Form Follows Fiction : Art and Artists in Toronto

Fischer, Barbara; Jacob, Luis; Crosby, Marcia; Lee, Dennis; Baird, George; Frye, Northrop; Gale, Peggy; Souster, Raymond; Brown, Ron; Dean, Tom; Lauer, Adam; Coleman, Victor; Atwood, Margaret; Carr-Harris, Ian; Town, Harold; Randolph, Jeanne; Welsh-Ovcharov, Bogomila; Monk, Philip; Frenkel, Vera; Curnoe, Greg; Bouchette, Joseph; Hoolbloom, Mike; Sharp, Willoughby; Fung, Richard; Buchan, David; Lennon, Madeline; Grenville, Bruce; Wallace, Aurora; Pevere, Geoff; Town, Harold; Brand, Dionne; Campbell, Colin; Reinke, Steve; Dean, Tom; Highway, Thomson; Harris, Amy Lavender; Jordan, Anique; Paterson, Andrew James; Richler, Noah; Tuer, Dot; MacEwen, Gwendolyn. Form Follows Fiction : Art and Artists in Toronto. London, England: Black Dog Publishing, 2020.

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Abstract (English)

" Curated by internationally renowned Toronto-based artist Luis Jacob, Form Follows Fiction: Art and Artists in Toronto concentrates on a period of more than fifty years to consider the ways in which artists visualize Toronto. Presenting a thematic clustering of works by eighty-six artists, the exhibition is premised on the tendency of artists in this city to favour performative and allegorical procedures to articulate their sense of place. " -- Publisher's website.

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All Contributors: Fischer, Barbara (Author); Jacob, Luis (Author); Crosby, Marcia (Author); Lee, Dennis (Author); Baird, George (Author); Frye, Northrop (Author); Gale, Peggy (Author); Souster, Raymond (Author); Brown, Ron (Author); Dean, Tom (Author); Lauer, Adam (Author); Coleman, Victor (Author); Atwood, Margaret (Author); Carr-Harris, Ian (Author); Town, Harold (Author); Randolph, Jeanne (Author); Welsh-Ovcharov, Bogomila (Author); Monk, Philip (Author); Frenkel, Vera (Author); Curnoe, Greg (Author); Bouchette, Joseph (Author); Hoolbloom, Mike (Author); Sharp, Willoughby (Author); Fung, Richard (Author); Buchan, David (Author); Lennon, Madeline (Author); Grenville, Bruce (Author); Wallace, Aurora (Author); Pevere, Geoff (Author); Town, Harold (Author); Brand, Dionne (Author); Campbell, Colin (Author); Reinke, Steve (Author); Dean, Tom (Author); Highway, Thomson (Author); Harris, Amy Lavender (Author); Jordan, Anique (Author); Paterson, Andrew James (Author); Richler, Noah (Author); Tuer, Dot (Author); MacEwen, Gwendolyn (Author); (Author)
Dossier: 410 - JACOB, LUIS
Collation: 239 pages : colour illustrations ; 29 cm
ISBN: 9781912165278
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: London, England: Black Dog Publishing
Artists: Luis, Jacob; Kwan, Will; Curnoe, Greg; Blackwell, Adrian; General Idea (Collective); Taconis, Tess Boudreau; Town, Harold; Houle, Robert; Steele, Lisa; Thomas, Jeff; Condé, Carole; Beveridge, Karl; Turner, Camille; Devine, Bonnie; Halm, Renée Van; Kolisnyk, Peter; Lebredt, Gordon; Collins, John; Smith, Sir David William; Wiens, Robert; Maccallum, Peter; Harry, Isobel; Dean, Tom; Anderson, David; Letendre, Rita; Linklater, Duane; Thomas, Jeff; Cesta, Carlos; Armstrong, Beere; Armstrong, Hime; Disckson, Scott; Koopmans, Robert; Henderson, Karen; Six, David Armstrong; Toronto Ink Company; Sasaki, Jon; Gagen, Robert; Wiitasalo, Shirley; Pachter, Charles; Carl, James; Bowyer, Peter; Poldaas, Jaan; Ramsay, Benny Nemerofsky; Logue, Deirdre; Mitchell, Allyson; Buckland, Michael; Robertson, Mitch; Adams, Kim; Marriott, John; Pflug, Christiane; Lambeth, Michel; Snow, Michael; Hagan, Frederick; Wieland, Joyce; Tse, Kwan; Partheniou, Roula; Villeneuve, Denis; Macdonell, Annie; Varley, Frederick; Lake, Suzy; Moser, Bridget; Niro, Shelley; Beam, Carl; Tod, Joanne; Monkman, Kent; Buchan, David; Kubota, Nobuo; Girling, Oliver; B, Napo; Wagman, Lorne; Lismer, Arthur; Haworth, Bobs Cogill; Wilson, Tony; Milman, Day; Gratland, Paige; Caffery, John; Bruce La Bruce; Jones, G. B.; Reinke, Steve; Campbell, Colin; Johnson, Rae; Coburn, Wendy; Harris, Lawren S.; Meigs, Sandra; MacDonald, J. E. H.; Rayner, Gordon; Murray, Charlie; Vaag, Thom Van Der; Howard, John G.; Clark, Paraskeva; Mishcenko, Olia; Steele, Lisa; Bowen, Deanna; Curnoe, Greg; Dhaliwal, Sarindar; Lake, Suzy; Maggs, Arnaud; Housser, Yvonne Mckague; Pien, Ed; Gurney, Janice; Olson, Daniel
Event Title: Form Follows Fiction : Art and Artists in Toronto
Type: Exhibition
Location: Art Museum at the University of Toronto (Ontario, Toronto)
Dates: 6 September - 10 December 2016
Copyright Statement: Black Dog Press Limited; Luis Jacob
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