Johnson, Nancy and Endres, Robin Belitsky and Nash, Joanna and Smith, Dorothy E. and Gould, Janice and Nickson, Liz and Rapoport, Janis and Lake, Suzy and Holden, Hélène P. and Murray, Joan and Williams, Vera B. and Henes, Donna and Cameron, Anne and Lutkenhaus, Almuth and Clough, Annette and Henke, Suzette and Maclennan, Joss and Powell, Lynda and Pugen, Diane Fern and Carr-Locke, Elsie and Martineau, Barbara Halpern and Barfoot, Joan and Hayman, Sasha and Baptiste-Kramer, Ida and Poteet, Susan and Rahm, Linda and Keeney-Smith, Patricia and Aubert, Rosemary and Zimmerman, Susan and Gurney, Janice and Gormley, Kathryn and Prewitt, Virginia Cruchley. Fireweed: 3 & 4. Summer. (1979).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Allison, Gay (Collaborator); Brady, Elizabeth (Collaborator); Fernie, Lynne (Collaborator); Fraticelli, Rina (Collaborator); Kirkwood, Hilda (Collaborator); Sheard, Charlene (Collaborator); Allison, Gay (Editor); Brady, Elizabeth (Editor); Fernie, Lynne (Editor); Fraticelli, Rina (Editor); Godard, Barbara (Editor); Kirkwood, Hilda (Editor); Sheard, Charlene (Editor); Appeldoorn, Beth (Collaborator); Davey, Linda (Collaborator); Lever, Bernice (Collaborator); Rapoport, Janis (Collaborator); Hellard, Sandy (Designer); Kasper, Vancy (Collaborator); Myers, Chris (Collaborator); Dunlop, Donna (Poet); Stephenson, Donna (Poet); Berlin, Gloria (Poet); Smart, Carolyn (Poet); Palij, Lydia (Poet); Graham, Ann (Poet); Jenoff, Marvyne (Poet); Wallace, Bronwen (Poet); Scheier, Libby (Poet); Woodhouse, Lauren J. (Poet); Voldeng, Evelyne (Poet); Conway, Rosalind Eve (Poet); Johnson, Nancy (Author); Endres, Robin Belitsky (Author); Nash, Joanna (Author); Smith, Dorothy E. (Author); Gould, Janice (Author); Nickson, Liz (Author); Rapoport, Janis (Author); Lake, Suzy (Author); Holden, Hélène P. (Author); Murray, Joan (Author); Williams, Vera B. (Author); Henes, Donna (Author); Cameron, Anne (Author); Lutkenhaus, Almuth (Author); Clough, Annette (Author); Henke, Suzette (Author); Maclennan, Joss (Author); Powell, Lynda (Author); Pugen, Diane Fern (Author); Carr-Locke, Elsie (Author); Martineau, Barbara Halpern (Author); Barfoot, Joan (Author); Hayman, Sasha (Author); Baptiste-Kramer, Ida (Author); Poteet, Susan (Author); Rahm, Linda (Author); Keeney-Smith, Patricia (Author); Aubert, Rosemary (Author); Zimmerman, Susan (Author); Gurney, Janice (Author); Gormley, Kathryn (Author); Prewitt, Virginia Cruchley (Author); Alley-Britain, Jennifer (Collaborator); Bell, Gay (Collaborator); Bearchell, Chris (Collaborator); Tregebov, Rhea (Collaborator); Tregebov, Rhea (Editor); Brandeis, Bob (Collaborator); Hobson, Claire (Collaborator); Igier, Gisele (Collaborator); Rosenberg, Tanya (Collaborator); Thomas, Eileen (Collaborator); Callwood, June (Collaborator); Fee, Colleen (Collaborator); Jessup, Jacquie (Collaborator); Monnet, Françoise (Collaborator); Williams, Aileen (Collaborator); Oxenham, Andrew (Photographer); Grieve, Anne J. (Photographer); Gorman, Jim (Photographer); Campbell, Susan (Photographer); Moore, Tom (Photographer); Conway, Alexandra (Photographer); Boult, Douglas (Photographer); Crallé, Gary (Photographer); Warren, W.r. (Photographer); Patterson, Peter (Photographer); Wightman, Ken (Photographer); PinkType; Teak Printing Services Ltd.; Women Healthsharing; Toronto Women's Bookstore; Longhouse Book Shop Inc.
ISSN: 07063857
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Toronto, Ont.: Fireweed Inc.
Artists: Gunterman, Madeline; Hayman, Sasha; Blewchamp, Anna; Jarvis, Judy; Householder, Johanna; Lake, Suzy; Roth, Evelyn; Wieland, Joyce; Walker, Joy; Esler, Annemarie Schmid; Haeseker, Alexandra; Hendershot, Janet; Whiten, Colette; Pratt, Mary; Westerlund, Mia; Oliver, Bobbie; Jenkins, Sarah C.; Lutkenhaus, Almuth; Clough, Annette; Maclennan, Joss; Powell, Lynda; Pugen, Diane; Carr-Locke, Peter; Baptiste-Kramer, Ida; O'keeffe, Georgia; Beresford-Howe, Constance; Chicago, Judy
Copyright Statement: the authors

Complete title: Fireweed: A Women's Literary & Cultural Journal.
Issue's title: Women and Art.
Publisher's mailing address:
Fireweed, P.O. Box 279, Station B, Toronto, Canada, M5T 2W2.
Includes biographical notes.
Includes bibliographical references.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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