Banana, Anna; Bélanger, Michael; Buchan, David; Clayton, Paul; Collyer, Robin; Coutts-Smith, Kenneth; Davies, Di; Dreva, Jerry; English, Rose; Gale, Peggy; Glandfield, Lou; Guest, Tim; Gumbley, Steve; Lockhart, Lizzie; Moore, Brodnax; Nuttall, Jeff; Potter, Sally; Robertson, Clive; Ruby, Clayton C.; Sherman, Tom; Smith, Kent G.; Steele, Lisa; Wheeler, David. Centerfold 3: 4. April/May. (1979).

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Types: Periodicals > Periodical issue
All Contributors: Bienvenue, Marcella (Editor); Robertson, Clive (Editor); Sherman, Tom (Editor); Steele, Lisa (Editor); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Editor); Bélanger, Michael (Collaborator); Bloomer, Tom (Collaborator); Buchan, David (Collaborator); Clayton, Paul (Collaborator); Collyer, Robin (Collaborator); Davies, Di (Collaborator); English, Rose (Collaborator); Glandfield, Lou (Collaborator); Guest, Tim (Collaborator); Gumbley, Steve (Collaborator); Lockhart, Lizzie (Collaborator); MacRitchie, Lynn (Collaborator); Mattes, Al (Collaborator); Moore, Brodnax (Collaborator); Nicol, Nancy (Collaborator); Nuttall, Jeff (Collaborator); Potter, Sally (Collaborator); Wheeler, David (Collaborator); Collyer, David (Photographer); Anderson, Tobey (Photographer); Applebaum, Isaac (Photographer); Beesley, Philip (Photographer); Campbell, Colin (Photographer); Derrick, Paul (Photographer); Dubose, George (Photographer); Goring, Trevor (Photographer); Ingelevics, Vid (Photographer); Laye, Mike (Photographer); Lounder, Barbara (Photographer); Perry, Roger (Photographer); Raimi, Jessica (Photographer); Sherman, Tom (Photographer); Stewart, Ian (Photographer); Robertson, Clive (Designer); Rosenberg, Tanya (Collaborator); Beveridge, Karl (Producer); Conde, Carole (Producer); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Producer); Gledhill, Randy (Producer); Rosenberg, Tanya (Producer); Sherman, Tom (Producer); Wright, Joe (Producer); Robertson, Clive (Collaborator); Steele, Lisa (Collaborator); Banana, Anna (Author); Bélanger, Michael (Author); Buchan, David (Author); Clayton, Paul (Author); Collyer, Robin (Author); Coutts-Smith, Kenneth (Author); Davies, Di (Author); Dreva, Jerry (Author); English, Rose (Author); Gale, Peggy (Author); Glandfield, Lou (Author); Guest, Tim (Author); Gumbley, Steve (Author); Lockhart, Lizzie (Author); Moore, Brodnax (Author); Nuttall, Jeff (Author); Potter, Sally (Author); Robertson, Clive (Author); Ruby, Clayton C. (Author); Sherman, Tom (Author); Smith, Kent G. (Author); Steele, Lisa (Author); Wheeler, David (Author); MacRitchie, Lynn (Interviewer); English, Rose (Interviewee); Dragu, Margaret (Interviewee); Mattes, Al (Interviewee)
Language of Publication: English; French
Publishers: Calgary, Alta: Arton's
Artists: B-52's; Campbell, Colin; Cimino, Michael; Davies, Di; Dragu, Margaret; English, Rose; General Idea (Collective); Glandfield, Lou; Glass Orchestra, The; Gumbley, Steve; Hockney, David; I. O. U. (Collective); Kaiser, Henry; Kondo, Toshinori; Lockhart, Lizzie; Monday Orchestra, The; Moore, Brodnax; New Music Co-op, The; Nihilist Spasm Band, The; Oswald, John; Parker, Evan; Randy and Bernicci; Sinclair, John; Tubes, The; Waisvisz, Michel; Wheeler, David
Copyright Statement: ARTON'S

Issue's title: Women & Infanticide.
Publisher's mailing address:
Arton's, 217 Richmond St. W., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5V 1W2.
Includes bibliographical references.
Bibliographical record included in Felicity Tayler's research and cataloging project “Geographies of Eros”, 2018.

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