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Anon. Skol 2017-2018 : Horizon libre. Montréal, Qc: Skol, 2017.
DOSSIER: 330 - GALERIE SKOL (Montréal)
Sirove, Taryn. We Did Everything Adults Would Do. What Went Wrong? Toronto, Ont.: A Space, 2015.
DOSSIER: 351 - A SPACE (Toronto)
Demers, Jonathan. Et tant pis pour les gens fatigués. Gatineau, Qc: Axe Néo-7, 2013.
DOSSIER: 330 - AXE NÉO-7 (Gatineau)
Varghese, Ricky and Granados, Francisco-Fernando. Sight Specific. Toronto, Ont.: FADO, 2013.
DOSSIER: 390 - FADO (Toronto)
Dault, Meredith and Eckert, Claire and Jordan, Reinaldo and Matotek, Jennifer and Reeves, Aubrey. Curatorial Incubator : Round II [v.2]. Toronto, Ont.: Vtape, 2005.
DOSSIER: 390 - VTAPE (Toronto, Ont.)
Duff, Tagny and Tuer, Dot and Chitty , Elizabeth and Wark, Jayne and Robertson, Clive and Alteen, Glenn and Bradley, Jessica and Patterson, Pam and Conley, Christine and Couillard, Paul and Jackson, Marni and Henry, Karen and Sternberg, Barbara and Fisher, Jennifer and Redfern, Christine and Forkert, Kirsten and Holt, Rochelle and Graff, Tom and Tuer, Dot and Henricks, Nelson and Carr-Harris, Ian and Lypchuk, Donna and Spencer, Karen and Dragu, Margaret and Van Hoof, Marine and Maskegon-Iskwew, Ahasiw and Lang, Avis and Sawchuk, Kim and Papararo, Jenifer and Cleniuk, Brenda and Watson, Scott and Stanworth, Karen and Fischer, Barbara. Caught In The Act : An Anthology of Performance Art by Canadian Women. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books, 2004.
Simon, Vida and Kausalainen, Essi. Take Out : Performance Recipes for public space = Prête à porter : Recettes de performance pour l'espace public. Montréal, Qc: La Centrale, 2004.
DOSSIER: 330 - CENTRALE, La (Galerie Powerhouse, Montréal)
Logue, Deirdre. XXX Testimonial : An Exhibition of Works Dedicated to Sexual Imaginings // Shilpa Gupta : Sentiment Express. Toronto, Ont.: Mercer Union, 2002.
Steele, Lisa and Treleaven, Scott and Willemsen, Paul and Gale, Peggy and Gellman, Dara and Goodwin, Dryden and Henricks, Nelson and Papararo, Jenifer and Peters, Leslie and Reinke, Steve and Rigsby, Jeremy and Woodbury, Greg and Huffman, Bill and Lickers, Cynthia and Bernier, Patrick. Tranz <---> Tech 2001 : The Toronto International Video Art Biennial. Toronto, Ont.: Tranz <---> Tech, 2001.
DOSSIER: 500 - TRANZ <--> TECH (Toronto, Ont.)
Richard, Alain-Martin and Richard, Alain-Martin and Robertson, Clive and Robertson, Clive and Vaillancourt, Armand and Falk, Gathie and Chaîné, Francine and Barber, Bruce and Gervais, Raymond and Banana, Anna and Bull, Hank and Tourangeau, Sylvie and Cantsin, Monty and Martel, Richard and Householder, Johanna and Arcand, Pierre-André and Mars, Tanya and Chouinard, Marie and McCaffery, Steve and Fréchette, Jean-Yves and Tourbin, Dennis and Allen, Lillian and Sioui Durand, Yves. Performance au Canada, 1970-1990 = Performance in Canada, 1970-1990. Québec, Qc: Les Éditions Intervention; Toronto, Ont.: The Coach House Press, 1991.
Chamberland, Roger and Pageau, Yvan and Richard, Alain-Martin and Martel, Richard and Béland, Daniel and Durand, Guy and Doyon, Hélène and Demers, Jean-Pierre and Robert, Jocelyn and Hamelin, Pierre and Ballester, Anne and Blouin, Line and Lewis, Mark. Première Biennale d'art actuel de Québec : De la performance à la manoeuvre. Québec, Qc: Inter Editeur, 1991.
Mason, Joyce and Diamond, Sara and Philip, Marlene and Kidd, Ross and Bannerji, Himani and Kinsman, Gary and Burstyn, Varda and Kwinter, Kerri and Mason, Joyce and Bociurkiw, Marusia and Dobkin, Alix and McIlwraith, David and Ellis, Valerie and Cole, Susan G. and Wilson, Pat and Gourlay, Sheena and Kamins, Jeannie and Springer, Jane and Kates, Joanne and Steinman, Barbara and Endres, Robin Belitsky. Fuse 8: 1 & 2. Summer. (1984).
Johnson, Nancy and Endres, Robin Belitsky and Nash, Joanna and Smith, Dorothy E. and Gould, Janice and Nickson, Liz and Rapoport, Janis and Lake, Suzy and Holden, Hélène P. and Murray, Joan and Williams, Vera B. and Henes, Donna and Cameron, Anne and Lutkenhaus, Almuth and Clough, Annette and Henke, Suzette and Maclennan, Joss and Powell, Lynda and Pugen, Diane Fern and Carr-Locke, Elsie and Martineau, Barbara Halpern and Barfoot, Joan and Hayman, Sasha and Baptiste-Kramer, Ida and Poteet, Susan and Rahm, Linda and Keeney-Smith, Patricia and Aubert, Rosemary and Zimmerman, Susan and Gurney, Janice and Gormley, Kathryn and Prewitt, Virginia Cruchley. Fireweed: 3 & 4. Summer. (1979).
Anon. Art Nomade : Rencontre internationale d'art performance de Saguenay. Chicoutimi, QC: Bang, centre d'art actuel.
DOSSIER: 500 - ART NOMADE (Saguenay, Qc)