Brown, P.r. and Dyson, Brian and Robertson, Clive and Malden, Jackie and Greyson, John and Fleming, Martha and Springer, Jane and Beveridge, Karl and Chitty, Elizabeth and Schwartzwald, Robert and Oughton, John and Bull, Hank and Paterson, Andrew James and Woodrow, Paul and Guest, Tim and Slopek, Ed and Kwinter, Kerri and Chitty, Elizabeth and Dragu, Margaret and Blouin, René. Fuse 4: 2. January. (1980).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Robertson, Clive (Editor); Sherman, Tom (Editor); Steele, Lisa (Editor); Guest, Tim (Editor); Fleming, Martha (Editor); Greyson, John (Editor); Beveridge, Karl (Editor); Bull, Hank (Editor); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Editor); Rosenberg, Tanya (Editor); Conde, Carole (Editor); Blouin, René (Collaborator); Chitty, Elizabeth (Collaborator); Dragu, Margaret (Collaborator); Kwinter, Kerri (Collaborator); Malden, Jackie (Collaborator); Oughton, John (Collaborator); Paterson, Andrew James (Collaborator); Schwartzwald, Robert (Collaborator); Slopek, Ed (Collaborator); Springer, Jane (Collaborator); Woodrow, Paul (Collaborator); Campbell, Colin (Photographer); Fleisher, David (Photographer); Fromer, Lorne (Photographer); Gallagher, Chris (Photographer); Langdon, T.m. (Photographer); Lord, Chip (Photographer); McGlashan, Paul (Photographer); Molyneaux, Brian (Photographer); Nicol, Nancy (Photographer); Oughton, John (Photographer); Scull, Syd (Photographer); Smith, George (Photographer); Bock, Steven (Collaborator); Greyson, John (Collaborator); Robertson, Clive (Collaborator); Steele, Lisa (Collaborator); Beveridge, Karl (Illustrator); Greyson, John (Illustrator); Malden, Jackie (Collaborator); Brown, P.r. (Author); Dyson, Brian (Author); Robertson, Clive (Author); Malden, Jackie (Author); Greyson, John (Author); Fleming, Martha (Author); Springer, Jane (Author); Beveridge, Karl (Author); Chitty, Elizabeth (Author); Schwartzwald, Robert (Author); Oughton, John (Author); Bull, Hank (Author); Paterson, Andrew James (Author); Woodrow, Paul (Author); Guest, Tim (Author); Slopek, Ed (Author); Kwinter, Kerri (Author); Chitty, Elizabeth (Author); Dragu, Margaret (Author); Blouin, René (Author); Lama Labs; Maclean-Hunter Ltd.
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Schneemann, Carolee; Rosler, Martha; Benning, James; Dawson, Ted; Duchamp, Marcel; Rosler, Martha; Campbell, Colin; Britton, Susan; Werden, Rodney; Doyle, Helen; Bourgeault, Helene; Nicol, Nancy; Campbell, Colin; Marshalore; Craig, Kate; Banger, Michael; Barkley, Alan; Black, Byron; Mckiggan, Bill; Cady, Peggy; Creighton-Kelly, Chris; Dundas, Sally; Frenkel, Vera; Gauthier, Luce; Gilbert, Gerry; Hemmings, Jeff; Hutchinson, Nora; Jeffries, Bill; Koot, Jan; Lorraine, Antony; Mccrimmon, Bruce; Mcglade, Terry; Mackay, Susan; Pas, Gerard; Preus, Shawn; Tuck, Don; Bodlak, Cynthia; Easton, Fred; RANDY & BERENICCI; R. Dick Trace-It; Hambleton, Richard; Vanderzaag, Elizabeth; Ward, Rick; Wiwcharuk, Kate; Metcalfe, Eric; Ellison, Jane; Stephens, David; Hinchcliffe, Ian; Ely, Roger
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

First issue as Fuse, the continuation of Centerfold.
Issue's title: Developing Feminist Resources.
Publisher's mailing address:
Arton's, 217 Richmond St. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1W2.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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