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Gehman, Chris and Porter, John and Gale, Peggy and Sherman, Tom and Elder, R. Bruce and Zryd, Michael and Armatage, Kay and Fung, Richard and Glassman, Marc and Sirove, Taryn and Nanibush, Wanda and Culp, Jonathan and Davies, Jon. Explosion in the Movie Machine. Toronto, Ont: Images Festival; Toronto, Ont.: Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT), 2013.
Chang, Elaine and Fung, Richard and Onodera, Midi and Shih, Alice and Kwan, Cheuk and Cho, Lily and Gin, Kwoi and Fleming, Ann Marie and Shum, Mina and Tran, Khanhthuan and Gagnon, Monica Kin. Reel Asian : Asian Canada on Screen. Toronto, Ont.: Coach House Books; Toronto, Ont.: The Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival, 2007.
Clarke-Davis, Karma and Claxton, Dana and Fatona, Andrea and Fernandez, Sharon and Fung, Richard and Gagnon, Monika Kin and Gould, Gaylene Dionne and Hill, Richard William and Lum, Ken and McFarlane, Scott Toguri and Obomsawin, Alanis and Paré, Sylvie and Sakamoto, Kerri and Verna, Gaëtane. Territoires et trajectoires : 14 dialogues sur l'art et les constructions raciales, culturelles et identitaires. Montréal, Qc: Éditions Artextes, 2006.
DOSSIER: 390 - ARTEXTE (Montréal, Qc)
Buckley, Bernadette and Fung, Richard and Cheddie, Janice. Sarindar Dhaliwal : Record Keeping. London, England: Ova; Kingston, Ont.: Agnes Etherington Art Centre, 2004.
Gingras, Nicole and Battersby, Cooper and Vey Duke, Emily and Fung, Richard and Maracle, Aiyyana. 1973 - 2001 : Eternal Network. Vancouver, BC: Western Front, 2003.
DOSSIER: 390 - WESTERN FRONT (Vancouver, BC)
Jessup, Lynda and Bagg, Shannon and McMaster, Gerald and Blodgett, Jean and Brady, Wendy and Churchill, Delores and Fragnito, Skawennati Tricia and Fung, Richard and Glass, Aaron and Hill, Lynn A. and Hill, Richard William and Hill, Tom and Hudson, Anna and Jensen, Doreen and Jessup, Lynda and Jonaitis, Aldona and Lalonde, Christine and Martin, Lee-Ann and McCaffrey, Moira T. and Nicks, Trudy and Phillips, Ruth B. and Rickard, Jolene and Robertson, Clive and Spahan, Rose and Thomas, Jeff and Walsh, Andrea Naomi and Wright, Robin K.. On Aboriginal Representation in the Gallery. Hull, Qc: Musée canadien des civilisations/Canadian Museum of Civilization, 2002.
Gagnon, Monika Kin and Fung, Richard. Thirteen Conversations About Art and Cultural Race Politics. Montréal, Qc: Artextes Editions, 2002.
DOSSIER: 390 - ARTEXTE (Montréal, Qc)
Lion, Jenny and Gingras, Nicole and Jenkins, Bruce and Masayesva, Victor and Straayer, Chris and Gale, Peggy and Fung, Richard and Diamond, Sara and Lipsitz, George and Clarke, Wendy and Baron, Rebecca and Rainer, Yvonne and Lewis, George E. and Yuxweluptun, Lawrence Paul and Kuchar, George and Kunuk, Zacharias and Beaucage, Marjorie and Kibbins, Gary and Horrigan, Bill and Millner, Sherry and Weems, Carrie Mae and Puhipau. Magnetic North : Canadian Experimental Video. Minneapolis, MN: Walker Art Center, 2000.
Gellman, Dara and Fung, Richard and Golden, Anne. Reports : Three Programs of Video Art. Toronto, Ont.: V Tape, 1998.
DOSSIER: 390 - VTAPE (Toronto, Ont.)
Johnson, Lorraine and Tam, Ho and Metcalfe, Robin and Adams, Mary Louise and Buchanan, Hamish and Ditta, Su and Cossman, Brenda and Waugh, Thomas and Adelman, Shonagh and Carol, Elaine and Fung, Richard and Paterson, Andrew James and Marriott, John and McCormack, Thelma and Kiss & Tell. Suggestive Poses : Artists and Critics Respond to Censorship. Toronto, Ont.: Toronto Photographers Workshop; s.l.: The Riverbank Press, 1997.
White, Peter and Atkinson, Karen and Augaitis, Daina and Baert, Renée and Baerwaldt, Wayne and Borsa, Joan and Brooks, Sharon and Diamond, Sara and Donegan, Rosemary and Falk, Lorne and Fischer, Barbara and Fisher, Jennifer and Fortin, Sylvie and Fung, Richard and Gascon, France and Gilbert, Sylvie and Gingras, Nicole and Grenville, Bruce and Gupta, Sunil and Hassan, Jamelie and Hill, Tom and Lamoureux, Johanne and Marsden, Scott and Mastai, Judith and Nicodemus, Everlyn and Teitelbaum, Matthew and Tsang, Henry and Wallace, Keith and Watson, Scott. Naming a Practice : Curatorial Strategies for the Future. Banff, Alta: Banff Centre Press, 1996.
