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Clarkson, Adrienne and Roux, Jean-Louis and Thomson, Shirley and Alloucherie, Jocelyne and Caiserman-Roth, Ghitta and Chalke, John and Giraldeau, Jacques and Scott, John and Snow, Michael and Shadbolt, Doris. Governor General's Awards in Visual and Media Arts = Les Prix du Gouverneur général en arts visuels et médiatiques. Ottawa, Ont.: The Canada Council / Conseil des Arts du Canada, 2000.
Anon. John Scott. Toronto, Ont.: Mercer Union, 1993.
Swidzinski, Jan and Boadway, Diane and Bronson, A A and Charlesworth, Sarah and Conde, Carol and Constable, Michael and [Danzker, Anne Birney and Danzker, Joanne and Faichney, John and Fischer, Hervé and Frenkel, Vera and Gale, Peggy and Gilbert, Gerry and Gillespie, Ron and Hadassah, [?] and Kosuth, Joseph and Maidman, Ellen and MacDonald, Heather and Marras, Amerigo and Mascall, [Jennifer] and Mays, John Bentley and McCall, Anthony and McGlade, Terry and Myjak, [Adam] and Scott, John and Wong, Paul. Quotations on Contextual Art. Eindhoven, Netherlands: Het Apollohuis, 1988.
Collins, Evan and Raboy, Marc and McLeod, Catherine and O'Connor, Alan and Danzig, Samuel and Creighton-Kelly, Chris and Davies, Ioan and Longfellow, Brenda and Samuel, Julian and Wilson, H. T. and Sorensen, André and Czernis, Loretta and Kanarek, Rita and Fawcett, Brian and Elliot, Patricia and Berland, Jody and Kompridis, Nicolas and Scott, John and Wilson, Alexander and Harwood, Andrew and Straw, Will and Corrigan, Philip. Border Lines: 4. Winter. (1986).
Mason, Joyce and Steele, Lisa and Fernie, Lynne and Kidd, Ross and Diamond, Sara and Croll, Susan and Creighton-Kelly, Chris and Harris, Steven and Kates, Joanne and Springer, Jane and Koenig, Ingrid and Monk, Philip and McLean, Anne and Fennel, Carol and Brand, Dionne and Samuel, Julian and Greyson, John and Greenblatt, Richard and Gregson, Sandra and Cole, Susan G. and Incite Collective. Fuse 7: 6. Spring. (1984).
Steele, Lisa and Abson, Jill and House, Jeff and Richmond, Norman Otis and Smith, George and Miles, Geoff and Escoffier, Jeffrey and Knazan, Brent and Bromberg, Craig and Mason, Joyce and Ferguson, Bruce and Robertson, Clive and Skinulis, Richard and Richmond, Norman Otis and Ferguson, Bruce and Berland, Jody and Donnegan, Rosemary and Smith, George and Rossov, Nanci and Gathercole, Sandra and Davies, Ioan and McLachlan, Ian and Wernick, Andy and Barrington, Eleanor and Bush, Steven and Wilson, Alexander and Banger, Michael and Owen, Timothy and Scott, John and Smith-Hobson, Sheila and Pirie, Marion Hayden and Hadeed, Hank and Fitting, Peter and Miles, Geoff and Wilson, Alexander and Lushington, Kate and Peachey, Richard and Cole, Susan G. and McMahon, Marie and The Feminist Editorial. Fuse 6: 6. March/April. (1983).