Bearchell, Chris and Brady, Elizabeth and Cooperstock, Ruth and Fraticelli, Rina and Jacobs, Maria and Jordan, Kathryn and Kirkwood, Hilda and Livesey, Margot and Lynne-Henderson, Karen and McCauley, Carole Spearin and McDonnell, Kathleen and Nickson, Liz and Parks, Joy and Prasad, Nancy and Scheier, Libby and Urbas, Jeannette. Fireweed: 2. Spring. (1979).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Allison, Gay (Collaborator); Brady, Elizabeth (Collaborator); Fernie, Lynne (Collaborator); Fraticelli, Rina (Collaborator); Kirkwood, Hilda (Collaborator); Sheard, Charlene (Collaborator); Allison, Gay (Editor); Brady, Elizabeth (Editor); Fernie, Lynne (Editor); Fraticelli, Rina (Editor); Godard, Barbara (Editor); Kirkwood, Hilda (Editor); Sheard, Charlene (Editor); Appeldoorn, Beth (Collaborator); Davey, Linda (Collaborator); Lever, Bernice (Collaborator); Rapoport, Janis (Collaborator); Hellard, Sandy (Designer); Kasper, Vancy (Collaborator); Meyers, Chris (Collaborator); Balla, Klara (Poet); Black, Ayanna (Poet); Cloutier, Cécile (Poet); Hauser, Gwen (Poet); Patriarca, Gianna (Poet); Rapoport, Janis (Poet); Wright, Catherine (Poet); Clough, Annette (Photographer); Colvey, Stephanie (Photographer); Jones, Laura (Photographer); Kenney, Gail (Photographer); Moscovitch, Arlene (Photographer); Bearchell, Chris (Author); Brady, Elizabeth (Author); Cooperstock, Ruth (Author); Fraticelli, Rina (Author); Jacobs, Maria (Author); Jordan, Kathryn (Author); Kirkwood, Hilda (Author); Livesey, Margot (Author); Lynne-Henderson, Karen (Author); McCauley, Carole Spearin (Author); McDonnell, Kathleen (Author); Nickson, Liz (Author); Parks, Joy (Author); Prasad, Nancy (Author); Scheier, Libby (Author); Urbas, Jeannette (Author); Fernie, Lynne (Illustrator); Foote, Jennifer (Illustrator); Gormley, Kathryn (Illustrator); Hamilton, Helena (Illustrator); Poisson, Christiane (Illustrator); Voyce, Julie (Illustrator); Azzarello, Louise (Collaborator); Black, Ayanna (Collaborator); Bell, Gay (Collaborator); Gottlieb, Amy (Collaborator); Brandeis, Bob (Collaborator); Igier, Gisele (Collaborator); Kasper, Fred (Collaborator); Lower, Triene (Collaborator); Thomas, Eileen (Collaborator); Mellanby, Wendy (Collaborator); Sachs, Harriet (Collaborator); Sweeney, Jane (Collaborator); Wallace, Ann (Collaborator); PinkType; Teak Printing Services Ltd.; Charlie; Harbourfront Public Relations Dept.; Toronto Women's Bookstore; Longhouse Book Shop Inc.
ISSN: 07063857
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Toronto, Ont.: Fireweed Inc.
Artists: Cameron, B. A.; Clough, Annette; Colvey, Stephanie; Di Michele, Mary; Gems, Pam; Gibson, Margaret; Jankola, Beth; Jones, Laura; Kenney, Gail; Lessing, Doris; Moscovitch, Arlene; Roy, Gabrielle; Voyce, Julie; Wiseman, Adele; Zaborska, Marta
Copyright Statement: the Authors

Complete title: Fireweed: A Women's Literary & Cultural Journal. Special Feature for International Year of the Child.
Publisher's mailing address:
Fireweed, P.O. Box 279, Station B, Toronto, Canada, M5T 2W2.
Includes biographical notes.
Includes bibliographical references.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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