Agamben, Giorgio; Azoulay, Ariella; Badiou, Alain; Barthes, Roland; Bishop, Claire; Bourriaud, Nicolas; Critchley, Simon; Easterling, Keller; Eleey, Peter; Graw, Isabelle; Huberman, Anthony; Kester, Grant; Lyotard, Jean-François; Rancière, Jacques; Sontag, Susan; Steyerl, Hito; Verwoert, Jan; Weizman, Eyal. Ethics. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery, 2015.

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Abstract (English)

"In this volume, artist and writer Walead Beshty evaluates the relation of ethics to aesthetics, and demonstrates how this encounter has become central to the contested space of much recent art. He brings together theoretical foundations for an ethics of aesthetics; appraisals of art that engages with ethical issues; statements and examples of methodologies adopted by a diverse range of artists; and examinations of artworks that question the ethical conditions in which contemporary art is produced and experienced.." -- Publisher's website.

Types: Anthologies, essays, collections
All Contributors: Beshty, Walead (Editor); Agamben, Giorgio (Author); Azoulay, Ariella (Author); Badiou, Alain (Author); Barthes, Roland (Author); Bishop, Claire (Author); Bourriaud, Nicolas (Author); Critchley, Simon (Author); Easterling, Keller (Author); Eleey, Peter (Author); Graw, Isabelle (Author); Huberman, Anthony (Author); Kester, Grant (Author); Lyotard, Jean-François (Author); Rancière, Jacques (Author); Sontag, Susan (Author); Steyerl, Hito (Author); Verwoert, Jan (Author); Weizman, Eyal (Author); Scorched Earth; Triple Candie
Collation: 240 p. : 21 cm
ISBN: 9780854882359
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Cambridge, MA: MIT Press; London, England: Whitechapel Art Gallery
Artists: Asher, Michael; Bruguera, Tania; Büchel, Christoph; Carpenter, Merlin; Chan, Paul; Fontaine, Claire; Clark, Lygia; Costa, Eduardo; Dexter Sinister; FISCHLI & WEISS; Fraser, Andrea; Gillick, Liam; Hammons, David; Hayes, Sharon; Hirschhorn, Thomas; Hourani, Khaled; Kippenberger, Martin; Lockhart, Sharon; Martens, Renzo; Oiticica, Hélio; Ondak, Roman; Price, Seth; Raad, Walid; Rosler, Martha; Sehgal, Tino; Sierra, Santiago; Tillmans, Wolfgang; Tiravanija, Rirkrit
Copyright Statement: Whitechapel Gallery Ventures Limited; the authors or the estates of the authors unless otherwise stated.
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Series Name: Documents of Contemporary Art
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