Sage, Elspeth and Heath, Leila and Joseph, Clifton and Schroeder, Elizabeth and Robertson, Clive and Walker, Klive and Harry, Isobel and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Kibbins, Gary and Barber, Bruce and Porter, Gerry and Sullivan, Joan and Marchand, Laureen and Goldgrab, Sheila and Kumove, Joel and Diamond, Sara and Cole, Susan G. and Suits, Conn and Paterson, Nancy. Fuse 11: 1 & 2. Summer. (1987).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Harry, Isobel (Editor); Janz, Sandra (Editor); Kibbins, Gary (Editor); Robertson, Clive (Editor); Wilson, Pat (Editor); Barber, Bruce (Editor); Diamond, Sara (Editor); Barber, Bruce (Collaborator); Diamond, Sara (Collaborator); Goldgrab, Sheila (Collaborator); Harry, Isobel (Collaborator); Heath, Leila (Collaborator); Joseph, Clifton (Collaborator); Kibbins, Gary (Collaborator); Kumove, Joel (Collaborator); Marchand, Laureen (Collaborator); Philip, Marlene Nourbese (Collaborator); Porter, Gerry (Collaborator); Robertson, Clive (Collaborator); Sage, Elspeth (Collaborator); Schroeder, Elizabeth (Collaborator); Sullivan, Joan (Collaborator); Tomczak, Kim (Collaborator); Walker, Klive (Collaborator); Bean, Robert (Photographer); Day, Dennis (Photographer); Hall, Justin (Photographer); Hamilton, Tony (Photographer); Philips, Dawn (Photographer); Stewart, Susan (Photographer); Wong, Paul (Photographer); Christakos, Margaret (Producer); Gee, Bryan (Designer); Grills, Jocelyn (Collaborator); Janz, Sandra (Producer); Jeffries, Pat (Collaborator); Reed, Chris (Designer); Simmons, Erica (Collaborator); Steele, Lisa (Collaborator); Turner, Lesley (Collaborator); Fernie, Lynne (Collaborator); House, Jeff (Director); Janz, Sandra (Director); Kibbins, Gary (Director); Robertson, Clive (Director); Wilson, Pat (Director); Sage, Elspeth (Author); Heath, Leila (Author); Joseph, Clifton (Author); Schroeder, Elizabeth (Author); Robertson, Clive (Author); Walker, Klive (Author); Harry, Isobel (Author); Philip, Marlene Nourbese (Author); Kibbins, Gary (Author); Barber, Bruce (Author); Porter, Gerry (Author); Sullivan, Joan (Author); Marchand, Laureen (Author); Goldgrab, Sheila (Author); Kumove, Joel (Author); Diamond, Sara (Author); Simmons, Erica (Collaborator); Turner, Lesley (Collaborator); Cole, Susan G. (Author); Suits, Conn (Author); Paterson, Nancy (Author); Hussein, Ali (Interviewee); Mchunu, Vusi (Interviewee); Giddons, Jean (Interviewee); Johnson, Linton Kwesi (Interviewee); Morris, Mervyn (Interviewee); Joseph, Clifton (Interviewer); Delta Web Graphics; Type A
ISSN: 02268086
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Nicol, Nancy; Lundman, Janis; Wong, Paul; Chan, Tony; Paik, Nam June; Oliveros, Marlin; Tara Arts Group (Collective); Thiong'o, Ngugi Wa; Steele, Lisa; Tomczak, Kim; Montague, Masani; Haughton, Devon; Mandiela, Ahdri Zhina; Lozano, Jorge; Longfellow, Brenda; Mcmahon, Marion; Armatage, Kay; Garcia, Luis Osvaldo; Doyle, Judith; Ahmed, Yanus; Bean, Bob; Craig, David
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: Black Ink: An Historical Critique of Ontario's Black Press.
Includes FUSE Index by Subject Volume Nine & Ten.
Publisher's mailing address:
183 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 2R7.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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