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Asher, Michael and Basar, Shumon and Baum, Devorah and Bonardel, Françoise and Büchler, Pavel and Buchloch, Benjamin and Copeland, Mathieu and Comer, Stuart and Chevrier, Jean-François and Ford, Simon and Glew, Adrian and Havranek, Vit and Heynen, Julian and Irwin, Robert and Jakovlevic, Branislav and Klein, Yves and Lippard, Lucy and Marcadé, Bernard and Marioni, Tom and Martin, Henry and Metzger, Gustav and Michaux, Henri and Michniak, Arnaud and Nickas, Bob and O'Doherty, Brian and Pacquement, Alfred and Perret, Mai-Thu and Phillpot, Clive and Pirotte, Philippe and Plant, Sadie and Rauschenberg, Robert and Riout, Denys and Rickles, Dean and Rugoff, Ralph and Savage, Jon and Schmidt-Burkhardt, Astrit and Seban, Alain and Semin, Didier and Smithson, Robert and Stevens, Graham and Surel, Olivier and Suzuki, D.t. and Tiampo, Ming and Tomii, Reiko and Toop, David and Williams, Parker and Wilson, Sarah and Art & Language. Vides : Une rétrospective. Zurich Suisse: JRP Ringier, 2009.
De Salvo, Donna and Gudis, Catherine and Klein, Mason and Steiner, Wendy and Weinberg, Jonathan and Sava, Sharla and Lippard, Lucy R. and Wilson, William S. and Martin, Henry and Jones, Muffet. Ray Johnson : Correspondences. Paris, France: Flammarion; Columbus, OH: Wexner Center for the Arts, 1999.
Baerwaldt, Wayne and Martin, Henry and Higgins, Dick and Hendricks, Geoffrey and Williams, Emmett. Under the Influence of Fluxus. Winnipeg, Man.: Plug-In Gallery, 1993.
DOSSIER: 354 - PLUG IN (Winnipeg)
Diet, Sayler and Martin, Henry and Rosshandler, Léo. Konkret acht. Nüremberg Allemagne: Kunsthaus Nürnberg, 1988.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Tazzi, Pier Luigi. Maurizio Nannucci : To cut a long story short. Middelburg, Netherlands: De Vleeshal, 1982.
Darcy, Judy and Guest, Tim and Kwinter, Kerri and Beveridge, Karl and Mole, David and Cross, Brian and Wolverton, Terry and Duquette, Michael and Robertson, Clive and Whitfield, Tony and Greyson, John and Berland, Jody and Harriman, Ardis and Bull, Hank and Friedman, Ken and Fleming, Martha and Cameron, Vivien and Gouin, Judy and Martin, Henry and Holmes, Jeffrey and Langford, Martha and The Film League. Fuse 4: 5. July/August. (1980).