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Bienvenue, Marcella and Mulvey, Russell. Ars Artium : A Collection of Media Art Celebrating Ten Years of the Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta. Edmonton, Alta: Film and Video Arts Society, 1993.
McAlear, Donna and Milthorp, Robert and Bienvenue, Marcella and Peacock, Jan and Poier, Grant. Interior Presence : Projection Situations : Marcella Bienvenue, Geneviève Cadieux, Wyn Geleynse, Jan Peacock, Grant Poier, Tom Sherman. Calgary, Alta: The Nickle Arts Museum, 1990.
Tivy, Sandra and Bienvenue, Marcella and Rusted, Brian. Media Blitz. Calgary, Alta: The New Gallery, 1989.
DOSSIER: 352 - NEW GALLERY, The (Calgary)
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DOSSIER: 352 - NEW GALLERY, The (Calgary)
Sekula, Allan and Bienvenue, Marcella and Dyson, Bryan. Video Net : Documentation of video/performance activities at the Alberta College of Art Gallery 1978-79 and 1979-80. Calgary, Alta: Syntax, 1985.
DOSSIER: en traitement
Larson, Doris and Bienvenue, Marcella and Diamond, Sarah and Nicol, Nancy and Cuthand, Ruth and Blackbridge, Persimmon and Gilhooly, Sheila and Pitch, Marcia and Purdy, Bernice and Conley, Christine. Women in Politics. Saskatoon, Sask.: A.K.A. Gallery, 1984.
DOSSIER: 355 - AKA (Saskatoon)
Robertson, Clive and Barber, Bruce and Bienvenue, Marcella and Brisley, Stuart and Chitty, Elizabeth and Knox, Sonia and Odenbach, Marcel and Rosenbach, Ulrike and Rosler, Martha. Agit-Prop : Performance in Banff : Barber, Bienvenue, Brisley, Chitty, Knox, Odenbach, Rosenbach, Rosler. Banff, Alta: Walter Phillips Gallery, 1982.
Anderson, John and Guest, Tim and Conde, Carole and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Bull, Hank and Gruben, Patricia and Frenkel, Vera and Harrison, A.s.a. and Robertson, Clive and McCaffery, Steve and Osborne, Stephen and Steele, Lisa and Sherman, Tom and Tenhaaf, Nell and Tomczak, Kim and Vanderzaag, Elizabeth and Patton, Andy and Roualdés, Alain and Pinkel, Sheila and Coleman, Victor and Beveridge, Karl and The Strike Collective. Centerfold 3: 3. February/March. (1979).
Banana, Anna and Bélanger, Michael and Buchan, David and Clayton, Paul and Collyer, Robin and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Davies, Di and Dreva, Jerry and English, Rose and Gale, Peggy and Glandfield, Lou and Guest, Tim and Gumbley, Steve and Lockhart, Lizzie and Moore, Brodnax and Nuttall, Jeff and Potter, Sally and Robertson, Clive and Ruby, Clayton C. and Sherman, Tom and Smith, Kent G. and Steele, Lisa and Wheeler, David. Centerfold 3: 4. April/May. (1979).
Bradley, Jessica and Miller, Alan and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Danzker, Jo-Anne Birnie and Robertson, Clive and Sherman, Tom and Bertocci, Carlo and Nannucci, Maurizio and Bull, Hank and Morris, Paul and Rothberg, David and Harry, Isobel and Beveridge, Karl and Szwajewska, Monika and Greyson, John and Steele, Lisa and Holden-Lawrence, Monica and Guest, Tim and Coleman, Victor and General Idea. Centerfold 3: 5. July. (1979).
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Applebaum, Isaac and Bienvenue, Marcella and Blouin, René and Campbell, Colin and Coutts-Smith, Kenneth and Davey, Steven and Didlake, Scott and Keziere, Russell and Nicol, Nancy and Racine, Rober and Robertson, Clive and Sharp, Willoughby and Sherman, Tom and Wong, Paul and Beveridge, Karl and Bronson, A A and Shumway, Loren and General Idea. Centerfold 3: 1. December. (1978).
Dragu, Margaret and Loeffler, Carl and Blair, Eric and Sujir, Leila. Centerfold 2: 5. (1978).
Bienvenue, Marcella and Robertson, Clive. Centerfold: 7 - 8. (1977).
Bienvenue, Marcella and Joyner, Brooks and Robertson, Clive and Sujir, Leila and Kostelanetz, Richard. Centerfold: 9 - 10. (1977).
Robertson, Clive and Chadbourne, Eugene. Centerfold 1: 5-6. (1977).
Nations, Opal L. and Moeller, Peter. Centerfold 2: 1. (1977).
Shapiro, Barbara and Lewis, Marien and Robertson, Clive and Coleman, Victor and Bienvenue, Marcella and Couture, Francine and Tourbin, Dennis and Falk, Lorne and Gore, Tom and Bartlett, Martin and Anson, Peter and Bierk, David and Ewing, William A. and O'Hara, Kathy and Jackson, Graham and Mattes, Allan and Morris, Michael and Mitchell, Charles. Rétrospective Parallélogramme, 1976-1977 = Parallelogramme Retrospective, 1976-1977. Montréal, Qc: ANNPAC/RACA, 1977.
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Bienvenue, Marcella and Murphy, Michael and Cummins, Pauline and Gogarty, Amy and Sowiak, Christine and Brown, Rosemary and Burns, Kay. Sandra Vida : Vision and Voice. Calgary, Alta: EMMEDIA.