Mason, Joyce and Steele, Lisa and Fernie, Lynne and Kidd, Ross and Diamond, Sara and Croll, Susan and Creighton-Kelly, Chris and Harris, Steven and Kates, Joanne and Springer, Jane and Koenig, Ingrid and Monk, Philip and McLean, Anne and Fennel, Carol and Brand, Dionne and Samuel, Julian and Greyson, John and Greenblatt, Richard and Gregson, Sandra and Cole, Susan G. and Incite Collective. Fuse 7: 6. Spring. (1984).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Mason, Joyce (Editor); Fernie, Lynne (Editor); Fleming, Martha (Editor); Amis, Ric (Editor); Beveridge, Karl (Editor); Diamond, Sara (Editor); Bannerji, Himani (Editor); Gregson, Sandra (Editor); Lushington, Kate (Editor); Wilson, Pat (Editor); Robertson, Clive (Editor); Steele, Lisa (Editor); Barber, Bruce (Editor); Greyson, John (Editor); Leeming, Frances (Editor); Creighton-Kelly, Chris (Collaborator); Croll, Susan (Collaborator); Diamond, Sara (Collaborator); Fernie, Lynne (Collaborator); Greenblatt, Richard (Collaborator); Gregson, Sandra (Collaborator); Greyson, John (Collaborator); Harris, Steven (Collaborator); Kidd, Ross (Collaborator); Koenig, Ingrid (Collaborator); Mason, Joyce (Collaborator); Monk, Philip (Collaborator); Springer, Jane (Collaborator); Steele, Lisa (Collaborator); Bechler, Mary (Photographer); Davies, Bev (Photographer); Gamble, Gordon (Photographer); Goertz, Marek (Photographer); Gregson, Sandra (Photographer); Harasim, Linda (Photographer); Greyson, John (Designer); Reed, Chris (Designer); Gregson, Sandra (Producer); Amis, Ric (Producer); Atkinson, Tanya (Producer); Householder, Johanna (Producer); Wyndels, Lisa (Producer); Wilson, Pat (Producer); Janz, Sandra (Producer); Scott, John (Producer); Fernie, Lynne (Collaborator); Reed, Chris (Photographer); Scott, John (Photographer); Simpson, Doug (Photographer); Wyndels, Lisa (Collaborator); Leeming, Frances (Collaborator); Mason, Joyce (Author); Steele, Lisa (Author); Fernie, Lynne (Author); Kidd, Ross (Author); Diamond, Sara (Author); Croll, Susan (Author); Creighton-Kelly, Chris (Author); Harris, Steven (Author); Kates, Joanne (Author); Springer, Jane (Author); Koenig, Ingrid (Author); Monk, Philip (Author); McLean, Anne (Author); Fennel, Carol (Author); Brand, Dionne (Author); Samuel, Julian (Author); Greyson, John (Author); Greenblatt, Richard (Author); Gregson, Sandra (Author); Cole, Susan G. (Author); Dobkin, Alix (Interviewee); Fernie, Lynne (Interviewer); Delta Web Graphics; Incite Collective
ISSN: 02268086
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Dobkin, Alix; Wong, Paul; Reinhardt, Jeanette; Daniels, Gina; Bourgeois, Gary; Thiong'o, Ngugi Wa; D.o.a.; Creighton-Kelly, Chris; Shedden, Leslie
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: BC Solidarity: What it meant, What it could mean.
Publisher's mailing address:
379 Adelaide St. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1S5.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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