Le Conseil des arts textiles du Québec : Répertoire 1993

Besner, Linda and Besner, Linda and Gaudreau, Jocelyne and Gaudreau, Jocelyne and Gauron, Carole and Gauron, Carole and Back, Süzel and Baillargeon, Carole and Baillargeon, Michèle and Béliveau, Raymonde and Chabot, Suzanne and Chamney, Mari Elin and Collet, Mireille and Couture, Micheline and Davidson, Sylvie and Duchesne, Jocelyne and Dumais, Réal and Dupuis, Yolande and Elbaz, André and Fortin, Jocelyne and Hamel, Lucie and Herlin, Simone and Houston, Kathleen and Jamet, Louise and Lagounaris, Astrid and Lamy, Charles and Langlois, Marie and Laurier, Diane and Maupetit, Marie-Luce and Nantel, Lise and Nguyên, Lê Hà and Panneton, Louise and Paquette, Suzanne and Pelletier, Marielle and Philippon, Denise and Poirier-McConnell, Edmonde and René, Lise and Richard, Moniques and Sauvé, Paulette-Marie and Trask, Karen and Tremblay-Fortin, Suzanne and Paradis, Sarah and Pomerleau, Sylvie and Pouliot, Claire and Beauchemin, Micheline and Héon, Michelle and Marois, Marcel and Cozic. Le Conseil des arts textiles du Québec : Répertoire 1993. Montréal, Qc: CATQ/Conseil des arts textiles du Québec, 1993.

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Répertoire regroupant 60 artistes professionnels dont la pratique est associée aux arts textiles. Textes d'artistes. Index onomastique.

Types: Directories
All Contributors: Besner, Linda (Author); Besner, Linda (Artist); Besner, Linda (Author); Gaudreau, Jocelyne (Author); Gaudreau, Jocelyne (Artist); Gaudreau, Jocelyne (Author); Gauron, Carole (Author); Gauron, Carole (Artist); Gauron, Carole (Author); Back, Süzel (Artist); Back, Süzel (Author); Baillargeon, Carole (Artist); Baillargeon, Carole (Author); Baillargeon, Michèle (Artist); Baillargeon, Michèle (Author); Béliveau, Raymonde (Artist); Béliveau, Raymonde (Author); Chabot, Suzanne (Artist); Chabot, Suzanne (Author); Chamney, Mari Elin (Artist); Chamney, Mari Elin (Author); Collet, Mireille (Artist); Collet, Mireille (Author); Couture, Micheline (Artist); Couture, Micheline (Author); Davidson, Sylvie (Artist); Davidson, Sylvie (Author); Duchesne, Jocelyne (Artist); Duchesne, Jocelyne (Author); Dumais, Réal (Artist); Dumais, Réal (Author); Dupuis, Yolande (Artist); Dupuis, Yolande (Author); Elbaz, André (Artist); Elbaz, André (Author); Fortin, Jocelyne (Artist); Fortin, Jocelyne (Author); Hamel, Lucie (Artist); Hamel, Lucie (Author); Herlin, Simone (Artist); Herlin, Simone (Author); Houston, Kathleen (Artist); Houston, Kathleen (Author); Jamet, Louise (Artist); Jamet, Louise (Author); Lagounaris, Astrid (Artist); Lagounaris, Astrid (Author); Lamy, Charles (Artist); Lamy, Charles (Author); Langlois, Marie (Artist); Langlois, Marie (Author); Laurier, Diane (Artist); Laurier, Diane (Author); Maupetit, Marie-Luce (Artist); Maupetit, Marie-Luce (Author); Nantel, Lise (Artist); Nantel, Lise (Author); Nguyên, Lê Hà (Artist); Nguyên, Lê Hà (Author); Panneton, Louise (Artist); Panneton, Louise (Author); Paquette, Suzanne (Artist); Paquette, Suzanne (Author); Pelletier, Marielle (Artist); Pelletier, Marielle (Author); Philippon, Denise (Artist); Philippon, Denise (Author); Poirier-McConnell, Edmonde (Artist); Poirier-McConnell, Edmonde (Author); René, Lise (Artist); René, Lise (Author); Richard, Moniques (Artist); Richard, Moniques (Author); Sauvé, Paulette-Marie (Artist); Sauvé, Paulette-Marie (Author); Trask, Karen (Artist); Trask, Karen (Author); Tremblay-Fortin, Suzanne (Artist); Tremblay-Fortin, Suzanne (Author); Paradis, Sarah (Artist); Paradis, Sarah (Author); Pomerleau, Sylvie (Artist); Pomerleau, Sylvie (Author); Pouliot, Claire (Artist); Pouliot, Claire (Author); Beauchemin, Micheline (Artist); Beauchemin, Micheline (Author); Héon, Michelle (Artist); Héon, Michelle (Author); Marois, Marcel (Artist); Marois, Marcel (Author); Cozic; Cozic
Collation: 32 p. : 48 ill. ; 28 x 11 cm
Language of Publication: French
Publishers: Montréal, Qc: CATQ/Conseil des arts textiles du Québec
Artists: Back, Suzel; Baillargeon, Carole; Baillargeon, Michele; Beliveau, Raymonde; Besner, Linda; Boucher, Moisette; Chabot, Suzanne; Chamney, Mari Elin; Chouinard, Marielle; Collet, Mireille; Courchesne, Francine; Couture, Micheline; Cozic; Davidson, Sylvie; Duchesne, Jocelyne; Duchesneau, Francine; Dumais, Real; Dupuis, Yolande; Elbaz, Andre; Fortin, Jocelyne; Gagnon, Simonne; Gaudreau, Jocelyne; Gauron, Carole; Guertin, Louise; Godbout, Rosie; Hamel, Lucie; Herlin, Simone; Houston, Kathleen; Jamet, Louise; Kaminska, Dorota; Lagounaris, Astrid; Lamy, Charles; Langlois, Marie; Laurier, Diane; Lemieux-Berube, Louise; Mainberger, Regine; Martineau, Aline; Maupetit, Marie-Luce; Nantel, Lise; Nguyen, Le Ha; Panneton, Louise; Paquette, Suzanne; Pelletier, Marielle; Philippon, Denise; Poirier-Mcconnell, Edmonde; Rene, Lise; Richard, Moniques; Sauve, Paulette-Marie; Trask, Karen; Tremblay-Fortin, Suzanne; Paradis, Sarah; Skrabalak, Teresa; Blackburn-Fortin, Alice; Mcsherry, Fred; Pomerleau, Sylvie; Pouliot, Claire; Roy-Tessier, Antoinette; Beauchemin, Micheline; Heon, Michelle; Marois, Marcel
Art Organizations: Conseil Des Arts Textiles Du Québec (CATQ, Montréal, Qc)
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Date Deposited: 04 Nov 1993
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URI: http://e-artexte.ca/id/eprint/5847
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