Semiotext(e).: 17. New York, NY: Semiotext(e); Peterborough, Ont.: s.n.

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All Contributors: Zinovich, Jordan (Editor); Zinovich, Jordan (Artist); Zinovich, Jordan (Author); Beaulieu, Carole (Editor); Beaulieu, Carole (Artist); Mignone, Christof (Editor); Mignone, Christof (Author); Serres, Michel (Author); Falk, Lorne (Author); Cook, Kevin (Author); Berland, Jody (Author); Hall, Tony (Author); Wilden, Anthony (Author); Vallières, Pierre (Author); Wershler-Henry, Darren (Author); Boivin, Jaques (Author); William, Michael (Author); Robertson, L. (Author); Stewart, C. (Author); Strang, C. (Author); Watson, Scott (Author); Cantsin, Monty (Author); Cayeway, Lon (Author); Schroeder, Jerry (Author); Watson, Paul (Author); Nelson, Joyce (Author); Drouin, Marc (Author); Müller-Wille, Ludger (Author); David, Joe (Author); Kroker, Arthur (Author); Vaughan, R.M. (Author); Benson, David L. (Author); Mukherjee, Bharati (Author); Campbell, Jim (Author); Giaremin, Roy (Author); Peraldi, François (Author); Scheuing, Ruth (Artist); Scheuing, Ruth (Author); Gagnon, Monika (Author); Haig, Thomas (Author); Frye, Northrop (Author); Shaw, Nancy (Author); Pidduck, Julianne (Author); Richards, Catherine (Author); Gibson, William (Author); Fisch, Barbara (Author); De Lotbinière-Harwood, Susanne (Author); Chagnon, Martine (Author); Société de Conservation du Présent, La (Artist); Société de Conservation du Présent, La (Author); Morriseau, Miles (Author); Baker, Marie Ann Hart (Author); Todd, Loretta (Author); Chiasson, Herménégilde (Author); Robert, Jocelyn (Author); Salloum, Jayce (Author); William, Michael (Author); Sourkes, Cheryl (Artist); Everet, Catherine (Artist); Burns, Bill E. (Artist); William, Michael (Artist); Yoon, Jin-Me (Artist); Goddess, Krista (Artist); Morton, John (Artist); Gilbert, Lorraine (Artist); Bachand, Richard (Artist); Hammond, Linda Dawn (Artist); Gilbert, Gerry (Artist); Gilbert, Gerry (Author); Sandmark, Peter (Artist); Alstad, Michael (Artist); McLeod, Scott (Artist); Reich, C. (Artist); Bradley, Maureen (Artist); Comeau, Danielle (Author); Salloum, Jayce (Artist); Werry, Loren (Artist); Ruwedel, Mark (Artist); Milton Born With a Tooth; Gwendolyn; Detournement; Adbusters; Adbusters; Fly; Earthroots; Rogde; Moore & Muszka
Collation: 320 p. : 66 ill. (1 col.) ; 23 x 16 cm
ISBN: 009395779|1570270139|0969843305
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: New York, NY: Semiotext(e); Peterborough, Ont.: s.n.
Artists: Sourkes, Cheryl; Everet, Catherine; Beaulieu, Carole; Burns, Bill E.; William, Michael; Yoon, Jin-Me; Goddess, Krista; Morton, John; Gilbert, Lorraine; Adbusters; Earthroots; Bachand, Richard; Hammond, Linda Dawn; Sandmark, Peter; Scheuing, Ruth; Alstad, Michael; Mcleod, Scott; Reich, C.; Rogde; Bradley, Maureen; Comeau, Danielle; Salloum, Jayce; Werry, Loren; Zinovich, Jordan; Société De Conservation Du Présent, La; MOORE & MUSZKA; Ruwedel, Mark

Published as vol. VI, issue 2.

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Date Deposited: 22 May 1995
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