Momenta Biennale : Sensing Nature

Bervin, Jen; Dubois, Anne-Marie; Eshrāghi, Léuli; Georgeson-Usher, Camille; Johnson, Maude; Mullen, le’nikónirare faye; Rider, Alexis; Donckt, Julia Roberge Van Der; Soin, Himali Singh; Tremblay, Joce TwoCrows Mashkikii Bimosewin; Wyss, T'uy't'tanat-Cease; Genois, Audrey. Momenta Biennale : Sensing Nature. Bielefeld, Germany: Kerber Verlag, 2021.

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Abstract (English)

" Sensing Nature, the title for the 17th edition of MOMENTA, can be read in multiple ways. On the one hand, it assumes a human who is sensing nature, perhaps holding a blueberry picked in a forest, exposed to various modes of perception: sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. None of us sense in the same way, and our diverse and differently abled bodies perceive and feel differently. On the other hand, the title assumes nature sensing back. Our doings register like sunlight bleaching the colour of driftwood over time or imprinting itself on the retina of an exposed eye. In acknowledging this reciprocity, the biennale works toward decentring the often- foregrounded European-Enlightenment human creator of knowl- edge concerning the natural world. It makes room for stories that dwell in the blurred boundaries between culture and nature, weaving in both human and nonhuman modes of knowing. Sensing Nature recognizes that we are in relation with nature, that we are of nature. " -- Publisher's website.

Types: Catalogues > Event catalogues
All Contributors: Bervin, Jen (Author); Dubois, Anne-Marie (Author); Eshrāghi, Léuli (Author); Georgeson-Usher, Camille (Author); Johnson, Maude (Author); Mullen, le’nikónirare faye (Author); Rider, Alexis (Author); Donckt, Julia Roberge Van Der (Author); Soin, Himali Singh (Author); Tremblay, Joce TwoCrows Mashkikii Bimosewin (Author); Wyss, T'uy't'tanat-Cease (Author); Genois, Audrey (Author)
Dossier: 500 - MOMENTA BIENNALE DE L'IMAGE (Montréal, Qc)
Collation: 167 pages : colour illustrations ; 30 cm
ISBN: 9782981814753
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Bielefeld, Germany: Kerber Verlag
Artists: Silverbear; Wyss, T'uy't'tanat-Cease; Tremblay, Joce TwoCrows Mashkikii Bimosewin; mullen, le’nikónirare faye; Havini, Taloi; Igharas, Tsema; Siddall, Erin; Mackerel, Kama La; Simun, Miriam; Tagny, Eve; Akhavan, Abbas; Njootli, Jeneen Frei; Hill, Gabrielle L'Hirondelle; Morin, Peter; Willard, Tania; Lum, Chloë; Desranleau, Yannick; Monnet, Caroline; Ortman, Laura; Eshraghi, Léuli; Lin, Candice; Staff, P.; Phan, Thao Nguyen; Muñoz, Beatriz Santiago; Khalil, Adam; Khalil, Zack; Kite; Polys, Jackson; Jordan, Anne Duk Hee; Bervin, Jen; Caycedo, Carolina; Goudreau, Maryse; Hameed, Ayeesha; Hamedine, Kane; Igharas, Tsema; Schuppli, Susan; Winterling, Susanne M.; Sabur, Jamilah; Brathwaite, Charlotte; Creuzet, Julien; Mujinga, Sandra; Rezaire, Tabita; Shah, Tejal; Mckenzie, Frances Adair; B, alaska; Benesiinaabandan, Scott; Diallo, Anna Binta; Jackson, Lisa; McKoy, Malik; McLeod, Alex; Ratté, Sabrina
Critics / Curators / Historians: Hessler, Stefanie; Georgeson-Usher, Camille; Johnson, Maude; Soin, Himali Singh
Event Title: Momenta Biennale : Sensing Nature
Type: Exhibition
Location: Various exhibition centers in Montréal, Québec.
Dates: 8 September - 24 October 2021
Copyright Statement: Kerber Verlag, Bielefeld/Berlin, MOMENTA Biennale de l'image, Montreal, artists and authors

Includes biographical notes.
Includes bibliographical references.

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