Bradley, Jessica and Miller, Alan and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Danzker, Jo-Anne Birnie and Robertson, Clive and Sherman, Tom and Bertocci, Carlo and Nannucci, Maurizio and Bull, Hank and Morris, Paul and Rothberg, David and Harry, Isobel and Beveridge, Karl and Szwajewska, Monika and Greyson, John and Steele, Lisa and Holden-Lawrence, Monica and Guest, Tim and Coleman, Victor and General Idea. Centerfold 3: 5. July. (1979).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Bienvenue, Marcella (Editor); Robertson, Clive (Editor); Sherman, Tom (Editor); Steele, Lisa (Editor); Wright, Joe (Editor); Bull, Hank (Editor); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Editor); Bertocci, Carlo (Collaborator); Beveridge, Karl (Collaborator); Blouin, René (Collaborator); Coleman, Victor (Collaborator); D'Amico, Margarita (Collaborator); Danzker, Jo-Anne Birnie (Collaborator); Don, Trudy (Collaborator); Greyson, John (Collaborator); Guest, Tim (Collaborator); Harry, Isobel (Collaborator); Holden-Lawrence, Monica (Collaborator); McGlade, Terry (Collaborator); Morris, Paul (Collaborator); Nannucci, Maurizio (Collaborator); Szwajewska, Monika (Collaborator); Wright, Joe (Collaborator); Arellano, Rommel García (Photographer); Campbell, Colin (Photographer); Gorman, Jim (Photographer); Grenier, Serge (Photographer); Konieczny, Marek (Photographer); Melotti, Gianni (Photographer); Molyneaux, Brian (Photographer); Robertson, Clive (Photographer); Sosa, Irene (Photographer); Steele, Lisa (Photographer); Todd, Kim (Photographer); Tomczak, Kim (Photographer); Wai, Jean (Photographer); Whalen, Judy (Photographer); Wyngaarden, Cory (Photographer); Robertson, Clive (Designer); Rosenberg, Tanya (Collaborator); Greyson, John (Collaborator); Robertson, Clive (Collaborator); Steele, Lisa (Collaborator); Beveridge, Karl (Producer); Collyer, Robin (Producer); Conde, Carole (Producer); Greyson, John (Producer); Reid, Bob (Producer); Rosenberg, Tanya (Producer); Sherman, Tom (Producer); Bradley, Jessica (Author); Miller, Alan (Author); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Author); Danzker, Jo-Anne Birnie (Author); Robertson, Clive (Author); Sherman, Tom (Author); Bertocci, Carlo (Author); Nannucci, Maurizio (Author); Bull, Hank (Author); Morris, Paul (Author); Rothberg, David (Author); Harry, Isobel (Author); Beveridge, Karl (Author); Szwajewska, Monika (Author); Greyson, John (Author); Steele, Lisa (Author); Holden-Lawrence, Monica (Author); Guest, Tim (Author); Coleman, Victor (Author); Blouin, René (Interviewer); Gauthier, Jacques (Interviewee); Tomczak, Kim (Interviewee); Mitchell, John (Interviewee); Lama Labs; Delta Web Graphics; Bowden's Wire Service; General Idea
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: Blair, Brian; Bull, Hank; Britton, Susan; Caristan, George; Chitty, Elizabeth; D'Amico, Margarita; Deane, Joanne; Dibango, Manu; Doucet, Paul; Dubin, Larry; Dudar, Peter; Eng, Lily; Konieczny, Marek; Krupa, Gene; Lack, Stephen; Laing, John; Lozano, Jorge; Manzo, Luis; Marquez, Hugo; Muntadas, Antonio; Risquez, Diego; Sanoja, Sonia; Steele, Lisa; Sembene, Ousmane; Mattes, Al; Mitchell, John; Moyle, Allan; Beveridge, Karl; Tomczak, C.K.; Waldemar, Delima; Zerpa, Carlos; Conde, Carole
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: One Camera One Vote
Publisher's mailing address:
Arton's, 217 Richmond St. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1W2.
Includes interviews with Jacques Gauthier, C.K. Tomczak and John Mitchell.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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