Island Visual Artists '84 : An Exhibition Representing the Work of Island Visual Artists

Williamson, Moncrieff and Aho, Vivian and Arvidson, Ronald and Basiletti, Mari and Bourque, Claire and Burden, John P. and Burke, Brian and Callbeck, Bertha and Cantelo, Marilyn and Carruthers, Sandy and Chodorow, Susan Quan and Coffin, Trudi J. and Cran, Emily Elizabeth and Cudmore, Catherine L. and Desborough, Ardis and Durant, Emily Charlotte and Durant, Peter and Ells, Gerald and Fichaud, Gwen and Gallant, Helen and Harrison, Elaine and Harwood, Jocelyn and Henry, Jean and Horton, Pene and Horton, Robert and Huestis, Doreen and Huestis, Lowell E. and Irving, Daphne and Ives, Eileen and Kinder, Benjamin and Landry, Michael H. and Lee, Ann Dow and MacDougall, Isabel and MacKeeman, Karl and Maryniak, Maria and Matheson, Jim and McClean, James and Mills, Joel and Morrissey, Mae and Muzika, Margaret and Phillis, Christopher and Place, Ann Beverly and Purdy, Henry and Putnam, Elspeth and Robinson, Edith and Roe, Elizabeth and Roe, Nigel and Samuelson, Jodee and Savidant, Diana and Scantlebury, Joanne and Scott, Ian and Smith, Mary and Stanfield, Maxine and Stanley, Malcolm and Szirtes, Michael and Thompson, Joan and White, Ann Blair and Williams, Wally and Wright, Tim. Island Visual Artists '84 : An Exhibition Representing the Work of Island Visual Artists. Charlottetown, PEi: Holland College School of Visual Arts Gallery, 1984.

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Abstract (English)

Williamson gives an anecdotal history of Prince Edward Island's art scene. Includes biographical notes and artists' statements.