Gale, Peggy and Steele, Lisa and Elliott, George and Innis, Harold and McLuhan, Marshall and Greyson, John and Cousineau, Marie-Hélène and Beaucage, Marjorie and Hume, Verne and Forget, Robert and Bégin, Jean-Yves and Goldberg, Michael and Cameron, Eric and Ross, Christine and Berland, Jody and Frenkel, Vera and Gagnon, Jean and Peacock, Jan and Diamond, Sara and Poissant, Louise and Sherman, Tom and Tenhaaf, Nell and McIntosh, David and Vander Zaag, Elizabeth and Baert, Renée and Fung, Richard and Diamond, Sara and Kibbins, Gary and Langlois, Monique and Rynard, Susan and Ferguson, Bruce W. and Haustein, Lydia and Tuer, Dot and Lai, Larissa and Gingras, Nicole and Alioff, Maurie and Le Gris, Françoise and Carrière, Daniel and Bull, Hank and Anderson, John and Ross, Becki and Igloolik Isuma Productions and General Idea. Video Re/View : The (Best) Source for Critical Writings on Canadian Artists' Video. Toronto, Ont.: Art Metropole; s.l.: V Tape, 1996.
Gever, Martha and Greyson, John and Parmar, Pratibha and Rainer, Yvonne and Saalfield, Catherine and Navarro, Ray and Marshall, Stuart and Kwietniowski, Richard and Hammer, Barbara and Finch, Mark and Kotz, Liz and Chin, Daryl and Goldsby, Jackie and Viegener, Matias and Bociurkiw, Marusia and Waugh, Thomas and Diamond, Sara and Plakhov, Andrei and Tartaglia, Jerry and Bordowitz, Gregg and Brooke, Kaucyila and Parkerson, Michelle and Mercer, Kobena and Crimp, Douglas and White, Patricia and Di Stefano, John and Chua, Lawrence and Rich, B. Ruby and Gupta, Sunil and Speck, Wieland and Fung, Richard and Butler, Alison and Merck, Mandy and Deocampo, Nick and Evans, Donna and Carlomusto, Jean. Queer Looks : Perspectives on Lesbian and Gay Film and Video. Toronto, Ont.: Between the Lines, 1993.
Patton, Cindy and Marshall, Stuart and Mayne, Judith and Fung, Richard and Mercer, Kobena and De Lauretis, Teresa. How Do I Look? : Queer Film and Video. Seattle, WA: Bay Press, 1991.
Campbell, Colin and Lee, Bill and Tuer, Dot and Robertson, Clive and Fung, Richard. Trinity Square Video : Collection of Independent Video, 1982-1991. Toronto, Ont.: Trinity Square Video, 1991.
Wong, Paul and Gagnon, Monika and Fung, Richard and Lai, Larissa and Lum, Jean and Chan, Anthony and Onodera, Midi. Yellow Peril Reconsidered : Photo, Film, Video. Vancouver, BC: On Edge, 1990.
DOSSIER: 390 - ON EDGE (Vancouver, BC)
Tuer, Dot and Fung, Richard and Jackson, Marva and Mossop, Rowley and Bourgeois, Gail and Bailey, Beatrice and Turner, Lesley and Joseph, Clifton and Adelman, Shonagh and Gee, Bryan and Rynard, Su and Diamond, Sara and Martin, Chris and Bailey, Cameron and Yhap, Beverly and Diamond, Sara and Panitch, Leo and Barber, Bruce and Gillis, John and Sullivan, Joan and Simmons, Erica and Condy-Berggold, Craig. Fuse 11: 4. Fall. (1987).
Mason, Joyce and Brand, Dionne and Carvalho, Filomena and Bhaggiyadatta, Krisantha Sri and Sturman, Susan and Herman, Didi and Lounder, Barbara and Williamson, Janice and Allin, Heather and Reynaud, Berenice and Barber, Bruce and Dobkin, Alix and Koenig, Susan C. and Crombie, Kevin and Nemiroff, Greta Hofmann and Kembry, Nancy and Vigier, Rachel and Toronto Artists' Union. Fuse 8: 5. February/March. (1985).
Richmond, Norman Otis and House, Jeff and Tsang, Daniel and Smith, George and Greyson, John and Fung, Richard and Reid, Robert and Steele, Lisa and Whitfield, Tony and Sherman, Tom and Robinson, Gillian and Kearns, Jerry and Lippard, Lucy and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Kipnis, Laura and Tourbin, Dennis and Townsend, Martha and Friedman, Ken and Prescod-Roberts, Margaret. Fuse 5: 2-3. March/April. (1981).
Steele, Lisa and Fung, Richard and Taylor, Catherine and Guest, Tim and Harris, Alan and Maclean, Jay and Rosenberg, Avis Lang and Greyson, John and Mole, David and Chodos, Howard and Robertson, Clive and Barber, Bruce and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Beveridge, Karl and Whitfield, Tony and Paterson, Andrew James and Bull, Hank and Zuchman, Julie and Ruebsaat, Norbert and Curnoe, Greg and Steir, Merle and Youngblood, Gene and McLaren, Ross and Gronau, Anna and Frank, Peter. Fuse 4: 4. May. (1980).
Robertson, Clive and Fung, Richard and Walkom, Tom and House, Jeff and Johnson, Nancy and Parker, Ara Rose and Duncan, John and Reid, Robert and Fleming, Martha and Smith, George and Beveridge, Karl and Greyson, John and Guest, Tim and Kinsman, Gary and Berland, Jody and Barnard, Geoff and Tenhaaf, Nell and Whitfield, Tony and Ferguson, Bruce and Dyson, Brian. Fuse 4: 6. November. (1980).