Darcy, Judy; Guest, Tim; Kwinter, Kerri; Beveridge, Karl; Mole, David; Cross, Brian; Wolverton, Terry; Duquette, Michael; Robertson, Clive; Whitfield, Tony; Greyson, John; Berland, Jody; Harriman, Ardis; Bull, Hank; Friedman, Ken; Fleming, Martha; Cameron, Vivien; Gouin, Judy; Martin, Henry; Holmes, Jeffrey; Langford, Martha and The Film League. Fuse 4: 5. July/August. (1980).

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All Contributors: Robertson, Clive (Editor); Steele, Lisa (Editor); Sherman, Tom (Editor); Guest, Tim (Editor); Fleming, Martha (Editor); Greyson, John (Editor); Beveridge, Karl (Editor); Bull, Hank (Editor); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Editor); Whitfield, Tony (Editor); Conde, Carole (Editor); Kwinter, Kerri (Editor); Mole, David (Editor); Reid, Bob (Editor); Berland, Jody (Collaborator); Cross, Brian (Collaborator); Darcy, Judy (Collaborator); Duquette, Michael (Collaborator); Friedman, Ken (Collaborator); Harriman, Ardis (Collaborator); Wolverton, Terry (Collaborator); Collins, Paul (Photographer); Duquette, Michael (Photographer); Dyson, Brian (Photographer); Goodwin, Jo (Photographer); Ready, Mary (Photographer); Rooney, Frank (Photographer); Rountry, Deborah (Photographer); Whiteside, George (Photographer); Wyngaarden, Cory (Photographer); Robertson, Clive (Designer); Bock, Steven (Designer); Greyson, John (Designer); Greyson, John (Producer); Robinson, Gillian (Producer); Robertson, Clive (Producer); Steele, Lisa (Producer); Greyson, John (Collaborator); Robinson, Gillian (Collaborator); Parker, Ara Rose (Collaborator); Malden, Jackie (Collaborator); Falk, Sharon (Collaborator); de Boer, Bernhard (Collaborator); Darcy, Judy (Author); Guest, Tim (Author); Kwinter, Kerri (Author); Beveridge, Karl (Author); Mole, David (Author); Cross, Brian (Author); Wolverton, Terry (Author); Duquette, Michael (Author); Robertson, Clive (Author); Whitfield, Tony (Author); Greyson, John (Author); Berland, Jody (Author); Harriman, Ardis (Author); Bull, Hank (Author); Friedman, Ken (Author); Fleming, Martha (Author); Cameron, Vivien (Author); Gouin, Judy (Author); Martin, Henry (Author); Holmes, Jeffrey (Author); Langford, Martha (Author); Robertson, Clive (Interviewer); Lama Labs; Maclean-Hunter Ltd.; The Film League; Monkey; C.P.P.A.; TBA; The Film League
ISSN: 02268086
Language of Publication: English; French
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Strickland, Walter; Porter, John; Costard, Helmuth; Green, Anita; Lowe, Bia; Lumbard, Paula; McCaleb, Lyric; Wong, Christine; Angelo, Nancy; Wolverton, Terry; Stifter, Catherine; TBA (collectif); Mack, Teresa; Ellison, Richard; Feldhaus-Weber, Mary; Child, Jon; Herbes, Christine M.; Roman, Jo; Pilger, John; Richter, Robert; Thomas, Tony; Fanning, David; Johnson, Tom; Bird, Lance; Thurber, Robert; Korine, Sol; Dunlop, Blaine; Metcalfe, Eric; Graham, Dan; Ashby, Hal; Kosinski, Jerzy; Sellers, Peter; Nash, Peggy; Mahler, David; Neil, Al; Bartlett, Martin; Zapeda, Antonio; Radunskaya, Amy; Rothenburgs, Jerome; Cavellini, Guglielmo Achille; Groombridge, Brian
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: Urban Transit: Calgary Destroys Its Neighbourhoods.
Publisher's mailing address:
31 Dupont Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5R 1V3.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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