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Banana, Anna. Interview with Anna Banana. Montréal, Qc: Artexte, 2019.
Gilbert, Zanna. Supplement : Mr. Peanut Summit. Vancouver, BC: Fillip, 2019.
DOSSIER: 390 - FILLIP (Vancouver, BC)
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DOSSIER: 500 - ARTROPOLIS (Vancouver, BC)
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DOSSIER: 390 - LEAGUE OF SHOES, The (Vancouver, BC)
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Anna Banana's Banana Bulletin.. Roberts Creek, BC: Anna Banana
No 1 (1998 : July) - No 2 (1999 : April) ; No 4 (1999 : Sept.) - No 9 (2002 : Sept.)
Encyclopedia Bananica.. Vancouver, BC: Anna Banana
Vol. 1 No 1 (1990 : June)
Vile.. San Francisco CA: Banana Productions
Vol. 3 no 1 (1975) ; Vol. 3 no 2 (1977) ; Vol. 1 no 2/Vol. 2 no 1 = No 2/3 (1976 : Summer) ; Vol. 6 no 3 = No 6 (1978 : Summer)