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McKay, Sally and Paterson, Andrew J. and Eyland, Cliff and Dowler, Kevin and Allen, Jan and Balser, Michael and Fabo, Andy and Godard, Barbara and Johnson, Andrew and Henderson, Jill and Jacob, Luis and Miller, Bernie and Beaudoin, Pierre and McCleod, Scott and Mills, Josephine and Pacific, Robin C. and Swinburne, Jan and Walcott, Rinaldo and McIntosh, David and Marriott, John and Verrall, Krys and Burns, Bill. Money Value Art : State Funding, Free Markets, Big Pictures. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books, 2001.
Godard, Barbara and Dallett, Tim and Davis, Rae and De Palma, Andre and Everett-Green, Robert and Fan, Larissa and Goslawski, Barbara and Hall, James Baker and Lambert, Jeffrey and Marchessault, Janine and Ramadori, Maria and Sandlos, Karyn and Saul, Gerald and Zyrd, Mike. Like a Dream that Vanishes : The Films of Barbara Sternberg. Toronto, Ont.: Pleasure Dome; s.l.: The Images Festival of Independent Film and Video, 2000.
Dallett, Tim and Straw, Will and Godard, Barbara and Boyce, Michael and Langlois, Monique and Marks, Laura U. and Shields, Rob. Image/Duration : Installations of the Moving Image. Ottawa, Ont.: Galerie 101 Gallery, 1999.
DOSSIER: 351 - GALERIE 101 (Ottawa)
Godard, Barbara. Dorothy Grostern, Lisa Urbanic : Spaces. North York, Ont.: Glendon Gallery/Galerie Glendon, 1996.
Godard, Barbara. pulse.scan.fold. Ottawa, Ont.: Galerie 101 Gallery, 1996.
DOSSIER: 351 - GALERIE 101 (Ottawa)
Bailey, Cameron and Davies, Ioan and Fitting, Peter and Fleming, Kathleen and Galbo, Joe and Godard, Barbara and Halliday, Julian G. and Hamilton, Roberta and Hebdige, Dick and Herr, Cheryl and Langen, Roger and Laurie, Peter and Miegs, Sandra and Morris, Larry and Naftolin, Lisa and Reid, Malcom and Ross, Andrew and Willis, Susan. Border Lines: 11. Spring 1988. (1987).
Wilson, Alexander and Payne, Andrew and Lewis, Mark and Kompridis, Nicolas and Banning, Kass and Longfellow, Brenda and Williamson, Janice and Boyce, Michael and Miles, Geoff and Marchessault, Janine and Lehr, John C. and Davis, Christine and Alia, Valerie and Iacovetta, Franca and Berland, Jody and Milloy, John and Testa, Bart and Godard, Barbara and Corrigan, Philip and Valverde, Mariana. Border Lines: 2. Spring. (1985).
Marchessault, Jovette and Lafleur, Marie and Mintz, Chavah and Cameron, Anne and Wyland, Francie and Sand, Cy-Thea and Schendlinger, Mary and Rooney, Frances and Rule, Jane and Poteet, Susan and Cole, Susan G. and Sturman, Susan. Fireweed: 13. July. (1982).
Brady, Elizabeth and Woolsey, Lorette K. and MacDonald, Lyn and Shreve, Sandy and Amy, Janet M. and Glassco, Bill and Kiborr, Isobel and LeGras, Julie Anne and Waddell, C.k. and Ford, Pat and Fraticelli, Rina and Rule, Jane and Astman, Barbara and Fishman, Pamela and Rahm, Linda and Brady, Elizabeth and McLean, Anne and Julian, Marilyn and Steinberg, Janice and Marchessault, Jovette and Valverde, Mariana and Murray, Joan and Godard, Barbara and Wolfe, Susan J. and Nicol, Nancy and Brossard, Nicole and Boucher, Denise and Feral, Josette and Bayard, Carolyn and Henke, Suzette and Orenstein, Gloria and Blaubergs, Maija S. and Jean, Michèle. Fireweed: 5 & 6. Winter 1979/1980 and Spring 1980. (1980).
Endres, Robin Belitsky and Dragu, Margaret and Fleming, Martha and Lisa, Steele and Fernie, Lynne and Levitt, Nina and Mama Quilla Collective. Fireweed: 7. Summer. (1980).
Baker, Peggy Smith and Harris, Valerie and D. Ann, Taylor and Rouyer, Marie-Claire and Cipriani, Ann and Maclennan, Joss and Poteet, Susan and Bearchell, Chris and Cameron, Anne. Fireweed: 8. Fall. (1980).
Bearchell, Chris and Brady, Elizabeth and Cooperstock, Ruth and Fraticelli, Rina and Jacobs, Maria and Jordan, Kathryn and Kirkwood, Hilda and Livesey, Margot and Lynne-Henderson, Karen and McCauley, Carole Spearin and McDonnell, Kathleen and Nickson, Liz and Parks, Joy and Prasad, Nancy and Scheier, Libby and Urbas, Jeannette. Fireweed: 2. Spring. (1979).
Johnson, Nancy and Endres, Robin Belitsky and Nash, Joanna and Smith, Dorothy E. and Gould, Janice and Nickson, Liz and Rapoport, Janis and Lake, Suzy and Holden, Hélène P. and Murray, Joan and Williams, Vera B. and Henes, Donna and Cameron, Anne and Lutkenhaus, Almuth and Clough, Annette and Henke, Suzette and Maclennan, Joss and Powell, Lynda and Pugen, Diane Fern and Carr-Locke, Elsie and Martineau, Barbara Halpern and Barfoot, Joan and Hayman, Sasha and Baptiste-Kramer, Ida and Poteet, Susan and Rahm, Linda and Keeney-Smith, Patricia and Aubert, Rosemary and Zimmerman, Susan and Gurney, Janice and Gormley, Kathryn and Prewitt, Virginia Cruchley. Fireweed: 3 & 4. Summer. (1979).
Agger, Ellen and Aubert, Rosemary and Brossard, Nicole and Duncan, Erika and Hauser, Gwen and Jenoff, Marvyne and Kirkwood, Hilda and Nicol, Nancy and Orenstein, Gloria and Spore, Margaret Dwight and Wales, Melody and Zimmerman, Susan. Fireweed: 1. Autumn. (1978).
The Massachusetts Review. 31: 02-janv. s.l.: s.n.