy R. (Author); Acconci, Vito (Artist); Acconci, Vito (Interviewee); Corner, Philip (Artist); Corner, Philip (Interviewee); Cotton, Paul (Artist); Cotton, Paul (Interviewee); Finley, Karen (Artist); Finley, Karen (Interviewee); Green, Vanalyne (Artist); Green, Vanalyne (Interviewee); Hershman, Lynn (Artist); Hershman, Lynn (Interviewee); Higgins, Dick (Artist); Higgins, Dick (Interviewee); Klick, Laurel (Artist); Klick, Laurel (Interviewee); Kolpan, Steven (Artist); Kolpan, Steven (Interviewee); Kroesen, Jill (Artist); Kroesen, Jill (Interviewee); Kushner, Robert (Artist); Kushner, Robert (Interviewee); Lehmann, Minnette (Artist); Lehmann, Minnette (Interviewee); Lunch, Lydia (Artist); Lunch, Lydia (Interviewee); Mccarthy, Paul (Artist); Mccarthy, Paul (Interviewee); Miller, Tim (Artist); Miller, Tim (Interviewee); Moore, Frank (Artist); Moore, Frank (Interviewee); Mac, Linda (Artist); Mac, Linda (Interviewee); Nemec, Vernita (Artist); Nemec, Vernita (Interviewee); Oleszko, Pat (Artist); Oleszko, Pat (Interviewee); Schneemann, Carolee (Artist); Schneemann, Carolee (Interviewee); Smith, Barbara (Artist); Smith, Barbara (Interviewee); Sprinkle, Annie (Artist); Sprinkle, Annie (Interviewee); Vera, Veronica (Artist); Vera, Veronica (Interviewee); Wilke, Hannah (Artist); Wilke, Hannah (Interviewee); Allyn, Jerri (Artist); Allyn, Jerri (Interviewee); Barber, Nancy (Artist); Barber, Nancy (Interviewee); Cage, John (Artist); Cage, John (Interviewee); Festa, Angelika (Artist); Festa, Angelika (Interviewee); Fried, Howard (Artist); Fried, Howard (Interviewee); Jonas, Joan (Artist); Jonas, Joan (Interviewee); Knowles, Alison (Artist); Knowles, Alison (Interviewee); Labowitz, Leslie (Artist); Labowitz, Leslie (Interviewee); Lacy, Suzanne (Artist); Lacy, Suzanne (Interviewee); Levine, Les (Artist); Levine, Les (Interviewee); Miralda, Antoni (Artist); Miralda, Antoni (Interviewee); Mogul, Susan (Artist); Mogul, Susan (Interviewee); Ringgold, Faith (Artist); Ringgold, Faith (Interviewee); Rosenthal, Rachel (Artist); Rosenthal, Rachel (Interviewee); Rosler, Martha (Artist); Rosler, Martha (Interviewee); Schechner, Richard (Artist); Schechner, Richard (Interviewee); Sherk, Bonnie (Artist); Sherk, Bonnie (Interviewee); Sherman, Stuart (Artist); Sherman, Stuart (Interviewee); Tardos, Anne (Artist); Tardos, Anne (Interviewee); Low, Jackson Mac (Artist); Low, Jackson Mac (Interviewee); Antin, Eleanor (Artist); Antin, Eleanor (Interviewee); Ashley, Robert (Artist); Ashley, Robert (Interviewee); Bogosian, Eric (Artist); Bogosian, Eric (Interviewee); Buchanan, Nancy (Artist); Buchanan, Nancy (Interviewee); Burnham, Linda Frye (Artist); Burnham, Linda Frye (Interviewee); Colo, Papo (Artist); Colo, Papo (Interviewee); Darling, Lowell (Artist); Darling, Lowell (Interviewee); Durland, Steven (Artist); Durland, Steven (Interviewee); Forti, Simone (Artist); Forti, Simone (Interviewee); Henderson, Mel (Artist); Henderson, Mel (Interviewee); Heyward, Julia (Artist); Heyward, Julia (Interviewee); Horowitz, Mikhail (Artist); Horowitz, Mikhail (Interviewee); Kaprow, Allan (Artist); Kaprow, Allan (Interviewee); Marioni, Tom (Artist); Marioni, Tom (Interviewee); Monk, Meredith (Artist); Monk, Meredith (Interviewee); Pomeroy, Jim (Artist); Pomeroy, Jim (Interviewee); Sharp, Willoughby (Artist); Sharp, Willoughby (Interviewee); Smith, Michael (Artist); Smith, Michael (Interviewee); Von Haselberg, Martin (Artist); Von Haselberg, Martin (Interviewee); Wilson, Martha (Artist); Wilson, Martha (Interviewee); Abramovic, Marina (Artist); Abramovic, Marina (Interviewee); Abramovic, ulay (Artist); Abramovic, ulay (Interviewee); Aylon, Helene (Artist); Aylon, Helene (Interviewee); Burden, Chris (Artist); Burden, Chris (Interviewee); Chong, Ping (Artist); Chong, Ping (Interviewee); Coates, George (Artist); Coates, George (Interviewee); Damon, Betsy (Artist); Damon, Betsy (Interviewee); Fox, Terry (Artist); Fox, Terry (Interviewee); Gaulke, Cheri (Artist); Gaulke, Cheri (Interviewee); Grey, Alex (Artist); Grey, Alex (Interviewee); Hay, Deborah (Artist); Hay, Deborah (Interviewee); Hendricks, Geoffrey (Artist); Hendricks, Geoffrey (Interviewee); Henes, Donna (Artist); Henes, Donna (Interviewee); Jones, Kim (Artist); Jones, Kim (Interviewee); Maclennan, Alistair (Artist); Maclennan, Alistair (Interviewee); Magnuson, Ann (Artist); Magnuson, Ann (Interviewee); Maleczech, Ruth (Artist); Maleczech, Ruth (Interviewee); Mcmahon, Paul (Artist); Mcmahon, Paul (Interviewee); Mendieta, Ana (Artist); Mendieta, Ana (Interviewee); Nitsch, Hermann (Artist); Nitsch, Hermann (Interviewee); O'grady, Lorraine (Artist); O'grady, Lorraine (Interviewee); O'hara, Morgan (Artist); O'hara, Morgan (Interviewee); Oliveros, Pauline (Artist); Oliveros, Pauline (Interviewee); Piper, Adrian (Artist); Piper, Adrian (Interviewee); Rothenberg, Jerome (Artist); Rothenberg, Jerome (Interviewee); Routh, Brian (Artist); Routh, Brian (Interviewee); Schuler, Robert (Artist); Schuler, Robert (Interviewee); Skipitares, Theodora (Artist); Skipitares, Theodora (Interviewee); Summers, Elaine (Artist); Summers, Elaine (Interviewee); Templeton, Fiona (Artist); Templeton, Fiona (Interviewee); Ukeles, Mierle Laderman (Artist); Ukeles, Mierle Laderman (Interviewee); Wegman, William (Artist); Wegman, William (Interviewee); Zaloom, Paul (Artist); Zaloom, Paul (Interviewee); Zweig, Ellen (Artist); Zweig, Ellen (Interviewee); Bob and Bob; Bob and Bob; Stelarc; Stelarc
Dossier: 800 - PERFORMANCE
Collation: 537 p. : 28 ill. ; 16 x 23 cm
ISBN: 0520210212
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Berkeley, CA: University of California Press
Artists: Acconci, Vito; Corner, Philip; Cotton, Paul; Finley, Karen; Green, Vanalyne; Hershman, Lynn; Higgins, Dick; Klick, Laurel; Kolpan, Steven; Kroesen, Jill; Kushner, Robert; Lehmann, Minnette; Lunch, Lydia; Mccarthy, Paul; Miller, Tim; Moore, Frank; Mac, Linda; Nemec, Vernita; Oleszko, Pat; Schneemann, Carolee; Smith, Barbara; Sprinkle, Annie; Vera, Veronica; Wilke, Hannah; Allyn, Jerri; Barber, Nancy; Cage, John; Festa, Angelika; Fried, Howard; Jonas, Joan; Knowles, Alison; Labowitz, Leslie; Lacy, Suzanne; Levine, Les; Miralda, Antoni; Mogul, Susan; Ringgold, Faith; Rosenthal, Rachel; Rosler, Martha; Schechner, Richard; Sherk, Bonnie; Sherman, Stuart; Tardos, Anne; Low, Jackson Mac; Antin, Eleanor; Ashley, Robert; Bob And Bob; Bogosian, Eric; Buchanan, Nancy; Burnham, Linda Frye; Colo, Papo; Darling, Lowell; Durland, Steven; Forti, Simone; Henderson, Mel; Heyward, Julia; Horowitz, Mikhail; Kaprow, Allan; Marioni, Tom; Monk, Meredith; Pomeroy, Jim; Sharp, Willoughby; Smith, Michael; Von Haselberg, Martin; Wilson, Martha; Abramovic, Marina; Abramovic, Ulay; Aylon, Helene; Burden, Chris; Chong, Ping; Coates, George; Damon, Betsy; Fox, Terry; Gaulke, Cheri; Grey, Alex; Hay, Deborah; Hendricks, Geoffrey; Henes, Donna; Jones, Kim; Maclennan, Alistair; Magnuson, Ann; Maleczech, Ruth; Mcmahon, Paul; Mendieta, Ana; Nitsch, Hermann; O'grady, Lorraine; O'hara, Morgan; Oliveros, Pauline; Piper, Adrian; Rothenberg, Jerome; Routh, Brian; Schuler, Robert; Skipitares, Theodora; Stelarc; Summers, Elaine; Templeton, Fiona; Ukeles, Mierle Laderman; Wegman, William; Zaloom, Paul; Zweig, Ellen

Interviews with Nancy Barber, Alison Knowles, Leslie Labowitz, Suzanne Lacy, Susan Mogul, Bonnie Sherk, Ana Mendieta, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Karen Finley, Mierle Laderman Ukeles, Helene Aylon and Carolee Schneemann in reprint.

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