Location/Sites National = Locations/National

Eyland, Cliff and Bean, Robert and Craig, David and Desnoyers, Monique and Lounder, Barbara and Quinn, Catherine and Merritt, David and McQuay, Steve and Needham, Wilma and Bernier, Jean-Jacques and Townsend, Martha and Boyer, Gilbert and Gougeon, Diane and McSherry, Fred and Wiens, Robert and Golden, Brad and Youds, Robert and Tivy, Sandra and Hardy, Patricia Ann and May, Walter and Spindler, Christoph and Will, John and Fischer, Barbara. Location/Sites National = Locations/National. [Toronto, Ont.?]: [ANNPAC/RACA?], 1983.

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Abstract (English)

This catalogue brings together descriptions of 31 public art projects presented in Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Calgary and Victoria. Includes statements by some of the artists.


Ce catalogue réunit les descriptions de 31 projets d'art public présentés à Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Calgary et Victoria. Comprend des textes par certain(e)s des artistes. Seul le dossier concernant la ville de Montréal est présenté en français.

Types: Catalogues
All Contributors: Eyland, Cliff (Author); Bean, Robert (Artist); Bean, Robert (Author); Craig, David (Artist); Craig, David (Author); Desnoyers, Monique (Artist); Desnoyers, Monique (Author); Lounder, Barbara (Artist); Lounder, Barbara (Author); Quinn, Catherine (Artist); Quinn, Catherine (Author); Merritt, David (Artist); Merritt, David (Author); McQuay, Steve (Artist); McQuay, Steve (Author); Needham, Wilma (Artist); Needham, Wilma (Author); Bernier, Jean-Jacques (Artist); Bernier, Jean-Jacques (Author); Townsend, Martha (Artist); Townsend, Martha (Author); Boyer, Gilbert (Artist); Boyer, Gilbert (Author); Gougeon, Diane (Artist); Gougeon, Diane (Author); McSherry, Fred (Artist); McSherry, Fred (Author); Wiens, Robert (Author); Golden, Brad (Artist); Golden, Brad (Author); Youds, Robert (Artist); Youds, Robert (Author); Tivy, Sandra (Author); Hardy, Patricia Ann (Artist); Hardy, Patricia Ann (Author); May, Walter (Artist); May, Walter (Author); Spindler, Christoph (Artist); Spindler, Christoph (Author); Will, John (Artist); Will, John (Author); Fischer, Barbara (Artist); Fischer, Barbara (Author); Pozel, Steve H. (Coordinator); Pozel, Steve H. (Prefacer)
Location: Document manquant
Collation: [24] p. : 37 ill. ; 28 x 21 cm
Language of Publication: French; English
Publishers: [Toronto, Ont.?]: [ANNPAC/RACA?]
Artists: Bean, Robert; Craig, David; Desnoyers, Monique; Lounder, Barbara; Quinn, Catherine; Merritt, David; Mcquay, Sean; Murchie, John; Needham, Wilma; Boyer, Gilbert; Gougeon, Diane; Macdonald, Murray; Mcsherry, Fred; Miller, Ashley; Vazan, Bill; Blendell, Peter; Broere, John; Glicksman, Alan; Golden, Brad; Lebredt, Gordon; Marie, Dyan; Youds, Robert; Hardy, Patricia Ann; May, Walter; Mcfaul, George; Miles, Kirk; Nothing, Peter; Spindler, Christoph; Struble, Brad; Tucker, Gary; Will, John; Adams, Kim; Brdar, Nick; Burgoyne, Diana; Depol, Diana
Critics / Curators / Historians: Pozel, Steve H.
Art Organizations: Association Of National Non-Profit Artists Centres (ANNPAC, Toronto, Ont.)
Event Statement: Projets présentés en 1983 et coordonnés par Eye Level Gallery (Halifax) ; Articule (Montréal) ; Optica (Montréal) ; Mercer Union (Toronto) ; Off Centre Centre (Calgary) ; Open Space (Victoria).

Egalement publié en encart du vol. 9, no 2 (déc. 1983 - janv. 1984) de "Parallélogramme".

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