Tuer, Dot and Fung, Richard and Jackson, Marva and Mossop, Rowley and Bourgeois, Gail and Bailey, Beatrice and Turner, Lesley and Joseph, Clifton and Adelman, Shonagh and Gee, Bryan and Rynard, Su and Diamond, Sara and Martin, Chris and Bailey, Cameron and Yhap, Beverly and Diamond, Sara and Panitch, Leo and Barber, Bruce and Gillis, John and Sullivan, Joan and Simmons, Erica and Condy-Berggold, Craig. Fuse 11: 4. Winter. (1987).

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All Contributors: Christakos, Margaret (Editor); Janz, Sandra (Editor); Jeffries, Pat (Editor); Robertson, Clive (Editor); Wilson, Pat (Editor); Barber, Bruce (Editor); Diamond, Sara (Editor); Mossop, Rowley (Editor); Schroeder, Elizabeth (Editor); Adelman, Shonagh (Collaborator); Bailey, Beatrice (Collaborator); Bailey, Cameron (Collaborator); Barber, Bruce (Collaborator); Condy-Berggold, Craig (Collaborator); Bourgeois, Gail (Collaborator); Diamond, Sara (Collaborator); Fung, Richard (Collaborator); Gee, Bryan (Collaborator); Gillis, John (Collaborator); Jackson, Marva (Collaborator); Joseph, Clifton (Collaborator); Martin, Chris (Collaborator); Mossop, Rowley (Collaborator); Panitch, Leo (Collaborator); Rynard, Su (Collaborator); Simmons, Erica (Collaborator); Sullivan, Joan (Collaborator); Tomczak, Kim (Collaborator); Tuer, Dot (Collaborator); Turner, Lesley (Collaborator); Yhap, Beverly (Collaborator); Christakos, Margaret (Producer); Gee, Bryan (Designer); Grills, Jocelyn (Collaborator); Janz, Sandra (Producer); Jeffries, Pat (Collaborator); Reed, Chris (Designer); Sadu, Itah (Collaborator); Steele, Lisa (Collaborator); Fernie, Lynne (Collaborator); House, Jeff (Director); Janz, Sandra (Director); Kibbins, Gary (Director); Robertson, Clive (Director); Wilson, Pat (Director); Auld, Carol (Collaborator); Badessi, Barbara (Photographer); Gupta, Sunil (Photographer); Hall, Justin (Photographer); Ingelevics, Vid (Photographer); Ross, Susan (Photographer); Shea, Geoffrey (Photographer); Philipps, Paulette (Photographer); Santos, Ana C.P. (Photographer); Somers, David (Photographer); Tuer, Dot (Author); Fung, Richard (Author); Jackson, Marva (Author); Mossop, Rowley (Author); Bourgeois, Gail (Author); Bailey, Beatrice (Author); Turner, Lesley (Author); Joseph, Clifton (Author); Adelman, Shonagh (Author); Gee, Bryan (Author); Rynard, Su (Author); Diamond, Sara (Author); Martin, Chris (Author); Bailey, Cameron (Author); Yhap, Beverly (Author); Diamond, Sara (Author); Panitch, Leo (Author); Barber, Bruce (Author); Gillis, John (Author); Sullivan, Joan (Author); Simmons, Erica (Author); Condy-Berggold, Craig (Author); Julien, Isaac (Interviewee); Fung, Richard (Interviewer); Delta Web Graphics; Type A
ISSN: 02268086
Language of Publication: English; French
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Wilson, Fraser; Hébert, Adrien; Van Horne, Sir William C.; Brooker, Bertram; Hyde, Lawrence; Frazer, Sylvia; Moores, Marg; Schroeder, Elizabeth; Martin, Chris; Diamond, Sara; Mackenzie, Elizabeth; Phillips, Paulette; Blackwood, Maureen; Julien, Isaac; Lippman, Dave; Greyson, John; Dempsey, Shawna; Lydbrooke, Marian; Gilmor, Jennifer; McCallum, Marilyn; Raudvee, Lee; Alexander, Sandy; Sturman, Susan; Shea, Geoffrey; Lypchuk, Donna; Levan, Kaaly; Gill, Don; Roche, Brian; Vander Zaag, Elizabeth; Hagerman, Donna; Scheuing, Ruth; Wyngaarden, Corry; Jensen, Doreen; Saharan, Joe; Stupid Hairdoos, The (Collective); Wallner, Martha; Patwardan, Armand; Kam, Winston
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: From the Father's House: Women's Video and Femenism's Struggle With Difference.
Publisher's mailing address:
183 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5T 2R7.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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