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Blanchard, Thomas and Borins, Daniel and Collyer, Robin and Davila, Patricio and Dick, Terence and Marchessault, Janine and Marman, Jennifer and Prokopow, Michael and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim. The Leona Drive Project. Toronto, Ont.: Public Access, 2011.
DOSSIER: 390 - PUBLIC ACCESS (Toronto, Ont.)
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Reinke, Steve and Taylor, Tom and Marks, Laura U. and Kibbins, Gary and Moumblow, Monique and Clark, David and Paterson, Andrew James and Campbell, Colin and Russel, Catherine and Kuchar, George and Henricks, Nelson and McGuire, Anne and Marchessault, Janine and Hoolboom, Mike and Sternberg, Barbara and McCullough, John and Treleaven, Scott and Child, Abigail and Subrin, Elisabeth and Porter, John and Prelinger, Rick and McLeod, Scott and Lee, Robert and Thorne, Kika and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim and Berger, Sally and Gangitano, Lia and Ahwesh, Peggy and Sewraj, Yudi and Lucas, Kristin and Peacock, Jan and Levine, Paula and Pollard, Jonathan. Lux : A Decade of Artists' Film and Video. Toronto, Ont.: YYZ Books; s.l.: Pleasure Dome, 2000.
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Gingras, Nicole and Gillon, Janine and Boutet, Antoine and Olivares, Rosa and Walter, Janet and Boulanger, Chantal and Milon, Elisabeth and Atherton, Kevin and Bourdon, Luc and Henricks, Nelson and Tweedie, Katherine and Guiton, Jean-François and Peacock, Jan and Steele, Lisa and Ross, Christine and Gale, Peggy and Reinke, Steve and Guy, Grant and Tomczak, Kim and Bull, Hank. Vidéo Art Plastique : 10ièmes Rencontres Hérouville Saint-Clair 1996. Hérouville Saint-Clair, France: Centre d'Art Contemporain de Basse-Normandie, 1996.
Tuer, Dot and Monk, Philip and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim. 4 Hours and 38 Minutes : Videotapes by Lisa Steele and Kim Tomczak. Toronto, Ont.: Art Gallery of Ontario/Musée des beaux-arts de l'Ontario, 1989.
Robertson, Clive and Dyson, Brian and Kibbins, Gary and Richmond, Norman Otis and Tomczak, Kim and Diamond, Sara and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Crean, Susan and Gee, Bryan and Walker, Klive and Cryer, Stuart and Donaldson, Sue and Barber, Pauline and Atkins, R.b. and Guttman, Freda. Fuse 10: 5. April. (1987).
Burstyn, Varda and Kinsman, Gary and Campbell, Colin and Richmond, Norman Otis and Verjee, Zainub and Walker, Klive and Tuer, Dot and Tomczak, Kim and Gillis, John and Barber, Bruce and Schroeder, Elizabeth and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Kibbins, Gary and Wynne, Michael and Alexander, Don and Hannon, Gerald and Raxlen, Rick. Fuse 10: 6. Spring. (1987).
Sage, Elspeth and Heath, Leila and Joseph, Clifton and Schroeder, Elizabeth and Robertson, Clive and Walker, Klive and Harry, Isobel and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Kibbins, Gary and Barber, Bruce and Porter, Gerry and Sullivan, Joan and Marchand, Laureen and Goldgrab, Sheila and Kumove, Joel and Diamond, Sara and Cole, Susan G. and Suits, Conn and Paterson, Nancy. Fuse 11: 1 & 2. Summer. (1987).
Kibbins, Gary and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Campbell, Colin and Barber, Bruce and Christakos, Margaret and Paterson, Andrew James and McLeod, Kathy and Shaw, Nancy and Jeffries, Pat and McCormack, Thelma and Robertson, Clive and Diamond, Sara and Harry, Isobel and Adams, Don and Bean, Robert and Norman, Abigail and Sullivan, Joan and Waterson, Georgia and Yael, B. H. and Amis, Ric and The Ontario Coalition for Abortion Clinics. Fuse 11: 3. Fall. (1987).
Tuer, Dot and Fung, Richard and Jackson, Marva and Mossop, Rowley and Bourgeois, Gail and Bailey, Beatrice and Turner, Lesley and Joseph, Clifton and Adelman, Shonagh and Gee, Bryan and Rynard, Su and Diamond, Sara and Martin, Chris and Bailey, Cameron and Yhap, Beverly and Diamond, Sara and Panitch, Leo and Barber, Bruce and Gillis, John and Sullivan, Joan and Simmons, Erica and Condy-Berggold, Craig. Fuse 11: 4. Fall. (1987).
Dompierre, Louise and Balkind, Alvin and Carr-Harris, Ian and Johnson, Nancy and Magor, Liz and Massey, John and Snow, Michael and Ferguson, Bruce and Campbell, Colin and Frenkel, Vera and Greyson, John and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim and Werden, Rodney and Allan, Blaine and Doyle, Judith and Elder, Bruce and Hoffman, Philip and Hoolboom, Mike and Jenkins, Patrick and McLaren, Ross and Mettler, Peter and Porter, John and General Idea. Toronto : A Play of History (Jeu d'histoire). Toronto, Ont.: The Power Plant, 1987.