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All Contributors: Williamson, Moncrieff (Author); Aho, Vivian (Artist); Aho, Vivian (Author); Arvidson, Ronald (Artist); Arvidson, Ronald (Author); Basiletti, Mari (Artist); Basiletti, Mari (Author); Bourque, Claire (Artist); Bourque, Claire (Author); Burden, John P. (Artist); Burden, John P. (Author); Burke, Brian (Artist); Burke, Brian (Author); Callbeck, Bertha (Artist); Callbeck, Bertha (Author); Cantelo, Marilyn (Artist); Cantelo, Marilyn (Author); Carruthers, Sandy (Artist); Carruthers, Sandy (Author); Chodorow, Susan Quan (Artist); Chodorow, Susan Quan (Author); Coffin, Trudi J. (Artist); Coffin, Trudi J. (Author); Cran, Emily Elizabeth (Artist); Cran, Emily Elizabeth (Author); Cudmore, Catherine L. (Artist); Cudmore, Catherine L. (Author); Desborough, Ardis (Artist); Desborough, Ardis (Author); Durant, Emily Charlotte (Artist); Durant, Emily Charlotte (Author); Durant, Peter (Artist); Durant, Peter (Author); Ells, Gerald (Artist); Ells, Gerald (Author); Fichaud, Gwen (Artist); Fichaud, Gwen (Author); Gallant, Helen (Artist); Gallant, Helen (Author); Harrison, Elaine (Artist); Harrison, Elaine (Author); Harwood, Jocelyn (Artist); Harwood, Jocelyn (Author); Henry, Jean (Artist); Henry, Jean (Author); Horton, Pene (Artist); Horton, Pene (Author); Horton, Robert (Artist); Horton, Robert (Author); Huestis, Doreen (Artist); Huestis, Doreen (Author); Huestis, Lowell E. (Artist); Huestis, Lowell E. (Author); Irving, Daphne (Artist); Irving, Daphne (Author); Ives, Eileen (Artist); Ives, Eileen (Author); Kinder, Benjamin (Artist); Kinder, Benjamin (Author); Landry, Michael H. (Artist); Landry, Michael H. (Author); Lee, Ann Dow (Artist); Lee, Ann Dow (Author); MacDougall, Isabel (Artist); MacDougall, Isabel (Author); MacKeeman, Karl (Artist); MacKeeman, Karl (Author); Maryniak, Maria (Artist); Maryniak, Maria (Author); Matheson, Jim (Artist); Matheson, Jim (Author); McClean, James (Artist); McClean, James (Author); Mills, Joel (Artist); Mills, Joel (Author); Morrissey, Mae (Artist); Morrissey, Mae (Author); Muzika, Margaret (Artist); Muzika, Margaret (Author); Phillis, Christopher (Artist); Phillis, Christopher (Author); Place, Ann Beverly (Artist); Place, Ann Beverly (Author); Purdy, Henry (Artist); Purdy, Henry (Author); Putnam, Elspeth (Artist); Putnam, Elspeth (Author); Robinson, Edith (Artist); Robinson, Edith (Author); Roe, Elizabeth (Artist); Roe, Elizabeth (Author); Roe, Nigel (Artist); Roe, Nigel (Author); Samuelson, Jodee (Artist); Samuelson, Jodee (Author); Savidant, Diana (Artist); Savidant, Diana (Author); Scantlebury, Joanne (Artist); Scantlebury, Joanne (Author); Scott, Ian (Artist); Scott, Ian (Author); Smith, Mary (Artist); Smith, Mary (Author); Stanfield, Maxine (Artist); Stanfield, Maxine (Author); Stanley, Malcolm (Artist); Stanley, Malcolm (Author); Szirtes, Michael (Artist); Szirtes, Michael (Author); Thompson, Joan (Artist); Thompson, Joan (Author); White, Ann Blair (Artist); White, Ann Blair (Author); Williams, Wally (Artist); Williams, Wally (Author); Wright, Tim (Artist); Wright, Tim (Author); Lee, James M. (Prefacer); McMahon, George R. (Prefacer)
Collation: 83 p. : 166 ill. ; 20 x 23 cm
Language of Publication: English
Publishers: Charlottetown, PEi: Holland College School of Visual Arts Gallery
Artists: Aho, Vivian; Arsenault, Adrien; Arvidson, Ronald; Barton, Georgie; Basiletti, Mari; Bentley, Charles; Bentley, Eileen; Bourque, Claire; Broderick, David; Burden, John P.; Burke, Brian; Callbeck, Bertha; Cantelo, Marilyn; Carruthers, Sandy; Chodorow, Neil; Chodorow, Susan Quan; Coffin, Trudi J.; Cran, Emily Elizabeth; Cudmore, Catherine L.; Desborough, Ardis; Doddridge, Bob; Durant, Emily Charlotte; Durant, Peter; Ells, Gerald; Emery, Vian; Fichaud, Gwen; Gallant, Helen; Harrison, Elaine; Harwood, Jocelyn; Henry, Jean; Horton, Pene; Horton, Robert; Hubley, Helen; Huestis, Doreen; Huestis, Lowell E.; Irving, Daphne; Ives, Eileen; Jansons, Peter; Jeeves, Barry; Kennedy, Hannelore; Kinder, Benjamin; Landry, Michael H.; Lee, Ann Dow; Macdougall, Isabel; Mackeeman, Karl; Macneill, Joan; Maryniak, Maria; Matheson, Jim; Matheson, Ruby; Mcclean, James; Mills, Joel; Morrissey, Mae; Muzika, Margaret; Palmer, Maryanne; Phillis, Carl; Phillis, Christopher; Place, Ann Beverly; Place, Gregory; Purdy, Henry; Putnam, Elspeth; Rice, Kevin; Robinson, Edith; Roe, Elizabeth; Roe, Nigel; Rutherford, Erica; Samuelson, Jodee; Savidant, Diana; Scantlebury, Joanne; Scott, Ian; Smith, Mary; Stanfield, Maxine; Stanley, Malcolm; Stanley, Patrick; Stewart, Russell; Szirtes, Michael; Thompson, Joan; Trainor, Floyd; White, Ann Blair; Wightman, Donna; Williams, Wally; Woolnough, Hilda; Wright, Tim
Critics / Curators / Historians: Sears, Elizabeth
Art Organizations: Holland College School Of Visual Arts Gallery (Charlottetown)
Event Statement: Exhibition dates: 1 Aug. - 1 Sept. 1984, Holland College School of Visual Arts Gallery (Charlottetown).
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