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O'Brian, John and White, Peter and Wall, Jeff and McLuhan, Marshall and Snow, Michael and Curnoe, Greg and Shaw, Nancy and Sloan, Johanne and Berland, Jody and Reid, Dennis and Frye, Northrop and Lord, Barry and Davis, Ann and Cole, Douglas and Walton, Paul and Donegan, Rosemary and Payne, Carol and Watkins, Mel and Whitelaw, Anne and Zemans, Joyce and Jessup, Lynda and Dawn, Leslie and Varley, Christopher and Hill, Richard William and Watson, Scott and Crosby, Marcia and Fulford, Robert and Moray, Gerta and Harris, Cole and Anderson, Benedict and Nasgaard, Roald and Stacey, Robert and Arnold, Grant and Douglas, Stan and Greenberg, Reesa and Poitras, Edward and Trépanier, Esther and Lamoureux, Johanne and Linsley, Robert and Bordo, Jonathan and Tuer, Dot and Todd, Loretta. Beyond Wilderness : The Group of Seven, Canadian Identity and Contemporary Art. Montréal, Qc: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2007.
Semiotext(e).: 17. New York, NY: Semiotext(e); Peterborough, Ont.: s.n.
Barbeau, Marius and Hassell, John and Lampman, Archibald and Scott, Duncan Campbell and MacDonald, J.e.h. and Gadsby, H.f. and Charlesworth, Hector and Casson, A.j. and Brooker, Bertram and Comfort, Charles and Carr, Emily and Frye, Northrop and Milne, David and Abell, Walter and Lamb Bobak, Molly and Lewis, Wyndham and Borduas, Paul-Émile and Gagnon, Maurice and Riopelle, Jean-Paul and Dumas, Paul and Ayre, Robert and Fairley, Barker and Duff, Wilson and Houston, James and Ronald, William and Town, Harold and Duval, Paul and Isaacs, Avrom and Kramer, Hilton and Gwyn, Sandra and Fulford, Robert and McPherson, Hugo and Woodcock, George and Greenberg, Clement and Lord, Barry and Falk, Gathie and Zemel, Carol and Massey Commission. Documents in Canadian Art. Peterborough, Ont.: Broadview Press, 1987.
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