DOSSIER: 351 - POWER PLANT, The (Toronto)
Kivisild, Emma and Robertson, Clive and Diamond, Sara and Bearchell, Chris and Miller, Jim and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Steele, Lisa and House, Jeff and Bannerji, Himani and Condy-Berggold, Craig and Greyson, John and Kibbins, Gary and Wilson, Pat and Alexander, Don and Baert, Renee and Campbell, Colin and Frenkel, Vera and Tomczak, Kim and Rosler, Martha and Kivisild, Emma. Fuse 9: [5]. Feb/March. (1986).
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Robertson, Clive and House, Jeff and Bienvenue, Marcella and Wilson, Pat and Tomczak, Kim and Diamond, Sara and Philip, Marlene Nourbese and Nelson, Joyce and Blake, Milton and Campbell, Colin and Lee, Andrew. Fuse 10: 4. Winter. (1986).
Mason, Joyce and House, Jeff and Kibbins, Gary and Brand, Dionne and Bhaggiyadatta, Krisantha Sri and Cameron, Shirley and Miller, Roland and Mc Aulay, Tony and Barber, Bruce and Vigier, Rachel and Philip, Marlene and Schroeder, Elizabeth and Stephenson, Helga and Oughton, Libby and Leeming, Frances and Wright, David and Diamond, Sara and Johnston, Jude and O'Connor, Alan and Garfield, Louise. Fuse 8: 6. Spring. (1985).
Mason, Joyce and Philip, Marlene and Barber, Bruce and Sand, Cy-Thea and Diamond, Sara and Kwinter, Kerri and Reynaud, Berenice and Pevere, Geoff and McTair, Roger and Miller, Joan and Poole, Nancy and Pratt, Shauna and Bishop, Ruth and Bociurkiw, Marusia and Converse, William and Johnston, Jude. Fuse 9: 1 & 2. Summer. (1985).
Brand, Dionne and Bhaggiyadatta, Krisantha Sri and Burstyn, Varda and Greyson, John and Kinsman, Gary and Greyson, Peter and Steele, Lisa and Tomczak, Kim and Kwinter, Kerri and Fernie, Lynne and Frenkel, Vera and MacDowall, Cyndra. Issues of Censorship. Toronto, Ont.: A Space, 1985.
DOSSIER: 351 - A SPACE (Toronto)
Mason, Joyce and Steele, Lisa and Robertson, Clive and Cash, Martin and Dubovey, Joseph and Harry, Isobel and Onodera, Midi and Richmond, Norman Otis and Diamond, Sara and Pirie, Marion Hayden and Joseph, Clifton and Braithwaite, Edward and Freedman, Lisa and Fleming, Martha and Davidson, Howard and Buyers, Jane and Chase, Gillian and Ingrata, Brenda and Hutchinson, Gail and Hayman, Sasha and Cole, Susan G.. Fuse 7: 4. November/December. (1983).
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Anderson, John and Guest, Tim and Conde, Carole and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Bull, Hank and Gruben, Patricia and Frenkel, Vera and Harrison, A.s.a. and Robertson, Clive and McCaffery, Steve and Osborne, Stephen and Steele, Lisa and Sherman, Tom and Tenhaaf, Nell and Tomczak, Kim and Vanderzaag, Elizabeth and Patton, Andy and Roualdés, Alain and Pinkel, Sheila and Coleman, Victor and Beveridge, Karl and The Strike Collective. Centerfold 3: 3. February/March. (1979).
Bradley, Jessica and Miller, Alan and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Danzker, Jo-Anne Birnie and Robertson, Clive and Sherman, Tom and Bertocci, Carlo and Nannucci, Maurizio and Bull, Hank and Morris, Paul and Rothberg, David and Harry, Isobel and Beveridge, Karl and Szwajewska, Monika and Greyson, John and Steele, Lisa and Holden-Lawrence, Monica and Guest, Tim and Coleman, Victor and General Idea. Centerfold 3: 5. July. (1979).
Sherman, Tom and Beveridge, Karl and Beuys, Joseph and Bull, Hank and Adrian, Robert and Wright, Joe and Campbell, Colin and Harry, Isobel and Gruben, Patricia and Beveridge, Karl and Greyson, John and Todd, Kim and Milne, Anne and Fleming, Martha and Steele, Lisa and Sporadek, Diane and Paterson, Andy and Robertson, Clive and Ferguson, Mary and Wong, Paul and Guest, Tim. Centerfold 3: 6. September. (1979).
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Rosenberg, Tanya and Beveridge, Karl and Sauchuk, J. and Bierk, David and Monk, Philip and Sherman, Tom and Moore, Sheila and Gronau, Anna and Craig, Kate and Tomczak, Kim and Wong, Paul and Chitty, Elizabeth and Bartlett, Bill and Doyle, Judith and Garnet, Eldon and Goldberg, Michael. Places des Artistes : 3e Rétrospective Parallèlogramme = Spaces by Artists : Parallelogramme Retrospective 3. Toronto, Ont.: ANNPAC/RACA, 1979.
Selby, Roger L. and Arnold, Mary and Boogaerts, Pierre and Haslam, Michael and Hayden, Michael and Kolisnyk, Peter and Kuramoto, Ken and Lebredt, Gordon and Rimmer, David and Taylor, John and Tomczak, Kim and Tousignant, Serge and Vazan, Bill. The Winnipeg Perspective, 1978. Winnipeg, Man.: The Winnipeg Art Gallery, 1978.
Public : Being on Time.: 24. Toronto, Ont.: Public Access